Monday, June 29, 2015

Do You Think Vanessa is Making a Good Bet? #BB17

This whole season has been a swirl so far.  The stories and the personalities involved this year are just crazy.  I wish Production would just have faith in casting and not try to juice things up with so many twists and takeovers.



Regular readers know I was Team Derrick last year from the start.  I loved the fact that he planned to keep his police background a secret, and I loved how he used that experience to work everybody in the house.  I think Vanessa liked Derrick's game, too, from what she said in her pre-game interviews.

I've actually started watching poker tournaments on TV now when I can't sleep at night.  I'm fascinated with the life style and the good players' abilities to read the cards, but more importantly, the players.  I wanted to see Vanessa put down a quietly lethal game this summer, and then have Julie Chen drop her secret on the cast during the live finale...maybe in a montage of her playing poker and lounging in her Las Vegas play house.


I know Vanessa has been at a slow simmer this week, watching everybody and profiling her fellow house guests.  No one in that house has more street and book smarts than Vanessa.  So I'm more than a little surprised that she has showed her cards to Austin.

I knew that Vanessa had a chat with Austin yesterday morning, giving him subtle hints that Jace was about to get blindsided, and she also advised him to play down his strength, and maybe fake a big injury or something to take him off the radar for a few weeks.  (You can read about that here.)

So, a few hours later, they're still the only ones up and about, so they continued the conversation.

Austin has pretty much accepted that Jace will go this week, and Vanessa gives him tips on how to approach James in an attempt to clear the air, to let James know that Austin understands what he had to do and is ready to move forward.

James is not trustworthy, Vanessa says.  She thinks she could work with Jace because he is loyal, but he has no chance to stay.  He's not a bad person, he's just a loose cannon.  Vanessa also pointed out that Clay and Audrey are playing a great game.

Austin is extremely slow on the uptake here, and tells Vanessa that Audrey promised she had his back, and he believed her.

Vanessa:  She told me that, too.  And she's told everyone that.  It's true.

Vanessa got called to the DR (this happened the last time she was talking to Austin), so she got up and went, saying the timing was bullshit.  She asked Austin to wait outside for her, but when she came back he was gone.  I thought she was going to start talking to us in her microphone, but she was telling Production that she would put up the awnings when someone came out to help her.

Austin returned, and Vanessa dropped right back into the conversation while they took care of the awnings task.

Vanessa:  You should not share things with Clay and Audrey.  Clay is not trustworthy...Audrey wants to go deep with Clay...maybe go to the end.  I would bet my life on it.

***AND THEN***

Vanessa:  You know...before I was a DJ, I was a professional gambler...and a good one...

Austin:  So you know how to read people...

Vanessa:  Yes.  And I would bet my life on it.  Clay and Audrey are a strong pair.

Austin didn't really any follow up questions, which shows you how shrewd he is (not very).  They discussed the other house guests:

* Becky - Vanessa thinks Becky is smart and from watching her in comps, she is going to be a beast.

* John - Vanessa says if he's the kind of guy willing to throw comps, he might be a good resource.  She thinks he will be on the block a lot just because he's a nice guy.  She heard that Becky was actually the target this week at one point, and that John was going to try and throw the BoB, but that didn't work out because Becky was too good.

*  Meg - Vanessa has tried to build a relationship with Meg but has not been successful.  She knows Meg does improv in NY, so she asked Meg to show her how to do it.  Vanessa says she felt like Meg responded to her "like people do with Steve, just saying something to placate him", so she thinks trying to work with Meg now is a dead end. She thinks Meg is going to be loyal to James and Audrey.

*  Vanessa says James is kind of an outsider, and seems lonely in group settings.  She thinks Austin should reach out to him to let him know he won't hold a grudge about Jace, but the bottom line is that she doesn't trust him.  She also mentioned his inappropriate comments to the girls that are going to come back and bite him later.  Jeff has done the same thing, Austin says, and Vanessa agrees.

*  Vanessa thinks Audrey is just kind of playing along right now until she sees who will be in power next week, then she'll work within that framework.

*  Vanessa said to be careful talking to Jackie, because she is very emotional and everything you say will get back to Jeff.  And Jeff is a hot head who said he wanted to kill Austin in his sleep.  (Austin:  Why would he say that?)

*  Vanessa has tried to give Da'Vonne pointers on how to not let people know when things are not okay.  Da'Vonne has been talking to her in the Have Not room, and is feeling a lot of stress and pain over the game and thinks everyone hates her.  Vanessa thinks the key to playing with Da'Vonne is not to be the one that she goes off on, because she is going to go off on someone.

*  Vanessa thinks Steve is a nice guy, but he's not really with anyone in the game right now.  He might be with Day, but she thinks he's still open.

*  Vanessa actually had to tell Austin that house meetings are never a good idea and do not end well.

Austin:  Is any of this normal for Big Brother?

Vanessa:  YES!  I've watched 10 seasons, and it's always like this!

Note how normal human beings have to use two hands on their side of the awnings, but Austin only uses one hand.

Vanessa had to remind Austin several times that the two of them need to pretend to work with the group.  Austin kept saying that Audrey likes him now, and wants to talk game with him everyday.  Vanessa says she says that to everybody.

Austin:  But everyone's just gonna let her win.  Everyone's afraid of her.

Vanessa:  I'm not.  I'm not afraid.  You just have to be patient and wait for the right time.  This is a long, long game.  There's no room for hot heads, or rash decisions.

Austin:  That's why Jace has to go.  He's a hot head, right?

OK.  I've seen enough of this.


I'll just say it.  I've already said it.  I don't think this Austin has the sense god gave a milk cow.

He was not cast for his intelligence, nor his game savvy.  Personally, I don't even think Austin has enough common sense to function properly as an adult.  But I do keep thinking of him as someone in his late 30's or 40's, so maybe that's my fault.

Here are just a few of my reasons, some big and some small.

1.  We saw on the live show the whole "Bro Code" that Jace and Austin have.  We also saw the obvious discomfort that everyone else in the house has with the whole "Bro Code" concept.  Why doesn't Austin have the self-awareness to know that he's acting like an ass?

2.  And Jace is a total douche buffoon.  At least he's playing one on TV.  That's another topic altogether, but my point here is why couldn't Austin tell that Jace is making an ass out of himself?  And that no one likes him?  And that he's obviously trying to like, bro, totally put on a show for TeeVee.

3.  When Jace and Austin started beefing with Jeff last week, Austin actually said to Audrey that "Jeff is just jealous of what I have with Jace."

(What?  I'm embarrassed just typing that sentence.  Aren't you uncomfortable reading it?)

(Actually, Jeff said that Austin was throwing the weights around and he asked him to stop, so ever since that happened, Austin hates him.)

4.  And here's a big thing....after his conversation with Vanessa, Austin had a little meeting with Audrey.  NOT EVEN TWO HOURS LATER, and he blurted out the following to Audrey:

Austin:  I'm actually close to Vanessa....extremely close....and she thinks I should fake an injury or something.

(I don't think Austin is trying to backstab Vanessa, I just think he's missing a few crayons in the box and doesn't remember he's not supposed to tell her that.  Maybe he flew off the ropes too many time and landed on his head or something.  Maybe he's having flashbacks from Vietnam. Maybe he just needs some real food, not slop. Who knows.)

5.  And now I'm hearing Jeff say that he's aware that Vanessa used to be a professional gambler.

I'm not blaming Austin for being an idiot.  I'm just wondering why Vanessa gave him so much personal information.  Because she is definitely not an idiot.

6.  Also, yesterday Audrey called Austin and Vanessa into the lounge (or parlor, or hammock room...whatever) and after just one or two questions, Austin started spewing words like a scared fourth grader.  He was speed-talking excuses like his Mommy caught him with his hand in the cookie jar, while Vanessa just sat there, waiting for her moment to speak, and choosing the best words to say.  You couldn't find a better way to contrast two different people.


Maybe she can see that Austin is loyal to a fault, and will need to hitch his wagon to someone else after Jace goes bye-bye on Thursday.  Sort of like how Derrick profiled Caleb and saw that after Devin was out of the game, Caleb's devotion was up for grabs and could be used as a weapon in the game.

And Austin was saying he knew Da'Vonne was lying about her job.  So maybe Vanessa saw that train coming down the tracks, and decided to come clean to him in case he knew about her, too.  Which is smart, because if the secret is going to come out, it is much better for her to start downplaying it as part of her former life.

And maybe Vanessa is just seeing him as a huge man who will come in handy when they have a competition that requires some height or muscles.  Like she said on tonight's episode, she wanted to give the Fast Forward to someone whose strengths complement her strengths.

Or maybe Vanessa just wants to align with someone that she can easily program.  Or put another way, she's going to boss him, and he's going to take it.  She did tell Austin that she is very good at reading people, so she's been reading him, too.

Vanessa, to Austin:  If you're evil...I might just quit life.  Please don't be evil...don't fuck me in this game!

Austin:  I'm not evil...I just play evil on TV.


I kept hearing that Austin used to host a BB15 show on AfterBuzz TV.  I remember watching a few of those Aftershows, and I think I remembered Austin.

Turns out I watched at least one of those Aftershows where Austin co-hosted.  I originally posted the YouTube video, but it is gone now, so I guess that content is either no longer available, or they didn't want me linking to it or something. Maybe it's something I said (ha ha ha).

This is what I said about Austin, even though I didn't know it was Austin at the time..

You can read the whole recap here, but it's a shame that video is gone.  Because Austin was just staring off into space like the Geico Caveman.

Maybe he was experiencing back pain.  I don't know.  I just try to call it like I see it with my own eyes.


  1. Austin has been a disappointment to me. I thought from his degree with romance literature, or whatever it was, he might have brains and brawn. But after his spilling his guts to Audrey, it's apparent that he's as dumb as a sack of flour. Which is odd because he figured Da's secret out. Lucky guess?
    I am really rooting for Vanessa. I think maybe she just chose Austin as a sounding board. Now I wish she would have chose someone else. Jason is pretty shrewd too. I would love it if he rallied the other side of the house to go after Audrey.

  2. Yes, Groucho, I thought Austin would be more fun to watch than he is. Maybe with Jace gone he will start trying to be smarter about things.

    But I kind of doubt it.

    And he's going to have a hard time selling an injury now that he's mouthed off about it. There is going to have to be blood and stitches before Audrey buys that whole thing.

    At least half of the house guests seem to have higher intelligence than the average wrestling fan. Not sure which half Austin fits in with....

  3. Thank you for all your in depth coverage! I just found your blog and am totally hooked. You've got me chuckling over my lunch at work. :)


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