Thursday, September 11, 2014

It Turns Out A TV Star Was in the #BB16 House This Week, After All...

And Izzy wasn't some sort of stray mutt loking for a home.  Izzy is a TV star who has appeared in sit coms and commercials.  She probably even has her SAG card.

I think Izzy did some of her best work acting like she wasn't offended when Frankie said "you look like a rescue."

You can see Izzy's  webpage here.

(So much for the animal rescue message, huh?)

It's Not a Party 'Til Shit Gets Broke - Luxury Competition Aftermath #BB16

The luxury competition is over and the house guests are left with a huge mess to clean up.  Victoria finally won something, but she is super pissed that someone broke her necklace.  She thinks what they did was malicious and not in good fun at all.

By the way, her necklace is not some "cheap ass Forever 21" thing...she wanted to wear it to the Finale and expects it to be replaced.

Victoria:  I hope they are laughing now that the cost will come out of their stipends!

Frankie says Christine was so angry that Victoria won that she was stamping her foot up and down and yelling "NO NO NO NO".

Victoria:  She hates everybody, so I don't care.

Frankie:  She's probably mad just because you're still here.

I don't think the T-shirts they are wearing indicate teams they played in, but I'm not sure.  It sounds like they played individually, having to put their chips into other players basket.  Or something like that.

Cody said it was kind of fun going out second, because he could just watch and cheer people on.   He was surprised Nicole made some sort of choice that favored Jocosta over Donny.

Cody:  I thought Nicole loved Donny.  And I was surprised he went out third.

(So I guess they targeted each other to get out of the comp?)

Ugh.  I never want another "Zankie" moment, ever.

I think Victoria won $5,000.  And it sounds like the jurors were searching through the house for some sort of "chips" that they used in the competition.

Derrick is calmly folding clothes. His mission is to clean up the Fire Room and then move on to the next room.  He tells the live feeders that it was a good one, and we'll see it on TV.  From what I hear, the kitchen is the biggest wreck, so maybe they're saving it for last.

I saw Hayden dump out all of the silverware, and Jocosta was saying to "get the hot sauce" so that sounds interesting.  Frankie also said he "lost his agave" so I guess they used all the squirt bottles to mess stuff up.

Derrick says the only thing he cared about keeping safe was his family's footprints and notes.  He went over and smoothed one of the papers and said it would be fine.

Derrick inspected the box of Zebra Cakes he had stashed in a drawer.

Derrick:  A fat kid needs his Zebra Cakes.

It sounds like Frankie won new underwear?

Cody walked into the bathroom and said they didn't do too much damage in there, and then he looked at the bathroom door.  Cody, Caleb and Frankie all gasped at something they saw.

Cody, whispering:  Oh my God they HATE her!  But I bet we can guess who did that.

Cody:  Talk about a bitter jury....

Derrick came in to look  Apparently Victoria had scratched hr name on the door with the other house guests and someone put a big "X" over it.

Derrick:  Maybe they should have spent more time looking for chips then messing stuff up.

Caleb went to tell Victoria so she wouldn't just see it when she goes to the bathroom.  Victoria immediately got to work trying to scratch it out with a disposable razor.

They guys think either Zach or Christine did that.  Cody whispers that he thinks someone did that "after" (i.e. after the competition).

Frankie:  But they had to sit down outside.

Cody:  But I heard them a few times saying "guys, get out of the house...get out of the house..".

Frankie: Oh, right.  After she won.  Yeah, I'll bet you're right.

Frankie thinks Christine did it, but Caleb thinks the circle scratching would have been better done by Christine...the circle "looks like crap now".

Pandemonium in the #BB16 House! The Jurors Are Back and They're Turnt Up! #BB16

There was a short FISH and when the cameras returned the house guests were in a room with gray padded  cell walls watching a monitor.

Derrick:  We're on live...this is all happening live.

And we see the Jurors running around the house like crazy.  Zach picks up right where he left off, dancing on the coffee table with his best moves.  It looks like stacks of clothes have been dumped on the floor, too.

Everyone is shouting and Nicole runs over and gives Zach a box of Froot Loops, which he promptly starts spilling all over the living room, dancing around in a circle.

Now Zach has Spanky the Monkey and I see Donny run by like a flash. Someone is shouting about how they need to wash the towels.

Zach grabs that tacky vest of Frankie's and puts it on while Jocosta runs by at a speed we've never seen from her before.  Christine is there, wearing a "Team Christine' T-shirt.

There's Hayden...I think he was the one shouting about the towels.

Now we get FISH, and then the Jeff highlights.  I'm pretty sure it is the house guests vs. the Jurors at this point....what a GREAT idea from Production.

More Touching, Both Appropriate and Inappropriate. #BB16

I took a few pictures on Tuesday that I haven't posted yet. Might as well dump them here while nothing is going on in the house.

The first series features Frankie the Predator as he drapes himself all over Cody in the HoH room.  Why doesn't anyone just tell Frankie to stop?  I've heard both Caleb and Cody say Frankie's constant touching bothers them....I guess they can't take the risk of isolating him at this point in the game.

And here is Frankie invading Izzy the Dog's personal space, but Izzy really liked it.  He was eating up that ear-scratching with a spoon.

That is the HoH camera in this picture.

Victoria got all dressed up for the HoH picture session that featured Izzy.  Finally a new face in those weekly pictures...

It's Time for a Luxury Competition! #BB16

No one has noticed this yet in the the old days they would let the live feeders see these competitions.

Will they do that today?  Is this when we will see the Jurors visit the house?

Easy on That Hair, Victoria... #BB16

She is using a brush and is being rough, trying to get the tangles out after her shower.

She should be gentle....wet hair is very sensitive to stretching and snapping.

And as you can see, it is has been growing and is at a length where I think she should consider giving her head a break from all of those heavy clip-on extensions.

I've said it before...I think a swingy, shiny shoulder-length bob (i.e. a "Lob") would compliment her facial features and petite stature.

Nominations should be coming up soon.  Based on the overnight live feeds, it looks like Derrick may have talked Caleb out of nominating him, and putting up Frankie directly against Victoria.

Let's not get to excited about that, however, until it happens.  Because we all thought Caleb would backdoor Frankie last week when he had an EXCELLENT chance to get rid of him.

Derrick Pulls an All Nighter #BB16

Derrick sits and stares at the memory wall.  Everyone else has gone to bed, but Derrick is still at it.

I'm pretty sure police officers are trained to recognize facial traits, so that they can describe a suspicious person based on a few quick glances.   The police sketch artists I've seen on TV always build their drawings on a few key details, like eye and nose shape, or a chin.  And Derrick said on a recent show that he had a photographic memory.

Frankie only won the PoV last week over Derrick by about 20 seconds, so it was close.

Derrick steps back to look at the pictures from a distance, probably trying to recreate the backyard set up for the competition.

Upstairs Caleb has the Spy Screen trained on the living room.

Not sure if Caleb is awake, but you'll notice that he did not let Frankie stay in the HoH room with him last night.

From what I understand, Frankie tried....

Caleb's CD is Brett Eldridge.

What is that orange thing Derrick is holding?  He's so thin I'll bet his police uniform will be baggy when he gets home.  On Finale Night, Julie will probably reveal to the group that there is still one person in the house with a pretty big secret.  (After the vote, of course, but before they reveal the winner of BB16.)

Maybe Julie can just put up a picture of Derrick in his uniform, or show a video of him in his squad car, or commanding a meeting of officers.

Last night Caleb told Derrick it would be him and Victoria on the block, because it was Derrick's turn.  Derrick knows he needs to win the PoV.  The next best thing for him would be if Cody won PoV and saved Derrick, which would seal Frankie's fate.

But Derrick and Frankie would be the favorites to win the comp, based on last week's results.  Derrick is well-aware that America doesn't like Frankie, so he knows we're all hoping the Rewind bites Frankie in the butt.

Derrick has been my pick to win since the very beginning of the season, from the cast preseason interviews.  I've never been bored by Derrick in the game...he's focused on winning and I'm glad they have shown his strategy more in his recent DR sessions.

For fans who say Derrick is boring, I invite you to compare him to Frankie, who is always trying to put on a show.

Derrick is here to win, not to make a spectacle of himself.

Derrick finally got in bed to rest.