Monday, June 15, 2015

Entertainment Tonight Toured the New #BB17 House

and these are the pictures they published on their website.  Every year (or most every year) fans of the show start bitching and moaning about the new decor.  I expect this year will be no different.  The first pictures I am posting are the ones that are my favorites.

This is a new area of the house Production is calling "The Bridge".  It sounds like they raised the ceiling and created some sort of glass walkway.

How long will it take until someone spills iced tea on someone's head?  Or drops a bowlful of slop on the couch?

I guess it depends on Production's booze budget.

And they added new seating in the loft area, expanding it.  I guess the glass floor will make it harder for people to hide up there....from the house guests or from the cameras.

One potential concern:  Upskirt Photos.

I mean, right?  I hope they all packed enough underwear to get through a laundry cycle.

For the rest of these pictures, I will challenge myself to say at least one nice thing.  OK. Here goes.

The backyard area...a very busy backyard area.

Nice Comment:  I guess you could use those shovels as weapons, in a pinch.

The bathroom area.

Nice Comment:  I like that they kept last season's bubble walls, even if they did paint them gray.

The "Comic Book" room.

Nice Comment: those pictures won't be visible in the dark.

(Obviously they had a very low budget this year....comic book pictures are usually bright and sharp.)

The "Hang Out Lounge".

Nice Comment: beach towels on the walls look very absorbent.

(Bed Bath and Beyond provided the towels!  And good luck to people who want to sleep or have sex in that uncomfortable-looking hammock thing.)

The HoH Room.

Nice Comment:  I love the clouds painted on the walls and floor.  A cloudy blue sky is one of my favorite things to look at, actually.  And it might be easy to conceal vomit on those couches.  It would blend right in.

The Kitchen.

Nice Comment:  I like food.

The Living Room.

Nice Comment: is good, I guess.

The "Nightclub" Room.

Nice Comment:  Um....Um...access to that "nightclub" will be severely restricted to 16 people.

The Outdoor Lounge.

Nice Comment:  It's good to see old friends.

The Pool Area.

Nice Comment:  Someone already put up the shades for the day, saving us some trouble.

The Wave Wall.

Nice Comment:  I like the cloudy sky motif.  I really do.  

The "Toy Gun Table" from the "Comic" Room.

Nice Comment:  I'm sure you will be able to buy one of those toy guns on Ebay when the time is right.  I mean, if you're so inclined.


  1. Not sure....they usually convert one of the "basic" rooms to the Have Not room and drop that surprise on them after the first HN competition.

    Some people are guessing it will be a beach-themed room, with sand on the floor and maybe damp beach towels to lay on. That doesn't sound torturous enough, though, to me.

    I guess they could have some of those sun lamps to make it boiling hot in there, and let loose a swarm of mosquitoes. Because THAT is torture.

    (As a native Floridian, I can shatter the myth that making out on the beach at night is romantic or sexy.....the bugs make matters quite unpleasant for everyone. Not to mention sand and broken glass that always seems to be scattered about.)


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