Friday, September 26, 2014

Drinking + Selfies = Evidence of a Party #BB16

It used to be hard to find pictures of the Big Brother after parties and get togethers.  Not anymore...

The first couple of pictures are from Finale night.  Here is a picture of the Pre-Jury boots huddled around Robyn Kass, who heads up the Big Brother casting effort.  Not everybody cast this year was a winner as far as TV is concerned, but surely Devin's unprecedented contribution to the season made up for a few of the duds.

And here is Robyn with Donny, Hayden and Zach.  She visited the Jury House, apparently.

Andy with Brittany, who tweeted him right back complaining about how big her forehead looks in this picture.  Some people would call that a Fivehead, but she's beautiful nonetheless.

Also, when Andy was shopping in Chicago, he took a picture of this shirt and took a quick poll of his followers, saying "Yay or Nay?".  I promptly tweeted back "Hell Nay" but I guess he didn't listen to me with regard to important fashion decisions.


Most pictures you will see of Andy feature him clutching an adult beverage.  So the picture below is somewhat rare.

Like this one, where Andy does not appear happy to visit Candyland.

The quality of this picture is horrible, but I posted it here because it includes Shannon Elizabeth and a very creepy-looking Spencer Clawson.

Shannon Elizabeth used to be an actress, if you don't know.  I think she's a professional poker player now but I'm not sure.


The darker hair is a good look on Mike...time to move on from the highlights and frosted tips.

Now the pictures move on to Thursday night, which was the night of the big party Rachel Reilly throws now in LA with a few other partners.  I must warn you that Zach didn't go to the party----I think he flew home as he said he would do on the live feeds.  He misses his brother and his dog, so I guess he just got out of Dodge.

I think that is smart......always leave them wanting more, and be a little elusive.

But I also heard he would be shooting the Bold & the Beautiful, too, so maybe he's taking a night off to prepare for that.  Who knows what Zach is really up to...

Here are Hayden and Nicole in what looks to be the lobby of a hotel.  Apparently Hayden wore this outfit to the party.  He would have been better off borrowing Andy's shirt, right?

Mike Boogie in a Hit Men Sandwich.  A little cheesy, but delicious.

The drink of the night was the Froot Loop Dingus.  Would it have killed them to string a few Froot Loops on the straw or something?

James Rhine, who is a very tall man.  You didn't really get that from watching him on TV, but I think he is nearly 6'6".  James used to be a security manager at Nordstrom, so maybe he and Derrick talked shop about theft, burglary, and the joy of tasering.

Amanda and Judd with Jen Johnson from BB8.  Jen is famous for being the one who just said "fuck it" and started eating apples and turkey burgers while she was supposed to be on slop, and then was burned by Evel Dick's cigarette.

A live feeder actually called the police, and Production later said they had to show the footage to the cops to keep them from taking action.  (But how great would that have been?)

Frankie showed up to the party, and yes that is Lance Bass from N'Sync on the right.  He's a Big Brother Super Fan, you know.

No Strings Attached, baby.

And there is Kat Edorrson in the back row, from Survivor and formerly Hayden Moss' main squeeze.

That's Gina Marie on the left, looking surprisingly circumspect with her hair pulled back.  Like a proper lady, you might say.

Amanda with Dani Donato, who sort of looks like she's trying to get away.  Did Amanda make a typo, or does she really think "Amish" is spelled "Omish"?

BB CAN2 Winner Jon Pardy with Amanda.  I think Frankie won more money this year on BB16 than Jon Pardy did this year.  But maybe I don't understand the currency conversion rates or something.  And Jon did get a gift certificate for The Brick as a part of his total prize package, so that's something.

I guess.

I really wish Cody had fixed his hair and dropped the hat before he took all of these pictures.  But maybe he knows that haircut is so bad he needed to cover it.

Do you think Cody got smooched up yet?  I do.  Of course.  But with whom?

All of the BB dudes, plus Amanda's boyfriend who is on the far left.  I try not to post any pictures of Canadian Attention Whores Alec and Peter, but they're in this shot.  I will NOT be posting any pictures of Canadian Attention Whore Liza, though.

Bitch is crazy.

Derrick:  Can you believe this guy's shirt?

Derrick's finger-pointing reminds me of someone we certainly don't see in any of the party pictures, but that doesn't mean he's not around, lurking in the shadows. (Nick Uhas.)

Jon Pardy, getting crunk.  If I had a friend who was a police officer, it might be fun to get them to administer sobriety tests at different points in the evening.  You know, the lean back and touch your nose test, reciting the alphabet, etc.

Michelle Costa has probably been crunk since last Tuesday.

This picture has nothing to do with anything, except it's in my Twitter timeline and it certainly looks delicious.

Neda from BB CAN2 with Derrick.

Yes, I know.  Canadian Attention Whores Alec and Peter tried to squeeze into this picture.  Sorry.  But I wanted to show the Hit Men with a few Hit Men Wannabes.

What a difference professional lighting makes, huh?

Victoria finally appears!  Andy probably thinks he's hallucinating at this point.

It's tearing up my heart when I'm with you...and when we are apart I feel it too, cause no matter what I do I feel the pain, with or without you.

Yes, I'm chair dancing to You Tube.

I wonder if Andy was wasted enough to bring up the things that Frankie said about him on the live feeds?

Because he sure tweeted about it over the summer....

Derrick:  Step out of the car please.  Put your hands on your head, and move slowly....

Ha ha.  Is this what Andy's mug shot would look like?

I love pictures like this...a fan spotted Cody and McCrae outside of a 7-11 and got them to take a picture with his camera.

I'm feeling stoned just looking at McCrae in this picture.  I suddenly feel a craving for churros and a lime Slurpee.

That's Jeremy McGure helping hold the booze in McCrae's mouth.    And yes Canadian Attention Whore Alec made his way into this picture, too.

 I wonder if Andy even remembers taking this picture, much less what his conversation with Cody was about.  I think Cody is trying to keep Andy from tipping over.  Ha ha ha.

Two nurses!  Danielle from BB14, with a creepy cameo from James Rhine.