Saturday, March 28, 2015

My Game Plan for Big Brother Canada Coverage #BBCAN3

I think most of us can agree that watching Big Brother Canada can be a little after much ado (or about four days of ado) I have decided to cover Season #3, which looks to be a great season.

However, I'm not going to torture myself by trying to cover it the same way I cover Big Brother USA.  I'm not going to try and illustrate each post with pictures.  I might not even take any pictures of the live feeds.

I'm just going to write some lengthy chunks of updates, old school-style.  You know, like reading Jokers back in early seasons of Big Brother USA.  I will have the live feeds running during the day when I'm working, and will describe newsy little tidbits of information that catch my attention.

That will include game spoilers, mundane conversations, descriptions of the food they are eating and how much, and other minutia that strikes my fancy.

You know, the usual.  Just without pictures and the full scale coverage I typically provide.


Now that I've gotten that off my chest, I will proceed.

Right now the live feeds are down (sponsored by Ramada Worldwide), but I did do a little feedwatching yesterday.

Bobby won the HoH competition that aired at the end of Episode #2.  He nominated Kevin the energetic poker player and Britnee, the plus-size model.

You might also need to know that Keven is playing the Everybody's Buddy bit a little too hard, too early.  People like him, but also know that he wants to win, and realize he is going to be a big threat.  In short, I think Kevin needs to calm down.

Anyway, Kevin immediately started spreading the word that Sindy was trying to put together a girl's alliance and told Bobby that she was "throwing his name around".  Bobby took this under advisement, and said if he won the PoV, he might consider saving Kevin from the block.

But this didn't matter, of course, because Kevin won the PoV.

Who will Bobby nominate in his place?  Will he try to target a physical threat?  Or nominate one of the girls who is irritating people to stay on everybody's good side?

I've heard that he didn't want to make waves so early in the game.  Why win HoH if you don't want to make waves?

Johnny might also be in trouble, from some of the chatter I've heard.

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