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Meet Audrey Middleton - Just a Simple Country Girl Poised for Media Stardom #BB17

First of all, I would really like to approach Audrey just like any other BB house guest, but of course we won't be able to do that, even if we wanted to, So before I begin my introduction to Audrey, I will mention the news everybody now knows:  Audrey used to be a man.  TMZ broke the news yesterday, and you can see that here..

I watched this interview live from the DR as it happened, and I had NO IDEA that Audrey was transgender.  I knew that she was coming off as rather guarded and had kind of an attitude with Jeff, but I was excited because I thought she'd be the villain and would be the one to do the Dastardly Deeds that I look for every summer in the BB house.

But after watching the video a second time, a few things were clear to me:

*  Jeff did know about it, and gave her several opportunities to bring up the topic.  She didn't, but they both alluded to it several times.  (I will note those occasions in my recap below with an "$$$".)
*  Jeff's job in these interviews is to allow the house guests to introduce themselves to us.  He's not there to grill them or to put them in the hot seat.  (Not that Jeff could even do that, but you know what I mean.)
*  Audrey clearly did not want to discuss the topic with Jeff, and her posture in the pictures below has her leaning away from him most of the time.
*  Audrey is gorgeous, but after watching the video a second time I could tell that she was a little different, but hindsight is always 20/20, as they say.

OK.  Here we go.

1.  For a girl from a TINY Georgia town, Audrey doesn't seem to have any type of accent at all.  And trust me when I tell you, Villa Rica is a TINY town.  It's right on the edge of Georgia, teetering on the Alabama border.  I've probably driven right over it on Highway 20 on my way to the Destin beaches, but I didn't even know it.

2.  She is a SuperFan who has watched every season, every episode.  I feel the need to point out that Audrey has a very direct, matter-of-fact manner of speaking.  She's not bubbly in this interview, but she is energetic and responsive.

Jeff:  So you know I love the South, then?

Audrey does apparently know all about Jeff and his love for Jordan, but doesn't come out and say it. I don't think she's a Big Jeff fan,

3.  Jeff worries that he might call her "Aubrey" by mistake and wonders what will happen in the house this summer if the others do that, too.  Audrey says if that happens, her language will be so explicit that she can't say it here.

4.  She works from home and does Facebook and social media updates for clients.  She also takes a lot of selfies during the day while she's working.  (It is much easier to be a BB SuperFan when you work from home, let me tell you....)

5.  Audrey thinks her game will showcase a very versatile perspective of a character that "has not been brought before".  ($$$)


Jeff:  OK. Interesting...I'll just leave it at that. ($$$)

6.  Audrey says "nobody is off limits" in that house, and she wants to play BB like Dexter Morgan---calm and collected on the outside, but a total sociopath on the inside.  She quickly says that she's not a homocidal sociopath though.  Jeff says he understands, and likes where she's coming from with that.

7.  Audrey will not let her emotions get in the way this summer.  She says that in this game, you either go out early as a hero or stay long enough to play and be a villain, so she wants to be both.

Audrey:  I think I will be a misunderstood hero...but I will be a hero. ($$$)

Jeff:  You have a lot of little innuendos there, Dexter Morgan!  ($$$)

Audrey:  Yeah.  ($$$)

8.  If Audrey wins, she has a "few little projects that she would like to jumpstart" and would like to help her parents.

Audrey:  But I want to sit on it for a minute....I don't want to blow it.  I'm 25, so I still have all of that adrenaline for all of the things that I want to do, but I'm not in any rush.

9.  She can't remember the last time she cried in front of someone.

Jeff:  You think you'll be emotional in there? (really, in "dere")

Audrey:  Yeah, I'm still human. ($$$)  But I'm not going to let my emotions get in the way of me getting that dough.

Jeff:  You came to play!  You're very focused and I like it.  I hope I don't see you again  ($$$).....for a long time.

Audrey: No, you won't. ($$$)

(ha ha ha ha)

10.  Audrey addresses us and says "Fans!  Hook me up!  ($$$ America's Player!"   ($$$)


Whatever I thought about Audrey's potential in the BB17 game really doesn't matter anymore.  Before I learned about her exciting news, I was prepared to say that she would be the next Big Brother villain, and could win the game if she is able to put on a persona that would somehow put the other house guests at ease and make them like her.  Because she didn't exactly showcase those skills in this interview.

I was going to say that if she can fake it in there, and pretend to be everyone's friend, she could pull off a Dexter-type bloodbath when people were least expecting it.  And I didn't think the fans would like her at all.

But all of that is out the window now.  I will be very interested to see how she plays the game, and how she presents her transgender story to the other house guests.  And then the fun will really begin, when we see how people react to her.  I think all of the following will happen:

*  Some people will be thrilled and excited.
*  Some people will be disgusted, but will try to hide it.
*  Those people will not be able to hide it, and we may have a very ugly scene on our hands.
*  No matter what they say, NO ONE will want to take Audrey far in the game, because they can't beat her.
*  Everyone will worry about nominating her, because they won't want to be seen as intolerant.
*  Due to this, everyone will have difficulty separating Audrey the BB Player from Audrey, formerly Adam.
*  If Audrey manages to win BB17, she won't get the credit for playing a good game due to the situation.
*  Of course Audrey will win America's Player, and maybe even every America's Vote along the way.  And she knows it. (Just like Elissa did....)
*  Somewhere in Hollywood, Caitlyn Jenner's publicity team is reeling, and is super-pissed that this will steal the thunder from their new reality show (that starts airing in July, I think).

I'm still excited to watch Audrey in the BB house this summer, and I think she is great casting.  But above all, I like to see a good game, with competitive, shrewd players.  I think Audrey had the tools to succeed before I read the TMZ article, and I still do....I just think the media circus will overshadow her game.

I'm guessing someone worldly like Vanessa Rousso will recognize Audrey's secret right away.  Maybe they will align...two tough bitches who will SLAY everyone.  We can only hope.


Way, way back in 2008, there was a transgender girl in the Real World house named Katelyn.  You can read about her here.

What is it with the name Katelyn or Caitlyn?  Also, did you know that Brody Jenner has a long-time, live-in girlfriend named Kaitlynn?  I assume Bruce Jenner knows his son well enough to be aware of that, so I think it's kind of messed up that he picked that name.  Because now if Kaitlynn marries Brody the name won't really belong to her.  But no one said Bruce or Caitlyn Jenner would win a Father of the Year award.

Over 30 years ago, one of my dad's brothers became a sister.  Needless to say the surgical techniques were rather primitive back then compared to today's world, particularly the plastic surgery skills and options.  I can only say that it ROCKED my family hard, so I can appreciate Audrey when she says it was hard for her family to accept, but they stood by her and support her now.  She's a lucky girl.

And yes, yes, Audrey has a mugshot out there.  But I take no special joy in reporting this, I assure you.  I'm guessing DUI, right?  She has beautiful skin, though, which she can take pride in.  She looks better in her mugshot than Janelle did.... (See the bottom of this post for that lovely shot.)

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