Monday, September 8, 2014

Frankie's Family Gets Someone Else to Write his HoH Letter #BB16

 Is Frankie's family just tried of writing HoH letters?  Are they too busy?  Did they know that this week's HoH reign would become null and void due to the BB Rewind?  Or is there something more to it?  Because this week one of Frankie's friends wrote the HoH letter.

The HoH letter is from his friend Lauren.  And Lauren really, really wants us to know her last name, too, since she mentions it a total of three times, making it sort of a "brand name" for her.  If her full name wasn't something she blatantly wanted us to know, I wouldn't identify her.

Here is who she is:

So, Lauren is Team Frankie.  I knew someone was Team Frankie....I just wondered who it was.  I wonder if Frankie brags to Lauren about his hundreds of thousands of followers.

(Not for nothing, but Zach's friends got thousands of Twitter followers this summer, and Christine's husband is about to crack the 20K follower mark.)

Here is Lauren's letter, in it's entirety.


Frankie, my love

I am so ecstatic watching you. Tough times never last, but tough people do, so keep strong as you are. And keep it light, because nothing is ever too serious.

I hope you realize what a life-changing role you have in this world and to everyone around you. Everything I touch, I break . . . red wine glasses, hearts, my body! Everything and everyone you touch, you change.

You are a true, honest person with a fierce force not to be reckoned with. Just know that your spirit and your journey through life will open everyone’s eyes and minds to become a better person and push themselves to be as inspiring as you.

It just isn't the same without you, but you know I'm Striggy shufflin' around with the same ridiculous energy we emit.

Isn't it fun eating, sleeping & breathing with a whole new random group of people? It must be challenging but it makes me smile. You are irreplaceable.

Keep shining bright, babe, and I will see you when you are back, so I can give you the biggest Strigs hug ever! I love you so much and miss your face & insanity EVERY NIGHT!!!!!!

Love & light,

The Live Feeders Have Voted.... #BB16

and we have chosen a dog to join the BB cast.

I don't know about you, but I'm hoping for a puppy.  Nothing is cuter than a puppy.

Who do you think will hog the dog?  And who will be sleeping with the dog?  I can only guess who will be fighting for that extra camera time. Even if they just have that dog for one day, they all take so many naps that some sleep time is inevitable.

But on second thought, puppies get into EVERYTHING and that might be a dangerous situation.  Not just for property being ruined (see Tiger Rance) but for the danger to the dog.

PRODUCTION ALERT:  Cody was trying to poison the "mouse" that was supposedly in the house (i.e. Team America's "mouse") by putting toilet bowl cleaner on the trail of snacks they laid out as a trap.  Please see that they clean all of that up before the dog enters the house!

Fun Fact:  In BB1, the house guests got a pug for several weeks of the game.  I think it belonged to someone from production, or maybe it was a rescue.

I've always thought that would be a GREAT competition prize---the winner gets to have their pet come into the house.  But I guess that would be hard to do if the pet isn't based in Southern California.

Scenes During the PoV #BB16

I got lazy,and didn't post these.  The first set of pictures was taken during the PoV competition.  Usually we would just see feed highlights during the entire competition, but in this case the BBAD show on TVGN was starting, so they had to show us something.

Each of the house guests was contained alone in one of the rooms of the house as everyone else competed.

 Derrick greets us, and says he can't tell us what the competition was, but if you can read the shirt, you can guess.  (It says BB Freakshow, and the competition was the "morphomatic" where they were shown pictures of the house guest's faces morphed together and they had to guess whose face was morphed.  The one who completes the task the fastest wins.)

Derrick doesn't think his time was low enough to win, but he thinks his performance was pretty good, and he can be proud of it.

Derrick mentions hitting the Rewind Button....he knows it is something bad, but hopes they can get through it.  He hopes we are enjoying the show.

Victoria was in the storage room, and she did not talk to us.  It might have been interesting if she did, but she was silent.  She had a chair from the dining room to sit on, and spent time rummaging through the medicine cabinet.

And she did some snacking....

Caleb speaks to us, and says he knows we are sitting on the couch, watching and probably eating.  For some reason he warns us not to pick our noses, and then tells us that if we think we may have seen him pick his nose, we were mistaken, because he was only messing with some "long nose hairs".

Caleb is bizarre.

Caleb tells us he loves America, and proves it by showing us this tattoo.  I have no idea what that tattoo is a picture of.  From where I'm sitting, (on the couch, eating, but NOT picking my nose) it just looks like a bruise that is healing.

Victoria enjoyed reading the boxes of food in the storage room.  If you have to get stuck somewhere for hours, I think the storage room is the best place.  You can arrange things, clean out the refrigerator, build a food pyramid, or just sit on your ass and read about Triscuits.

After Frankie won, he gloated just like you would imagine him to gloat.  He recited all of his wins to himself, and kept repeating that he "won the last three comps".  He's a competition beast, that's for sure.  And I think it is to the point where the others don't believe they can beat him in comps, and that's a problem.

Frankie:  I had such a party out there...

In the kitchen Derrick and Cody weren't happy about it.  That's for sure.  Derrick said he had to give Frankie credit for all of his wins, but they know they are going to have a really tough time getting him out of the house.

They discussed how hard some of the pictures were to figure out.  It sounds like BB made a few changes to the pictures which were confusing.  For example, one of the "Freak Shows" was wearing a hat, which they knew was Paola's, but the hat was angled differently then the way Paola is wearing her hat on the picture wall.  And Frankie says Zach's eyes were blue in his morphed picture.  I think Frankie's picture was morphed into some sort of old lady Freak Show.

Cody:  I hope my kids don't turn out that ugly.

(I think Cody's picture was morphed with Brittany.)

For some reason Caleb pulled down his shorts to show Frankie his butt.  Cody was in the middle of this picture so Frankie could compare his butt to Caleb's, but as soon as Caleb pulled down his shorts Cody couldn't get away fast enough.