Tuesday, September 9, 2014


The only reference to his famous sister is a hashtag with one of her songs.  I wonder if Ariana's team served CBS with a cease and desist order, to keep herself out of it.

And for the record, I have never, not for one second, thought that Frankie was representing me.

Behold Izzy, the Big Brother Dog. #BB16

At least for today....

Caleb:  What I want to know is, where is the dog going to go to the bathroom?

Frankie:  Anywhere she wants!

Derrick:  No, we can take her out back, but in those hours in the middle of the day...

Frankie:  It's going to be hot out there.

Izzy seems to be enjoying all of the attention.  Look at her pretty smile.

Izzy has a selection of squeaky toys and some food in a tupperware container.

Frankie created a water station for Izzy and showed it to her.  She seemed interested.

Derrick is very loving towards the dog and asks her if she wants to sniff around for awhile.

Derrick:  As a Big Brother live feeder, I can tell you this means....

Frankie:  That they like us?

Derrick:  No, that they want us to get our asses out of bed!

Derrick said his heart was beating out of his chest when the dog came running around the corner.

Caleb:  She looks like a catch dog!

Frankie:  Izzy, do you want to learn to kill some hogs?


Izzy enjoys sitting on the couch with Derrick, and then Frankie brought over the bag of treats.  He gave her one, asking her to "sit" and she did!  Izzy knows basic commands, apparently.

And Izzy loves treats.

Victoria loves Izzy, too and gives her a few treats.

Victoria:  They probably feel sorry for me, being the only girl.

Caleb says he thought Channing Tatum was coming in the house.  (WTF is wrong with this guy?)

They took Izzy in the house for a tour and Derrick encouraged her to "pee on the gold button."