Saturday, June 27, 2015

Austin and Vanessa Compare Notes, and Austin Doesn't Believe Da'Vonne is a Schoolteacher #BB17

Vanessa and Austin are the only ones up this morning, and are laying on the lounge in the back yard

There are birds aggressively tweeting and singing in the background....they almost sound fake.  (I wonder if BB has a noise interference plan this year to thwart the drive-by shouters.)

Yesterday Austin caught Steve listening at the door and he ran into the storage room when Austin caught him.  Austin thinks he is spying on conversations for Da'Vonne.

Vanessa:  I don't worry about him...he doesn't talk strategy ever.

Austin:  Well, he's gotta be talking to somebody.

Vanessa:  He doesn't talk to me.  I tried to, I think he's a smart guy and I wanted to know what he's thinking.

Apparently Steve told Austin not to talk anywhere that the HoH spy cameras could see them, and Austin thinks that is shady.

Vanessa:  What about....what's his face...John?

Austin:  No...John's a cool guy.  I think we can trust him. Here are the people that I think we can trust;  Jace, obviously.  You can see him a mile away...he's not a shady piece of shit.  Clay is very trustworthy, and Shelli is very trustworthy.  Clay told me that, and he's not a liar.  And Liz....

(A major difference between Austin and Vanessa is that she reads people for herself, and would not take Clay's advice about trusting someone she is able to validate for herself.  She reads people for a living....)

Vanesssa, interrupting:  But Shelli talks to Audrey don't think that's an issue?

Austin:  No, Clay knows that.

(Who died and left Clay the boss of Austin?)

Austin brings up the issue of Audrey not trusting Liz after the "thing with Day" and wonders how all of a sudden Audrey is in charge of everything and trying to call house meetings.  He tried to squash it with Audrey and Liz, but he thinks Audrey might have an alliance coming for him.

Vanessa says she knew coming in the house that she would not be seen as a physical threat, but that her intelligence would be an issue.  So she's trying not to downplay it and be too obvious about it, noting that Steve tries to downplay his intelligence and it is obvious.  Austin says that is why he told everyone he has a history degree.

Vanessa:  But the thing with you is....everybody knows you're a strong guy.  Have you thought about maybe taking measures to downplay that?  In other words, what about faking an injury or something?

Austin thinks the Have Not beds might be great for that, since he is really in pain and limping around after sleeping on them.

Vanessa:  Look, I had a conversation with you on Day #2, and that's the only reason why I'm saying this to you...out of loyalty.  Because of what could happen..

Austin:  That's why I told everyone about my injuries.  They're real, but they're not as bad as they could be.  But after this bed...I think this is the way to start milking it (Austin says "hey bro" to a guy he sees on the BB roof.) because my back hurts, my head hurts..and I was thinking, what if my back gave out during a competition or something?

Vanessa:  And especially, what if something did happen to Jace?  That is something that you'd have to do...

Austin is totally clueless about Jace getting blindsided this week, and it sounds like Vanessa doesn't want to tell him.  (She doesn't need to, to keep him on her side.)

Austin says that he was sitting right there when James and Audrey told Jace he was safe this week, because he would go after Da'Vonne next week.  Austin thinks it would make them look like pieces of shit if they went back on their word like that.  (Sounds like Austin thinks they are going to backdoor Jeff this week.)

Vanessa:  It's going to be really hard if Jace is sitting on the block next to's a terrible situation.  Did you guys have a deal?  Or just a conversation?

Austin thinks Jace made a solid deal, a deal that should not leave the room.  But then he says that the whole thing felt phoney to him.  They both agree that for someone small like James, getting rid of a bigger guy like Jace or Jeff would be a good move, to improve his own chances.

Austin:  I don't understand why Day is playing so hard this week.  And she kind of showed her hand to me this week.

Vanessa: Day is weird..

Austin:  She lied and told Audrey that we said a ton of shit about Audrey...but we didn't...but I'm 100% certain that Day is not a freakin' school teacher, so she's already lyin' about that, and I caught her in two things now...

Vanessa, possibly trying to change the subject:  Oh...speaking of that, did you hear the thing with Steve last night?  He said he's an audio engineer and was talking about using Logic, the program, and that he uses it on Apple.  But I said, like, there's no way you can use that software on Apple....I'm an expert on this dude, I know everything about music software.

Austin:  But how does that.......

Vanessa: It got super awkward...he got really weird...

Austin:  Of course he did.

Vanessa:  So later I told him, I wasn't trying to call you out, but that was really weird.  It was the strangest thing to lie about. And he was like, it really was an Apple, and I was like, there is no such thing as ProTools


Austin: Oh c'mon.

Vanessa gets up:  I hate you right now, Big Brother!

(Maybe Steve was trying to test Vanessa, to see if she's really a DJ?)

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