Friday, June 26, 2015

Austin Says "They" Lied to Them About Slop #BB16

A small group is sitting in the kitchen, slowly waking up and chatting about the Have Not's issues with slop.  (The first set of Have Nots are Vanessa, Liz, Da'Vonne and Austin.)  Note that the first group of Have Nots are always the worst----the period of time they are on it is typically longer due to start-up time in the game, and they don't have the benefit of America voting on additional foods.

But those dentist chairs look easy to sleep in, compared to what we've seen in past years (i.e. the BB15 airport seating benches, the uneven "beds" in that swirly BB14 room, etc.).

Meg says that Da'Vonne made the slop biscuits with just the plain slop recipe.

John is reading some slop literature on a laminated card.

Austin:  They lied to us about the slop...saying we get all of our nutrition from it and how good it is for us.

Jason:  Yeah, like it keeps you from just dying.

Austin:  I'm already worried about fucking up my diet, and now this.  I'm not going to dress it up, I'm just going to eat it plain.  I don't want all of that sodium and other crap in my food.

Jason:  This summer, Austin goes without protein, in the Big Brother house!

Meg:  It's just for a week, though.

Austin: Yeah, I'll make it.  I'm just not going to dress it up.

Johnny Mac shows him the nutritional content of the slop.

Austin:  Yeah, but that is calculated for a 2,000 calorie-a-day diet...I eat a 3,000 calorie diet!

Jason:  You actually KNOW what your calories are every day?

I think they discussed Austin's nail polish.  John says he didn't get his nails polished---he just went to bed.

Austin:  He probably rocks the black nail polish every day when he's rocking out at home.

John laughs.  I guess they all know how he "rocks out" in the DR every day.  (That should be fun to watch.)

John:  I said this morning, that I sort of feel that my life is one big guitar solo.

Austin:  That is good!  That is good!

Meg:  True life, brought to you by Johnny Mac!

Meg looked at the slop and said they need to stir it so it doesn't burn the bottom of the pan.  Jason came over to inspect the pot of slop.  Earlier, Meg thanked Jason for cleaning up the kitchen.  Vanessa walked by with her sunglasses on but she slinked through the kitchen too quickly for me to take a picture.

Jason:  It already looks like it's starting to stick.

Austin:  Oh my god.  This first experiment making it is terrible.

Jason:  You're so not built for this slop life, Austin.

Austin wants to just put the slop in a protein shake or something.

Jason:  That's why I wish we had a blender.  Those kids on Big Brother Canada were blending that shit up!  A little watuh, a little protein powdah and there you go.

Apparently Austin has been asking for almond milk, and complains that they're too slow on the draw here.

(I guess it's all fun and games to watch people live as Have Nots on the live feeds, but it's different when you're the one who has to go without.  Because you know Austin used to host a Big Brother recap show on AfterBuzz TV, right?)

There is some drama about soy in Austin's food, apparently.  And now he says he is lactose intolerant, and needs that almond milk.

Vanessa floats through the kitchen, sweetly thanking the "ones who cleaned".

It's like seeing Elvis or something when Vanessa appears.,,,


  1. Why was Vanessa crying so much on BBAD last night?

  2. i just wrote a long post about it...

  3. Is it just me or does John remind anyone else of a young Bryan Adams with better skin?


  4. Yes, that is exactly who Johnny Mac looks like, with MUCH better skin.


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