Saturday, September 6, 2014

New Thoughts About The Derrick Picture Scandal #BB16

OK.  Yesterday the Big Brother universe was rocked by a scandal relating to Derrick's HoH basket of goodies.  One of the pictures was of someone holding Derrick's daughter Tenley.  After watching all of the action several times while documenting everything, I felt it was safe to assume that the picture was of Derrick wearing either his police uniform, or a police hat.

You can read my coverage of this event here.

Derrick was clearly rattled by the picture, and seemed at a loss for words.  He later told the group something about how the picture would "hurt her, and he loves her to death".  We could only assume he was talking about his wife, and was scrambling to come up with excuses.  By this point, Production was hitting the FISH button whenever Derrick brought up the conversation.

Big Brother Network updated their coverage of this event by saying they have a "Direct Source" that told them the picture had nothing to do with the police, Derrick's uniform, or anything like that.  They are saying that the picture was of a family member that Derrick didn't want on TV.  (You can see their updated post about the situation here.)

I was so shocked that Production would willingly do anything to blow Derrick's game at this point.  I know they want a winner that everyone can be proud of, and let's face it, the reveal of Derrick's job is one of the only big reveals they have left on Finale night.


The picture did have someone in a police uniform holding Tenley, or at least a police hat.  That is why Cody was so shocked to see it...he knows Derrick's brother is a fire fighter (allegedly) and he hasn't heard any stories about police officer friends of Derrick's after having small talk about their lives all summer.

I think that putting that picture on camera might put someone's life at risk.  I think the guy in the picture is involved with some sort of undercover operation and being seen in a picture on camera holding a police officer's baby (much less a sergeant with three years of undercover work on his resume) might get someone killed.

That would explain why Derrick went directly into the DR to put the kibosh on that picture.  And why they didn't want us to hear anymore about it, even though Derrick clearly had to lie about why his wife would be upset about the picture.

When you're undercover, you can't tell anyone shit.  Not even your family.  So Derrick's wife probably didn't even know that sending that picture was a Big No-No.

And this explains why Derrick's first response is he "had to think".  He was freaking the fuck out.

It makes sense to me....and makes me feel a little better about Production.