Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jeff Joins the Game, And Da'Vonne's Ready to Play #BB17

Austin and Jace had a high-energy meeting with Jeff, where they discussed how Audrey is starting drama with everyone, then running away to watch when the bomb blows up.  Even though Austin and Jace have had a sort of combative relationship with Jeff, they now realize where the trouble lies.

(For example, Jace and Austin make fun of Jeff's Dad Bod when no one is listening.  Except us.)

Jeff is all hyped up over Audrey, saying that "as a man, he can't go back over to that side".

While they talk, both Austin and Jeff say if "she" catches them talking, she will have a fit.  Jace didn't say that, but of course Jace is pretty sure he's going home.  Jace left the room, then Jeff.  Austin composed himself at the door before leaving, humming a little tune.  Maybe the music he enters the ring to...who knows.

Jeff went straight to find Da'Vonne and got right to the point.  Audtrey is trouble, and is causing trouble for everybody.  Da'Vonne tried to act at first like she wasn't part of any alliance, but Jeff said, "you're on the outs're going to need to fight to stay in this game."

Jeff:  The reason why Audrey is feeding all of the fighting as a smoke screen, so she can sit back and play the puppet master.  We can't let her win.

Da'Vonne has a good poker face, calculating and shrewd.

Jeff:  She's the reason you and Clay are fighting!  She keeps playing all this bull shit!  We have to get her out!

Da'Vonne:  We have to get her out!

Steve got called to the DR, and everyone started scrambling around, getting ready for the PoV ceremony.  They know its going to be hot outside today, but some of them wear jeans, anyway.

A little while ago:

Audrey started furiously whispering to Shelli about Vanessa.  Then she says Clay is trying to be Captain America around there and it's going to backfire on him if he isn't careful.

This is the kind of thing that upsets Shelli...whenever she sees Audrey or Clay alone they just start unloading game info and it is overwhelming.  Audrey is going to backdoor Vanessa if she wins HoH.

Audrey:  If two of their group get HoH next's going to be bad...

Audrey said Austin is playing this game without a brain...he has two remote controls attached to his head.  And Vanessa is walking around the house like "i Robot".

(ha ha ha)

Clay came in and vigorously denied that Vanessa was working with Austin.  Audrey argues back (and she's right).

Audrey: I walked by that bitch this morning and said 'good morning' and she just looked at me.  I can read that bitch like a Hooked on Phonics book, and she is going to hold a grudge.  No matter what she says, everything she says to you about her life is a lie!

Clay says he's trying to keep communications open with everybody, and that Audrey needs to calm down.  Now Audrey kind of threatens Clay by saying that she doesn't want all of this to get around and damage Clay's reputation.

The outdoor lockdown was called, and Audrey goes to her makeup station in the hallway.  She says she's going to "dress down" for the PoV in response to several questions.  No one seems to know how to dress since it's the first one.  They ask Audrey if they have to sit out there a long time today, like she's part of Production or something.

Does Audrey watch the live feeds?  Because she should know that she's been wearing that same T-shirt for at least 24 hours.  Or longer, even.  And there is a lot of picture-taking going on this week.  She might want to start slipping in some new outfits.  You know, for some variety.

False eyelashes, applied in a flash.  Impressive.

Austin still knows' he's losing his friend.  But he has a new friend now:  Jeff.

And they're going to bro down and do whatever Vanessa says.  But she better be careful what she tells him, because Austin doesn't have a filter.  He told Audrey point blank today that he is "extremely close with Vanessa", and that she encouraged him to play down his physicality.

I hate to say it, but Austin may not have the sense god gave a milk cow.

Becky can't find one of her mouse slippers.  I can't remember their names, but she names one of them as missing.  James says he heard "one of 'em was running around outside", but he wasn't sure.

Becky is so thrilled.  I can tell she thinks her slippers are going to be the next Bear Shirt.  Or at least the Bunny Slippers.

Jason might be a little worried.  He's one of the six people who could be put up today during the PoV.
I don't think he will, though. James was pretty set on nominating Jace.  The person who needs to worry though, is Jackie.  She's the pawn, but Vanessa has four whole days to change the vote around.  And she's said herself that she's only had one conversation with Jackie this whole time, and it was about "the letters".

You know, the letters that they used to spell words with in the PoV competition.  I think they had to pick the letters out of a giant nose.

No kidding.  Do you think I would make that up?

And here's Meg, looking cute for the PoV ceremony.

Jason:  You look very T. Swift today.

That's probably just the look Meg was going for, to help ensure James doesn't put her in the nomination chair today.

James supposedly proposed to Taylor Swift on the live feeds when he was drunk.

Meg's dad is a mayor in New Jersey, though. So he can whip up those restraining orders lickety split if necessary.

Clay is whispering, and making them both nervous.  All three of them have a possibility of getting some bad news in the next hour, but not a high probability.

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