Sunday, June 28, 2015

It's Easy to Forget What You Don't Remember #BB17

NOTE:  This post is unfinished business from yesterday.  I have so much to catch up on from last night that I don't even know where to start, so I'll start by checking this off my list.  And one of my neighbors got a Schnoodle puppy yesterday so I am obsessed with that situation.  How dare they parade a puppy past my window during the first week of the BBLF?  

The group outside started talking about hair removal.  Jason said he took everything way down before he came in the house, because he knew things were going to be a mess over the summer.

Audrey:  Well, I knew I'm not going to be hooking up in here, so I don't really care.

Jason:  I didn't know who would be in here, but still...

Da'Vonne:  Well, I'm not gonna be hooking up either, but I didn't want to be like a jungle, either.

Audrey told the group that her parents paid for her gender reassignment surgery out-of-pocket and she had to get hair removal before that happened.  She had electrolysis instead of the laser hair removal, and it hurt.

Jason used to have a "bona fide unibrow" so his mother took him with her to the electrologist.  He had a few treatments, but he lady said they would get rid of it faster with laser hair removal.  It felt like a rubber band snapping at him, and was painful.

Jason:  But it was like $50 each time, so I told my mom we didn't need to spend our money that way.

Da'Vonne admitted she used to have a unibrow, too.  Jason said "mines went right into my hairline".

Meanwhile in the kitchen, Austin, Jace, and Liz/Julia have pretty much isolated themselves from everyone else.  As Jason said, "two of them are safe this week, and the other one is getting blindsided, so it's like Duck, Duck, Motherfucking Goose!".

(Surely Production won't let Liz go out next, before the twin twist starts to pay out.  It will certainly be time to get ready for a takeover before that happens.)

Jace flipped something in the pan and there was a moment of excitement.

I think Austin will be embarrassed after his eventual eviction and he takes the time to review his game.  Basically, he aligned with the guy who will likely be a nearly-unanimous Week One Boot, and his other closest associate is running a huge twist that is so obvious no one can even see it.  And I know Austin knows this game well, so maybe playing it just isn't for him.

Maybe he can turn things around, but it's going to be an uphill battle. There are plenty of other house guests that aren't even on the radar yet.  He needs to start laying the groundwork for a new game now, and not wait until his bromance is over.

I heard Meg say on BBAD that none of those three have ever talked about any game topics with her.

Becky Burgess, showing some cleavage.

She looks a little like Jennifer Garner here, right?

I've tried to rack my brain to remember what Becky was saying here, because I remember it being interesting and/or revealing, but unfortunately I can't recall and didn't take any notes.  I felt like it was a Big Moment for Becky, but I guess it couldn't have been that big.  It wasn't about food, that's for sure.  Because I would have remembered that.

And that's our favorite dentist, too.

And that is Steve's back, in the red T-shirt.  I remember thinking that he is so awkward when he walks up on a group, not even sitting down.  If I could talk to Steve right now, I would tell him to strut around in there like he owns it, and loosen up a little.  Don't ACT so stiff and shy and then you won't BE so stiff and shy.

See, this conversation looks interesting....I just don't remember it.  Damn.

And then Becky strutted off triumphantly.  I mean, I guess she did. I know I was thinking Becky may have the most rocking body of all of the BB17 ladies. Maybe she needs to start strutting around, along with Steve.

Because when you can see hamstring muscles when someone is just walking slowly, that shit is serious.

And this is a funny picture, right?  Steve isn't disgusted by John's left foot, which looks fresh and clean by the way, but this is his normal facial expression.

Does it look like John's second toe might be longer than his big toe, the Captain of the Toes?  That is supposed to mean something, but I forgot what it is, too.  Maybe playing with puppies is detrimental to short-term memory or something.

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