Tuesday, June 16, 2015

#BB17 House Guest Selfies

CBS has announced 14 of the new BB17 house guests, via a series of selfies they each took.


1.  I'm pretty sure there are two more house guests, so I guess they will be a surprise until the 2-night premiere next week.  (I'm guessing they will be from Survivor...but of course I have zero inside scoop on that.)

2.  Production obviously didn't let them take the selfies from up high, which is how at least 95% of selfies are taken.  Because it is more flattering for most of us, particularly if you are over 30.  And it keeps us from seeing that unfortunate area of the arm.  There's a reason our arms are designed to rest in the "down" position.  Just ask Meg...sorry, hon.

3.  Jeff just tweeted out that he is about to go live with the house guests.  I think that means he will be in the DR interviewing them.  That's kind of exciting, right?

4.  As a semi-perfectionist, I am trying not to have a complete panic attack right now.  I just feel the need to do my "Meet the Houseguest" writeups on everybody IMMEDIATELY.  But that's just not possible.  Hence The Panic.

5.  As I always tell myself, the Big Brother season is a marathon, not a sprint.  I may not be the first with all of the house guest information, but you know I will be thorough and make my introductions and assessments based on my own impressions.  (I do not look at other BB websites to see what they are doing until after I finish all cast introduction posts.)

6.  So please be patient with me as I try to be patient with myself during this hectic process.



  1. Awesome! Can't wait to read all of your cast intros. I always enjoy your posts and witty insights.

  2. I only read your hg's bios. They are, by far, the most interesting out there.


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