Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The Have Nots Had an Early Break...Fast Food for Everyone #BB16

Early today (for BB, that is) Nicole sat at the kitchen counter and ate her bowl of slop.

Christine tried to make conversation several times, not noticing that Nicole is virtually ignoring her.  Basically giving her "yes" and "no" answers.

I heard Nicole say yesterday that Christine told her she loved her, and Nicole replied "do you?" before walking off.

That's Cody next to Christine, of course.

Everyone napped while Victoria did arts and crafts with Nicole.  BB told Victoria to "Stop that" and it turns out she was writing a study list with the body paints, listing all of the HoH's in order.  Then the two of them started drilling for Thursday night's competitions.  They went through each week and listed the HoH's, the winners and losers, and then the Have Nots.

Nicole left the room and Derrick appeared from his nap.  Victoria told him they needed to know the votes each week, so they went through that week by week, stopping to figure things out when they needed to.

For example, I forgot Derrick is the one who was HoH the week Devin got evicted.  That was like, ten years ago.

Caleb napped with Frankie in the HoH room.  I don't even want to express my hopes for the second eviction on Thursday.  I don't want to get my hopes up.

Nicole joked earlier that she didn't want them to send Frankie to the Jury House right after her.  She said she was sick of hearing all of his "voices" and didn't want to hear him complain about how everything wasn't good enough.  Then today she told Victoria that as long as Frankie was in the house, he would be a big target, so that was something for Victoria to consider.

Nicole:  There's going to be a blood bath.  They are going to have to start going after each other and they'll just forget about you, since they don't think you're a threat.

Production made an announcement to them that the Have Not experience would end today.  They needed to clean everything out of the Have Not room today, and Derrick and Nicole would be allowed to eat at 2:00 pm BBT.  In fact, BB was going to bring In-N-Out Burger food to the house for them.

Derrick and Nicole were so excited.  Frankie said several times that he didn't care for that type of food, and then went in the DR to demand that they bring him Starbucks instead.  Both Derrick and Nicole planned to not eat again until 2:00.  No more slop for them.

The food actually arrived in storage at around 1:30 pm.  Derrick was in the living room and caught a whiff of the burgers in the storage room.  The door was locked so he sniffed at the crack of the door and called for Nicole to come over, too.

Derrick:  You know that's a cheeseburger in there...

After a brief FISH, the feeds returned to the sound of much chewing and swallowing.  Nicole said that Derrick had actually laid on the floor to get a better smell of the food that way.

Victoria ate a grilled cheese sandwich, which was just like a cheeseburger but with no meat, in order to keep kosher.

Frankie didn't get his Starbucks.  Instead, he ate the same thing as everybody else, and made several comments about how tasty it was.

I have no idea what Christine ate but you know it was something different due to all of her many food issues.

Caleb was quiet, just taking one bite after another.

The fries were good, too.  Derrick said they got enough fries to feed a small village.

One big happy family.  Except they're not all happy, and they're not a family.

Nicole ate a double cheeseburger and then reached into the pile and grabbed another sandwich. She said she was going for it and Derrick said she was a beast.

Nicole:  Wait...I need to burp.....(***tiny burp***)'s go time again.  Excuse me...

Derrick only ate one, and said he felt so full.  They are going to have plenty of leftovers for later, too.

This is Nicole's second burger.  She removed the tomato and I think the onion, and also the top part of the bun.

Derrick made room for a few more fries.

Frankie:  Well, good night everybody!

And then everyone scattered.  Derrick wanted to take a hot shower before his nap, since his Have Not lifestyle was over.

Nicole and Victoria chatted, talking about how mean Frankie is now.  He makes so many little mean comments.  As an example, Nicole brings up that yesterday with the HoH camera, Frankie asked her if she wanted her picture taken by the memory wall with her key and then said, "oh, I guess not".

Nicole repeated the comment Frankie said earlier this summer, about Big Brother being the first time in three years that he had spent time with "normal people".

Victoria:  Are you serious?