Sunday, June 14, 2015

Marriage Boot Camp - Reality Stars Doesn't Seem Very Real to Me....

So, I'm sure you know by now that Jeff and Jordan are cast members on Season #3 of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars.  There are some real train wreck couples on the cast with them, so in comparison, Jeff and Jordan are being billed as the team with the best odds of succeeding.  The season was filmed in late October, not long after Jeff and Jordan were engaged on a Big Brother 16 episode.

Probably the biggest name in the cast is Kendra, from all of those Playboy mansion TV shows.  I think she used to be one of Hef's girls, and she's married to a former (?) professional athlete named Hank. I don't watch any of those shows, but saw the big tabloid fuss last fall after Hank apparently cheated on Kendra with a man dressed as a woman.  As you might expect, Kendra wasn't happy about this.

Mike "The Situation" from Jersey Shore is also on the cast, and is currently facing prison time for tax evasion. I'm sure his wages from appearing on Marriage Boot Camp were immediately garnished by the IRS.  Because that's how it works when you owe them big money, if you are lucky enough not to know about that.  Who knew Mike had a long-term on-and-off girlfriend all this time?  I didn't, and I bet Pauly D, J Wow and Snookie didn't, either.

Aubrey O'Day is also part of the cast, with a man named Travis who is apparently her boyfriend.  Aubrey burst into the reality TV scene with the first season of Making the Band.  She looked a lot different back then, slim and natural, with wholesome California good looks.  Now she's a bit of a mess, but very smart and savvy about how to promote herself.

Another couple features Tami Roman, who was on the 2nd season of The Real World, where the house was in Venice Beach.  That was a really horrible season of The Real World.  I think the Casting Department was a little too full of themselves, because they cast a number of stinkers, and at least two cast members left during filming. Tami is famous for being dragged down the hallway in her underwear by a male cast member and yelling that it "WASN'T NOT FUNNY".

Anyway, I knew Jeff and Jordan were filming the show because Jeff took a two-week break from his Survivor Live gig on (right in the middle of the Survivor season...) and Jordan started posting pictures like this on her instagram, talking about "new friends and new beginnings".

Viewers watching Jeff and Jordan on Marriage Boot Camp are led to believe that they don't communicate very well, and never discuss their feelings.  All couples could improve their communication skills, of course, but it certainly doesn't seem to me that they are taking the marriage counseling very seriously.

Particularly when both of them laugh during some of the intense exercises.... I think they so used to being guarded on camera after being on Big Brother (particularly BB13, when they were aware of the Cat Lady Craze) that they kind of go on auto-pilot when the red light flashes.

And let's face it, it was probably a good paycheck for them, with their large social media following and willingness to promote the season.  Not as big as Kendra's paycheck, mind you, but probably a lot larger than Aubrey's paycheck.

But this week it was clear to me that Jeff and Jordan were just going through the motions on the show, and didn't seem to be taking it that seriously.  They did an exercise where the couples were split up and paired with an opposite-sex partner from another couple, for some intense Q & A about their family background.

The cameras closed in on Jordan as she discussed how great her father was, and what a positive impact he's had on her life.  That's where I had to call bullshit.  Jordan might not want to discuss this very personal business on WE-TV, but life with her dad wasn't all sunshine and roses.  You see, when Jordan appeared on BB11, her family was in trouble, and she badly needed the prize money.

***FROM THE FEEDWATCHER ARCHIVES***  You can learn more about Jordan's family situation here, in a live feed update from BB11.  (I started this website during BB11.)

So maybe Jordan's real family situation will come up later in the season of Marriage Boot Camp, and maybe it won't.  Jeff has already teared up a few times on the show....he's kind of a typical "Chicago Guy" and isn't used to showing his feelings, so I'm sure those tear ducts are rusty.

The upcoming previews make it look like Jeff is grilled about cheating on Jordan, but who knows if that is really the case.  Those editors are good at their jobs.

But you have to admit that if they get Jordan to talk about what her father did to her family, it would sync right up with any fears she may have of Jeff cheating on her.  Just sayin'...

You can catch up on episodes of Marriage Boot Camp on the website. At least, I think you can.  Here are Jeff and Jordan's profiles on the WETV website.

The last paragraph of Jeff's bio got cut off.  Sorry!


  1. i dont like this show... i tape it every week and just fast forward to whenever JeJo says something, which is very Rare... when i first heard bout them appearing i said this has to do with paying for their wedding next year, lol...

    i wonder how much money Jordan has left from her winnings from BB11?... i hope she has alot of it saved ...☺...

  2. Yeah, the show kind of blows, but I guess a job is a job.

    Rachel and Brendon got their wedding paid for by WE-TV, on that David Tutera wedding show. Jeff and Jordan attended that wedding, so they saw what went on there......not sure if that will make them pursue that option or not.

    If you didn't watch the Brenchel wedding on WE-TV, Rachel arrived at the ceremony in a helicopter, and as the show ended she was crying, crouched down behind the bar, all alone. I thought that part was just ridiculous and seemed totally fake.

    Also David Tutera is a dick and totally mocked Rachel through the entire episode. What legitimate wedding planner would do that? I thought Brenchel deserved better...

    1. yeah, i saw Brenchel's wedding... it was all a big Joke, lol.. i was figuring that JeJo would get their wedding paid for and be on TV... i would Love to see their wedding on TV... maybe it will happen...

      but u know Jordan is NOT Rachel so im sure JeJo's wedding will be nothing like Brenchel's, lol ...☺...


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