Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Fight! Fight! Slay or Be Slayed. #BB17

OK.  There was a lot of tension building up, and this afternoon things blew up.  I think one of the catalysts may have been Audrey listening in at the door during this conversation.  At one point the cameras even showed us Audrey on the other side of the door, while Vanessa and Da'Vonne were talking.

So after the big HoH photo shoot, Audrey summoned Da'Vonne to the Have Not room to meet with her.   (Who would have thought that so much action would take place in a dental office?  And that people would want to gather there?  Crazy...)

And you're going to see this on the CBS show, so don't worry.  It's hard to really convey everything that happened, but you'll see it all.  Don't worry.

Basically Audrey wanted to confront Day for stabbing her in the back.  And Audrey was waving her arms around like she always does.  I find it rather distracting because it seems to be one of those ultra-feminine gestures that none of the other girls do with regularity.

Da'Vonne uses her hands as well, of course.  I don't think Audrey was ready for all of this.

At one point Audrey was ready to "swear on the Bible" that she was telling the truth and that was almost too much for Day to take.  (She didn't even like Jace holding a Bible when he was cursing, and told him so early this morning.)

Vanessa entered the room and said she wanted to change clothes.  But then she read the tone in the room, and decided to get into the conversation.  She asked about the all girl alliance rumor that Audrey started about her.  Then Audrey brought up some comment about the "all black" alliance because a bunch of girls were wearing black.

Audrey blamed both of these comments on Day, but Day wasn't gonna take that.  Hell no.

Day asked Audrey point blank if she was the one who started the rumor about the girl's alliance.

Audrey:  I told her what came out of your mouth...yes,

Da'Vonne laughed and stood up, looked at the cameras and said firmly "Game on", and turned to leave the room.  Then she turned around and said she was glad that Vanessa came in the room, because Audrey had just lied and told her that she'd never done anything negative to her in this game.

Audrey kept blaming everything on everybody else, so Da'Vonne told Vanessa to "go get Jace". Vanessa wasn't about to leave that room, so Da'Vonne left and maybe she went to find Jace, but all of these people filed in silently, one by one.

I know Audrey wasn't ready for this.

When everybody was in the room, Vanessa asked the group if Audrey was the one who said she was a mastermind who was starting the girl's alliance.  Someone in the room confirmed this and Vanessa said "fuck you then" for telling that lie.

Jason jumped in with both feet, like a little Chihuahua, but a fierce one, yelling that all of the distrust and negativity was caused by Audrey.

Da'Vonne is looking fierce, and is calm and articulate, even though she is clearly mad as hell.  This is her moment, and she's taking it.

Slay, girl slay. We've got your back.

All of the guys looked just like this during the fight (except Jason), but I think we can benefit best by just looking at Clay.  We don't need to see a close up of James or Jeff.  And I don't think Steve and John were even invited.

Da'Vonne:  Your shit has hit the fan, point blank and period.

Audrey:  Well, I guess time will tell.

Da'Vonne:  Time will tell.  And I need to leave out of here before I crack her in the face.

Da'Vonne stalks out, and most of the people leave with her.  She threw the mic and left the damn stage.  That's the way you do it, folks.

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