Saturday, September 20, 2014

Another 90 Days, Another 141,640 Twitter Followers for Zach #BB16

Way, way back on June 20th, I watched Zach Rance's Big Brother 16 intro videos, and snapped a picture of Zach's Twitter account for my FeedWatcher Forecast.

I don't know how well you can see the picture I took that day, but at the time Zach Rance had issued 3 tweets, and had 360 followers.  One of those followers was me, after watching Zach's captivating preseason interviews and realizing we had a live one on the cast this year.

I just visited Zach's twitter profile again, on September 20th, and found the following:

Zach now has 142,000 followers on Twitter, and has tweeted a whopping 4 times.  (The one tweet this summer was made on his behalf, to ask us all to vote for him to be America's Favorite Player.)

If you ask me, Zach was the true Social Media Mogul in the house this summer, publicizing his Twitter and Instagram handles on two live shows, even spelling out "Ranceypants" rather slowly for the audience members who might have been impaired while watching, or just too stupid to know how to use Google.

Do you think Zach will start tweeting after he re-enters life on Thursday?  After all of this, I think it would be hilarious if he never tweeted again.  But I think he will, of course, and I hope he gets turnt up and lets us all hear exactly what he has to say.

Scenes From Friday - The Waiting is the Hardest Part #BB16

Wednesday was the HoH Part #1 competition, after the live CBS show.  And Thursday was the champagne brunch where the Final Three chatted "naturally" about the bullet point list of topics provided by production.  You know, in order to facilitate the hackey "best of" show that aired on Friday night.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed most of it.  I just find the set up hackey.  Trust me that the Final Three discussed the house guests more naturally on their own, at one time or another.  But I guess the whole concept goes down better with Mimosas and French Toast.

Once his brunch buzz wore off Derrick said he was ready to take a long nap.  But of course he wouldn't have taken that nap unless Cody and/or Victoria were taking one with him.  Too risky to leave those kids alone for too long at this point in the game.  That's Derrick, always playing Big Brother.  That's been his story all summer....

So on Friday, they were expecting the HoH Competition Part #2 to start at some point.  They knew it was coming, they just didn't know when.  Derrick is tired of going over the list of HoHs and competition results, and just wanted to get it over with.

Derrick checked the freezer and stared at the contents. It doesn't look like that freezer could hold much is stuffed with frozen foods.

Derrick took some pills...probably vitamins.

Derrick ended up getting a banana to munch on.  He never really wants to eat that much if he isn't sure what the schedule will be...he doesn't want to risk feeling sick or having to poop in the middle of a competition.  He is smart enough to delay gratification until the timing is better.  At least, I think he is.

There was apparently a huge fly on the kitchen counter who had the balls to just sit there and be stared at.  Maybe he was sitting on a smear of jam, or maybe the essence of one of Frankie's numerous fish salads.

Cody folded up a kitchen towel and prepared to strike.  Everyone gathered to watch.  This is big excitement in the BB house.

At the last minute, Cody decided to use his hand, for more precision.  Derrick told him several times to open up his fingers, but Cody refused, preferring instead to use the closed-hand approach.

Victoria:  Did you feel it?  Did you get it?

Cody said he did.  Derrick said that he thought Cody should open his fingers so the fly would not feel the wind beforehand....that's why he thinks the flies usually get away, but he confirmed that Cody not only killed the fly, but smashed it into a number of pieces on the floor.

Cody did wash his hands immediately, in case you're wondering.

The other big news of the day is that just as they were eating breakfast, Production called Cody into the DR to tell him they would order out lunch for the house guests, whatever they wanted.  This led to a lot of conversation over what they wanted, and they ended up choosing Chinese food.

Victoria was particularly in favor of this due to the vegetarian options, since there is no kosher meat for her in the BB house.  She has commented on this several times this summer, but I think she would have to win HoH to get the kosher meats she requested.  At least, that's how they handled Kaysar's kosher meat needs during BB6.

When the food came, they all pounced on the crunchy stuff first, probably due to the lack of fried foods this summer.  The food was still very hot when they got it and the sound of Cody biting the eggroll was exactly as it should have been.

Victoria got a spring roll and crunched it up, saying over and over that it was so nice of Production to do this for them.

(What a change from Frankie bitching about the In'N'Out Burger lunch a few weeks ago, and then demanding Starbucks instead since he doesn't eat In'N'Out Burgers.  Long story short, Frankie didn't get any Starbucks, and ate exactly what they brought him.)

After saying over and over that he wouldn't be eating any Chinese food until later that night, presumably after the HoH Part #2 comp, Derrick broke down and ate a small portion.

The three of them only sat down and ate together for about 5 minutes.  Victoria got full and boxed up her tofu and vegetable dish for later, and Derrick ate like a sparrow before boxing up his food.  They each selected a fortune cookie and this is what they said.

Derrick's Fortune Cookie:  Your first choice is always the best course of action.

Victoria's Fortune Cookie:  You are extremely generous and are always thinking of others.

Cody's Fortune Cookie:  Your golden opportunity is coming very soon.

(Obviously that means Derrick should take Cody to the end, and Cody will have the chance to give Derrick the shiv, and Victoria is obviously screwed and will get nothing for herself.)

Victoria was dissatisfied and ended up opening a second fortune cookie that said "You'll be a winner today."  She ran to show Derrick what the fortune said, refusing to tell Cody who was standing right next to her at the time.

Derrick:  Don't show me that now!


Derrick won the HoH Part #2 competition.  Victoria's fortune cookie lied.  She was not a winner yesterday, by any stretch of the imagination.

After lunch, Cody and Derrick laid on the couches , with Cody drilling Derrick on game information to prepare for the competition.  Victoria was more interested in which shoes she should wear with her finale dress, and which accessories to wear.

Production didn't want us to hear too much about Victoria's fashion options for the finale, but I did hear her say she  bought the dress and I think it was in the stack of clothing that Production prevented her from bringing in the house.  She said she chose the dress over some sort of sequined top that she would have worn with shorts.

(I don't think the short looks have been flattering on the live shows for Victoria....she needs to cover up more of her legs in my opinion, particularly when she is facing a camera at such close range.)

While she was brushing her hair in the pictures below, and strutting around the house, Derrick and Cody were discussing how she doesn't deserve to go to the Final Two, saying that the two of them are trying to focus on getting through the next competition while Victoria worries "about flowers".

Victoria boo hooed all night after losing the competition to Derrick.  Of course.