Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga - Another Summer, Wasted Again. #BB16

At this point, I am running out of superlatives to give to Wil's videos.  Quite simply, he is a genius.

This one is a triumph, with cameos of former Big Brother players, and a rocking Lady Gaga soundtrack.  Some notes:

*  Janelle makes a cameo here, as does Elissa, McCrae, and Spencer.  Amanda is in there, too, but she seems like one of the backup dancers.

*  Who knew McCrae had such good rhythm?

*  Jocosta has had more airtime on Wil's videos this summer than she has on CBS.  (She gave Wil A LOT to work with.)

*  Dan not only gets hit with schrapnel here, he takes a few direct hits.  (Wil played with him on BB14, you know.)

I think we should give Wil a standing ovation, if we could only get our fat lazy asses out of our chairs...

(And you people who area already immersing yourselves in Utopia live feeds, please rethink that. Maybe go outside, get some fresh air, see some old friends.  I can barely get through the ABC Utopia episodes....and will probably only give it another week before I abandon ship.  But that's just me..)

Frankie: Where is My Call Sheet? Where Are the Guest Stars? What is my Motivation? #BB16

The live feeds are still down, and will not return until after the CBS show tonight.  Maybe not until after the West Coast viewing....to keep things a surprise.

But of course any West Coast fans who want to know the details of tonight's pre-taped episode need only to log into Twitter to find out the scoop.

I think I took these first pictures on the Sunday evening, as Victoria did a little tweezer work.

I really like this shirt that Victoria wears frequently.  Yesterday I heard all of the house guests talking about how sick of their clothes they are...Cody and Caleb both said they plan to toss all of their clothes into the garbage when they get home and Victoria echoed this idea.

Perhaps someone should tell them about Ebay....

After his nomination Frankie had a little chat with the guys in the HoH, and stressed how honor and integrity is of utmost importance to him.  He told them that he kept them safe when he was HoH, and that he expected the same in return.  He appealed to their sense of honor, and said if they don't do right by him, or at least tell him about the vote beforehand, than they are all not playing the game to his lofty standards.

After this chat, Cody, Caleb and Derrick came downstairs, and the air was very tense.  They were angry, and muttered Anti-Frankie comments as fast as they could.  Cody pointed out how Frankie turned on Zach, and anyone else he wanted to during the game.

Caleb pointed out that Amber would have still been in the house, if not for Frankie turning on her, which showed a lack of integrity and respect.

Derrick:  I'll give due respect when you earn it....so go outside and meet Julie in your fucking shorts and T-shirt.

(Derrick knows that the next eviction will be a surprise one, taped live for broadcast later.  This happens every year....someone always gets evicted this way.  In the past, the live eviction is a surprise for the house guests.  They suddenly hear Julie telling them to come to the living room, and then BOOM someone ends up leaving.  They used to have a standard studio audience for this, but last year filled the seats with CBS employees in hopes of keeping the results a secret.  The audience was also required to be silent while they were being seated, so the house guests couldn't hear any of the commotion outside.  So this is what Derrick is referring to here....having Frankie get the boot with no advance notice.)

Actually, since Caleb was HoH, he wanted to let Frankie know ahead of time, even if it was only 10 or 15 minutes before the live show.  They all agreed that Frankie would start slinging mud once he knew he was leaving, so they don't want to give him a chance to squawk.

But with the surprise eviction, Frankie might not even have time to cake on all of his makeup...the foundation and glitter.

(We can only hope..)

Victoria got drunk on wine.  She stated getting sentimental and weepy and Derrick had to tell her to watch it, because he was worried about her saying something to ruin their (his) game.  Because at this point they are still supposed to be on the outs after Derrick planned to vote for Victoria to leave next week.

Derrick encouraged Victoria to eat something to sober up.  She has grapes in the glass with her wine, by the way.  Derrick left the room and I watched Victoria open up a container of Sabra hummus and swipe it up with a piece of pita bread, or maybe a tortilla.

She ate like she was drunk at home, with no one watching.  I was watching, Victoria.

Yesterday morning they were all told to "look fresh" at 9:00 am BBT for something special.  No one woke up on time, of course, but they did get 5 wake up songs that some of them seemed to like.

Victoria got busy with her makeup.

Derrick's preparation consisted of putting on deodorant.

Caleb put on his jeans, presumably his Man Pants.  Caleb had been the most vocal about the expected surprise, saying it would be the biggest event ever.  Frankie agreed and kept guessing that someone would be coming in the house....someone big.  They think that the fans voted, and would be awarding them with some huge prize or trip.

So imagine their surprise and disappointment to find that Big Brother gave them a Tie Dye kit and T-shirts to dye.  They also got a CD to play with instructions that appeared to come inside the kit.

Caleb:  So, this is what America wanted to see? Tie dying?  Do you really think this is what they want?  Is there something else that is going to happen?

Derrick:  No.  I think it's just tie dye.

Frankie realized that Caleb was getting all of the camera time so he went over to get a few minutes for himself.  There were a lot of sarcastic comments as they dealt with the disappointment.  With any luck, we'll see Frankie get evicted wearing this same tired, cheap-looking vest.

***fingers crossed***

A little later Frankie went and found a tie dyed T-shirt that he brought in the house with him and held it up to the cameras.

Frankie:  Look...I did it!  Can I go back to sleep now?

Shortly afterwards, the feeds slipped into Jeff highlights and then into a coma.  At one point we got a scrolled message that they would return after Tuesday's CBS show.  So that's that.

The tie dye activity is what we saw on BBAD last night.  It was such a snoozer that I only stayed awake for about 45 minutes of the three-hour broadcast, but I'll catch the rest later and see if I missed anything.

We all know Frankie will be evicted, but what will be his reaction?  Will the crowd BOO?  And who will be the new HoH?

(If Victoria wins HoH, and Caleb wins PoV, that might be the only chance for Derrick to get evicted....because Caleb would be the only vote....)