Thursday, October 2, 2014

Miss Cleo Scores the First Live Interview With Zach #BB16

And Miss Cleo is really a guy named Mike. He used to hide his identity but now he's out of the closet, so to speak.  Miss Cleo was a rather rabid Zach Rance fan this year, and an even more rabid Anti-Frankie fan, so the first thing he does is try to clear the air about that.

Not that Zach even knows or understands all of that.  I think he just seems overwhelmed by the whole post-Big Brother experience and has wanted to get some space and some perspective on things.  His parents even took his brother out of school this week to hang out with Zach.

Zach has been bombarded with fans and I don't think he's loving that.  At least, not right now.  I think he's finding out how he was portrayed on television and is coming to terms with that.  He's not even going to watch the show for awhile, he says, but does plan to start tweeting and instagramming soon.

He does look healthy, though, and is very gracious when speaking about his all of his cast mates. Even Victoria.

Open Your Piggy Banks Fans, As #BB16 Collectibles Begin to Hit Ebay

So far it doesn't look like the house guests have started listing items for sale --- just people who got their hands on signed merchandise, probably from the post-finale backyard festivities.

Here are some BB16 rubber duckies signed by Frankie and Cody.  So far the bids for Cody's rubber ducky are over three times higher than Frankie's rubber ducky. Maybe those Frankie bidders are going to start bidding big dollars at the very last minute.

Yes, I'm being sarcastic.

An added feature of these rubber duckies is that they appear to be hermetically sealed, for freshness.

Here we have a Froot Loops box supposedly signed by Zach.  These are the type of items you need to be really careful disrespect to the Ebay seller, but how do we really know Zach signed this box?  The listing doesn't include any details about how they got it...just sayin'..

The birdhouse signed by the entire cast is an interesting item....I can see why that would be a fun knick knack to have on your shelf at home.

 The Donny items are drawing some large bids....I would imagine Donny items will be much rarer, since we don't expect Donny to go nuts cashing in on his Big Brother experience.  But you should be careful with these items, too, because anyone can take a widely-available picture and forge Donny's signature.  Along with a "No Skittles" line, too.

I'm not trying to discourage bidding...I'm just recommending exercising caution with your hard-earned money. It's not like Donny will be getting the money.  Nor those poor children in Africa that Frankie talked about all summer.

When You Turn on Your Team, Your Team Turns on You --Lots of Chatter About Ariana #BB16

We may look back at 2014 someday and wonder who had a worse year, Frankie or his sister Ariana.  Sure Ariana is at the top of the charts right now with her music, but there has been A LOT of negative chatter about her poor attitude and inability to work with other people.

(Sounds like her brother, right?)

Previously, I reported on the stories about one of Ariana's trusted "Grandetourage" quitting, and also a gossip blind item about a pop star hoovering up coke backstage at a radio event.  You can read about that here.

And I figured out from watching the live feeds that Ariana had some sort of negative exchange with Hayden Voss after he was evicted during the first double eviction.  You can read about that here.  (Hayden recently chuckled when asked about this, and said he had an "awkward encounter" with Ariana, but he didn't know she was related to Frankie at that point.)

And even before that, I reported on various reports of Ariana's diva-like behavior, as well as the cancellation of her Nickelodeon show "Sam and Cat".  (Also Frankie's discussion of her hair system.)  You can read about that here.

OK, so let's move on to some new gossip to chew on about Frankie's sister Ariana.

This blind item appeared yesterday on the CDAN website, and was widely reported to be about Ariana, probably during her work on Saturday Night Live last week.  (I also reported on the blind item that indicated SNL was ready to replace Ariana at a moment's notice, if reported here.)

But this item sounds harsh, even for Ariana.  Bodyguards would seem to know the juiciest of all juicy gossip, due to the nature of their jobs.  So if this blind item indeed is intended to be about Ariana, I have to question the wisdom of her management team, to allow this sort of thing.

You can read the blind item, as well as the reader comments here.

And last week, CDAN did a blind item "reveal", letting us know some very damaging information regarding Ariana.

Now, I don't understand the legality of a website naming names like this.  I can only assume that there would be enough eyewitnesses to avoid a lawsuit.  But I don't know...all I know is that CDAN is supposedly an attorney and he apparently wasn't afraid to sling the dirt.  The show they are referring to here would be Sam & Cat, the filming of which was suspended early this year, before finally being cancelled this summer.

Once again, you've got to assign some blame to her management team.....she is badly in need of a stern leader and a skilled publicist.  Personally I don't care how much coke Ariana does, as long as she is not in a position to hurt other people while she is under the influence.  I'm the sort who is in favor of legalization and taxation....but whatever.

You can read the blind item, as well as the reader comments here.