Friday, June 26, 2015

Like Clockwork, They're Back! #BB17

And I'm talking about the ants, of course.  During the premiere episode on CBS, when we saw Julie Chen sashay through the house, past those big platters of food on the kitchen counter, I knew that it wouldn't take the ants long to show up.  The ants probably look forward to BB season even more than we do, because I think that sound stage just sits dormant for the rest of the year.

Steve slaps away at them on the counter and starts looking in the cabinets for insect spray.  Every year this is an issue, yet every year they have to go into the DR and ask, sometimes repeatedly, for bug spray.  Maybe Production is worried they will use the bug spray to poison each other or something.

Steve, obviously irritated:  Believe me, this has been a problem for years.  OK.  I'll just use these antiseptic wipes to get some of them.

Steve:  It's not us, though, it's the fairies.


Jace:  What?  The fairies?

Steve waves his arms around like he doesn't want to say it, but then repeats that it's an issue every year.  He leaves the room, presumably to go look for insect spray, and Jace continues working on putting a snack together, commenting that the slop looks really nasty.

(Did Steve get that "fairies" stuff from one of the BB websites?  Who calls Production the "fairies"?  Or maybe Steve is a Tori Amos fan.)

Jace looks at a package of some sort of crackers. Looks like a store brand to me.

Then he looks at himself in the reflection.  Someone, Jeff I think, is trying to engage him in conversation about Meg's poor skills at painting nails.  He's kidding, of course, and being funny about what a shitty job she did, but Jace turns his back and just grunts.

And about the nail party.  I'm sure this isn't the first time Austin has worn nail polish. I mean, right?  Those professional wrestlers are all about color and shock value.

Clay admires his nails.  This may be Clay's first time with a manicure.  But if he models a lot, maybe not.  Maybe the first time with colored polish, though.

Clay knows enough to blow on his nails, to dry them.  And James has been talking about how cool one of the blue polishes is.

Clearly, testosterone is not the prevailing aura in this Big Brother house.  At least not now.  As Adam Carolla says, "In 50 Years We'll All Be Chicks".  I don't think it will take that long, Adam.  Maybe not even five years.

Get this:  the guys want to have a contest to see who can do the girls' make up best.

I kid you not.

And here is Jeff, potentially getting flirty with Meg as he says it looks like a first grader painted his nails.  Meg is an important part of this group, providing a lot of laughter and energy.  One of the guys tells her it's fun to give her crap.

Jace put something in the microwave and then put a lot of honey on top of it, from the squeezy bear-shaped bottle.  Then he shoved a big bite of whatever it is in his mouth, even though it was clearly steaming hot.  I couldn't even see it, much less take a picture for you.

(If Jace is going to be so uncooperative with his eating habits, he might as well go this week.  Because regular readers know I love to focus on what is being eaten in there...)

Jason thinks Megan Fox is a serial killer, based on the size of her thumbs.  Meg jokes that her last name is Swift.

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