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In the Wee Hours of Sunday: Let Us Prey #BB17

There were apparently a lot of twists and turns in the house last night, as time races forward to the PoV ceremony scheduled for Monday.  Somebody is getting put up on the block in Steve's place, and it can't be any of the following people:

*  James (HoH)
*  Steve (PoV winner)
*  Jackie (already on the block)
*  Becky (BoB winner)
*  John  (BoB winner)
*  Da'Vonne (Fast Forward winner)
*  Vanessa  (Fast Forward winner)
*  Liz  (Fast Forward giftee)
*  Austin  (Fast Forward giftee)

So that leaves only Audrey, Meg, Shelli, Clay, Jace, Jeff or Jason.  The word in the house for the last few days is that Jace will go up, and then out the door.  But with a couple of days to go before the PoV is actually used, anything can happen, really.

(Except the list of stuff I made above of things that can't happen.)

Anyway.  I'm skipping around in the wee hours of last night to catch up with the action.  Vanessa sat with Austin in the bathroom area and I didn't hear the whole conversation, but I think she was telling him that this whole Jace situation is going to hurt his game.

Then Clay and Jace came in there and the room was suddenly full of bare man meat.

Vanessa needs the night off, she says.  There is a lot going on in the house and she needs a break.

Vanessa went down the hall to the lounge room (but they call it the "hammock room" because when they first came in the house, the room contained a big hammock) where Audrey, Jackie and Becky were relaxing.

Well, we know that "relax" is not a tool in Audrey's toolkit.  She is in there listening and looking for more opportunities to make sure everyone else hates each other.

Vanessa:  There is so much happening in this house!  I just need to step out and chill for a little while.

Everyone:  What do you mean?

Vanessa:  I was just trying to lay in my dental chair, and apparently everyone feels comforted in that room, since it's a dentists' office, and they keep coming in and talking about shit.

Everyone:  What shit?

Vanessa:  Just whatever!  And I don't want to hear it.  I don't want to know!  I feel like something is going to happen....tomorrow is going to be rough.  Something's going to blow...

The girls were laughing about some sort of wardrobe issues with someone in the house and wondered if that would be the source of the problem.

Vanessa:  Is it me?  Too much green beanie?

Becky:  No, but you said you don't want to know.

Vanessa: No, I don't!

Meanwhile, in the dentist's office, this is Julia. (right?) So Liz and Julia seem to be switching out at least once per day.

If you didn't watch BB5 (Project DNA - Do Not Assume) then here is the deal: the BB5 Fitness Twins would meet in the DR, where there was one of those folding screen walls set up to give them privacy.  They would switch clothes behind the screen and have a few minutes to debrief each other before switching places. The twin coming out of the game would hurridly tell the other who was mad, who was sad, and what they said about it.  They both said it was always scary to walk out of that DR and try to blend back into the game.

And FYI, those twins did not look identical at all.  One of them had a very different body shape than the other, so they tried to disguise it but it was hard.  One of the house guests later said she noticed that "Adria's butt was getting bigger" and felt like an idiot for not realizing what was happening.

Liz and Julia seem to have similar bodies, but it's the face that looks different.  Very different, to me.  And probably to you, too.  As I always say, it's easy if you know how to do it.

A little later, it looked like people were starting to settle down in the bedroom.  Then Becky came over and flopped down in the bed between James and Jeff.

They joke that Meg is giving Becky the stink eye from the other side of the room.  (Because Meg and Jeff are a little sweet on each other...)

FYI Becky's slippers look like mice and I think she bought them in Germany.  She gave them different names like pets and I think the guys have pranked her by taking them while she's asleep and placing them in different places in the house.

Becky doesn't want to start any trouble with Meg, and admits this.  Now that I look at Becky, I'm totally getting the Jen Garner resemblance.  She's totally 13 Going on 30.

From across the room, James and Jeff are telling Steve how to put the move on Meg.  Steve takes off his glasses and tries to give Meg a smoldering look, but she just laughs.

Becky announces she is making breakfast for everyone tomorrow...a big family breakfast.  Someone mentioned the Have Nots but Becky just brushed right over that.

The zipper on Steve's sweatshirt got messed up, so Shelli tried to fix it for him.

She called for her make up kit, so she could use the tweezers to fix it.  Steve said he is thankful, because he doesn't know anything about clothes.

This is readily apparent from the way Steve tried to put his hoodie back on.  Could this look any more awkward?

Jeff was making himself a late night breakfast, and somehow an egg jumped out of the bowl and onto the carpet.  They scurried around trying to clean it up.

Vanessa, laughing:  Oh...this carpet is going to be so gross.

(I think eggs are totally gross.  And they smell like sulpher once you stop eating them.  So that is gross, too.)

I think Steve touched Vanessa's teeth in her memory wall picture and it freaked her out.  It was "bad mojo" to touch her teeth, she said.  Steve said he would try to remember that.

Vanessa likes Steve's picture on the memory wall, but he says he doesn't.  One of his teeth bothers him in all of his pictures.

The camera closes in for us.

Or are they trying to show us that the two house guests with arguably the highest IQ's in the house, and maybe even Top Five IQ's of all BBUS players, haven't noticed that Liz's face has been morphing back and forth throughout the game.  I even read somewhere that Julia might even have a small mole on her face.

And I think the picture on the memory wall might be a morphed shot of Liz and Julia.  Right?  Maybe to give the twist a fighting chance?

(FYI  If the Fitness Twins got to Week #5 of BB5, then both of them could be in the game.  So that is what happened, but those girls were such a threat that they were both evicted soon afterward.  They actually would sit in a corner in a roomful of people and whisper with their hands up.  I called it the "WhisperFest" and thank god we didn't have Twitter back then, because a huge pack of Fitness Twin Fans really let me have it.  They all seemed like  big, scary girls.)

(But the twist reveal on the live show that week was one of my favorite episodes ever. All the BB5 house guests got got.  And got got hard.)

Jeff was making an omelet, and he found a bunch of chopped onions and peppers in the fridge, neatly placed in plastic containers.  He dumped some in the bowl.  He also has bacon cooking, but I was too slow on the button to take a picture of that.

I think Jackie has been in the HoH tonight and probably saw her old buddy Jeff in the kitchen on the spy cam.  She came downstairs and sat quietly, watching.  From what I heard the other girls insinuating in the lounge room, I think Jackie has been isolating herself, maybe having a hard day.

Are you depressed Jackie?

Her skin is amazing.  She should not be sad, with skin like that.  You look great in HD, Jackie, so don't worry about that.

James likes to bro out with Jeff, and he teased Jeff about using all of his veggies and not thanking him.  Apparently James is like a little kitchen elf, and says he chopped up all of those peppers and onions and Jeff "didn't even offer him none".

So Jeff did fix a plate for James.  And they both chowed down.  It's about 3:00 am, by the way.

Also, I took this picture a million years ago.  Or maybe Friday.  Because I love the floor of the HoH room.

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