Monday, September 22, 2014

Ariana Makes Big News, But For All of the Wrong Reasons #BB16

Page Six just loves to report juicy stories about bad behavior.  So today they devoted quite a bit of space to the latest drama surrounding Ariana Grande.  First of all, he's not really her "life coach", he's apparently really her choreographer.  And he may or may not be the one spilling secrets about what has been happening behind the scenes as Ariana travels around pushing her new CD.

You can read the story here on Page Six.  Ariana's tweets are a little ironic, too.  Right?

Also, I saw a blind item on the CDAN website that may or not be hinting that Ariana has some risky hobbies.  Really, the item is pretty vague, but the last sentence is what implies that this blind item might be Frankie's sister, due to all of the bad press recently about her diva attitude.

You can read the blind item here, as well as all of the comments guessing who it refers to.

Who knows, maybe this little rumor was the last straw that got the "life coach" fired?

A Few Thoughts About the Finale...And Only a Little More Time to Vote for America's Favorite Player #BB16

If you haven't voted today, please vote,  Especially if you are going to vote for Zach.  Because no matter what the sign says, there is no tomorrow as far as the voting is concerned.

Apparently overnight the Grande family decided to throw Zach a bone and show support for his win, saying that Frankie and Donny have already won money this summer.

Well, I don't buy it.  Too little, too late.  I think they are trying to salvage a few shreds of fan forgiveness to try and make themselves look better.

I want Zach to win America's Favorite Player because he was the most entertaining house guest, and because he will truly appreciate the fact that we liked him this summer.  The last thing that I want is for Zach to win, and then have Frankie announce over and over that Zach only won because the Grande Empire provided mercy votes.  But cash is cash, I guess, and I hope Zach wins some cash.

A few thoughts....

1.  Everyone seems to think that the Final Two house guests cannot win America's Favorite Player.  Is that true?  I think it might be, and at one point in Big Brother history the prize was called America's Favorite Juror.  When you go to to cast your vote, Derrick, Cody and Victoria are all listed as voting options, because theoretically any one of them could be evicted during the Finale and then be eligible for the America's Favorite Player prize of $25,000.

But what if Production throws out a curveball during the Finale, and takes the America's Team out of the running for this prize?  That would knock Frankie and Donny right out of it, and would probably result in a Zach - Caleb - Nicole top three candidate race.

Of course Zach would win, but it would also be nice to see Nicole get some recognition for trying to play the game and not being afraid to get her hands dirty.


2.  We have seen Derrick muttering some sort of speech about how he had to hide his true job during the season, which added to his daily stress level.  Derrick didn't have to hide the fact that he is a police sergeant, but he knew it was his best chance to win, since some people have a natural dislike for police.  Plus his skill set using observation and perception to read people and predict their behavior are talents best kept under wraps.  Or undercover, if you will.

So, would someone who has been so smart all summer disclose something so controversial right before people place their votes for the winner?

The people who plan to vote for Derrick may go ahead and do it anyway.  But the ones on the fence might not...they might feel duped in a fresh new way, and vote for whoever is next to Derrick.  (Let's face it...Cody.)

The more likely scenario is that on Finale Night we'll see the conclusion of the Part #1 HoH competition, and also the Part #2 HoH competition.  We'll also see the Jury deliberation segment, with Dan Gheesling paying a visit to the Jury pool.  I say this because I heard Dan say on Rob Cesternino's podcast that he was on the CBS backlot talking to someone.  And the dates didn't seem to align with Dan's recent appearance on the live show with Julie.  So I assume he will be the one to moderate the Jury discussion.

Plus, I think Production wants to squeeze some drama out of Christine meeting her idol Dan, and then potentially being snubbed by Dan.

Anyway, the Jury will vote, and then a good deal of action will take place before the votes are revealed.  After a commercial break the non-Jury people will appear sitting in chairs on set, and Julie will talk to them for a few minutes.  I expect Devin to get his share of the conversation here, and for Julie to set Amber up for what happens next.

You know, Caleb coming out on stage.

(Also, Joey wants to go to LA and "do the Hollywood thing" now, so it will be interesting to see if she tries to grab the spotlight here.)

Then the Jurors will walk out onstage, one by one, in the order of their eviction.  Will the crowd get to respond the way they want to?  Will they be allowed to BOO a few of those jurors?

(Now THAT is something we can look forward to....)

Note that the Final Three families will have two or three seats in the audience, so we will see them before or after commercial breaks.  But the rest of the families typically watch the Finale from the Green Room, along with former house guests who are lucky enough to get invited.  They might let people like Rachel, Brendon, Jeff and Jordan sit onstage during the Finale, but that's about it.  Maybe they will have Jeff host a segment live from the Green Room, where we can see the families noshing on chicken fingers and giving each other the side eye.

Will Ariana agree to sit in the Green Room to watch the show with "those people"?  Will the families play nice?  Will CBS agree to shoot Ariana only from her left side?  Does the Pope wear a funny hat?

After the Jury is seated, Julie will moderate some chit chat, probably talking to Caleb about Amber, and talking to Haycole about their undying love for each other.  I'm guessing Caleb will present Amber with some sort of cheesy gift, like a flower or pickle.  I wish Julie would let Jocosta confront Brittany about stealing her sob stories, but I doubt The Chenbot will have time for that.

Then we'll get to the good stuff.  Julie will disclose the existence of Team America, and then she will likely go through their missions this summer, complete with clips and shots of shocked (and potentially angry) jurors.  Team America will learn how much they earned.

And then I'm guessing Derrick will reveal his true profession.  If he does it before the Jury vote, it will be huge mistake, in my opinion.  It will make for a more suspenseful vote, of course, which Production loves, but it may lose him a few votes.

At the end of the show, as the entire cast is crowded onstage, with only less than a minute of airtime left, Julie will announce America's Favorite Player.  There has never been enough time for the fans to fully enjoy this moment, whether you agree or disagree with the winner.

I loved watching the house guests' sour faces when Frank Eudy won during BB14....