Saturday, March 28, 2015

#BBCAN3 Live Feed Updates - Saturday March 28th

The house guests are locked in AGAIN.  I have yet to see them frolic in the "backyard" or the hot tub.   (I say "backyard" because the entire BBCAN house is on a soundstage, so even the outdoors is indoors.)

I'm sure they built it that way to beat the harsh Canadian winters, but the bonus is that the house guests can't be the victims of SuperFan Drive By Shoutings. (Remember this from BB16?)

Sindy is a major chatterbox and needs to calm the fuck down, in my opinion.  She is safe from eviction this week, of course, but my advice would be to try and sink back into the background instead of running her yap so much.

You know, like pestering Bobby about why he nominated her the first week.  (The week when everyone nominated two people, so she should leave him alone.)  He told her it was nothing personal, but he "had no other choice".

Various tidbits:

*  Britnee (I think) went on and on about how she thinks guys with imperfections are like, so sexy.  She described imperfections as "scars, and other stuff like that". They discussed Johnny Depp and River Phoenix and how he died outside Johnny's club the Viper Room.

*  Pilar makes good salads, apparently, and the girls on slop want her to make them a salad when they are allowed to eat real food again.

*  Sarah seems to know a lot about Will Smith and how he did or did not get along with some woman who was on one of his TV shows. Oh, they are talking about the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. One of the girls suggests we all google "Fresh Prince of Bel Air bloopers" for like, the funniest stuff ever.

*  I have never even seen one episode of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, and not even one blooper from the show.

*  The hammock has already been broken, by Jordon I think.  Did The Brick make that hammock?  They wonder if the hammock repair is what is going on in their backyard right now.  (Surely they would just replace it, right?)

*  The heating system must be cranking on High today, because half of these kids are laying around with bare feet and tank tops, and the guys frequently are shirtless.

*  I guess I should tell you about the "Chop Shop" alliance, which includes Graig, Bobby, Bruno, Zack and Ashley.  I have to say that Ashley is doing very well in this game, staying low and making inroads with the Power Males.  Smart.

*  The Chop Shop has special hand motions that they you can look forward to seeing that.  And they are frequently congratulating themselves on how well they're doing in the game, and how awesome they are.  ('s always awesome when someone in your alliance is the HoH...)

***FUN FACT***

In the early days of BB15, Howard Overby (who?) was talking to Spencer Clawson about their new alliance The Moving Company.  Howard actually told Spencer that he thought The Moving Company would become a legendary Big Brother Alliance, and that they would be invited back in future seasons to compete in some sort of All Star Alliance season.

I would not believe that if I hadn't heard it with my own ears, but I did hear it.

The Moving Company, of course, is a legendary alliance, but not for the reasons Howard may have hoped.

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