Sunday, June 28, 2015

And On Another Note: A Fight Breaks Out in the #BBUK House as the Ham Hits the Floor

I was watching BBUK up until BB17 cranked up.  Then I had no time for it, even though I miss Emma Willis. But when I heard there was a fight that required intervention, I had to take a quick look.

Someone threw a ham sandwich!

You can read the article here.

But I don't remember these people....Danny looks familiar to me, but this girl and the other guy have me scratching my head.

Did they bring in new people?

Where's Pie Face Jack?

How could you choke down a ham sandwich with no mustard?  No pickles?  No swiss cheese?


  1. Danny is an original person who came in the house from night one. The guy Mark was brought in part way when they sent home some of the original people and brought in three new people. The girl is a person who played the game before once or twice I think and came back (Helen Wood, winner from last year also came back for two weeks - yuck!) for a short period of time not yet specified. Pie face is still there although he almost went home on Friday. It was between him and Simon, the guy who said Showbiz all the time (who initially went home on the first night but came back). Doesn't seem Jack is liked much anymore by the public. As for the sandwich - not a meat eater so it was gross regardless of condiments haha ;)

  2. Thank you so much for clearing that up. I thought I was crazy, seeing those new people. And I can't believe Simon came back! Even though I needed you to remind me who he was...

    I hope BB US doesn't start heading in the same sort of extreme direction as far as twists go. Like unleashing Willie Hantz in the house to take over or something...

    I don't eat meat, either, but they must not have much of a luxury shopping budget if they have to eat clammy-looking food like that. I love that they can include cigarettes on their shopping list.

    Let me know if they bring Perez back in there and I'll make the time to watch....

  3. You know I wondered that after the TAR takeover this week, if either some Survivor people might come in or past BB players. They do seem to take things from each other as far as tasks go, between UK, US and CDA.

    This week some of the houseguests had a luxury shopping budget and others didn't. It was decided by that previous girl player when she came back who got what for the week.

    For sure, I will :)

    PS I should have said before that I love love love your site and thanks for all your hard work to keep us in the know ;)


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