Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Caleb Tweets, and He's Looking for Love #BB16

At least these tweets sound like Caleb, and not some Production Intern trying to appease the Marketing Department.

Would you ever imagine Caleb would stop mentioning Amber?  I didn't...

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Ep 10 - "Eff You America" #BB16

How does Wil keep cranking out one winner after another?  The fact that the BB16 cast was stacked with memorable characters doesn't hurt, of course, but Wil really has a gift for condensing it down to pure hilarity.

The song in this episode is quite catchy...I'll be singing it in my head for a day or so.

In this episode, you'll get to see:

*  Frankie wearing a bra.
*  Christine and Cody being quite inappropriate.
*  Christine's husband Tim in a cornfield, crying and talking about the D word.
*  Donny dancing out of the house clutching a beloved Pop Tart.
*  Julie Chen bitch slapping Frankie, denying the pie.

Enjoy friends.  It's a good one.

HoH PIcture Time - Nicole's Last Stand #BB16

Caleb has his HoH camera for an hour to take pictures.  Frankie grabbed it and is going to be the photographer, though.  Shocker.

Nicole wanted a picture with her "Home Slice".  There was some sort of problem with the camera, though, so they need to do it over.

I think being friends with Nicole will give Victoria the "Halo Effect" and increase her popularity with the fans.   Nicole wasn't always crazy about Victoria this summer, but the two of them have grown closer since Nicole has come back in the game.

Frankie tries to work out the technical difficulties with the camera.

Nicole getting chummy with Victoria has been good for Derrick, because he's pulled Nicole into several conversations and really picked her brain.  For example, he got Nicole to admit that the two people who she would not like to see in the Final Two are Christine and Cody.  She said that Hayden is really pissed at Cody, too, since he felt very betrayed by him.

So now Derrick knows if those two people are in the Final Two with him, he would get at least two votes...Nicole and Hayden.

Doesn't everybody else in the house realize that Nicole is going to the Jury, and will be not only a voter, but a potential influence on the other voters?  They sure don't act like it.....

Caleb poses.

Nicole poses again with Victoria.  Note Victoria is wearing Caleb's military cap.

Nicole and Derrick want to pose for a sad Have Not picture.  I don't think the backwards cap look works on Derrick, particularly in his DR sessions.  His ears look really funny when he wears the cap that way...he looks like a bat and it is distracting.

In Caleb's PoV speech, as he nominated Victoria he commented on her body, saying she had curves that put J Lo to shame.  Strange, huh?  I wonder if they will show that on the CBS broadcast.

Victoria looks nice, but J Lo might beg to differ with Caleb.

As usual Christine tries to avoid the whole HoH picture process.

Derrick and Nicole go for more Sad Slop pictures.

Then Frankie can't take being in the background anymore, and poses for a picture on the couch eating Honey Bunches of O's cereal while Derrick and Nicole give him nasty looks.

Everyone loved the picture, but Frankie worried that due to the name brand cereal, CBS wouldn't "put it on the show".  So he went in search of a different food item and settled on a cookie for a reshoot.

Has Frankie seen Big Brother before?  Well, no fucking way do any of these pictures make it to the CBS prime time broadcast.

Caleb ordered Nicole to go put on her "fun jeans" so they could pose together.  Nicole did it.  She's looking good after a few weeks of slop.

Caleb instructed her to put her hand in his backpocket.  Otherwise I don't think Nicole would have done it, although she is a nurse.

(I was traveling in Dallas one time on business and went to a crowded bar to party with a really fun co-worker.  I ended up grabbing some guy's ass and then when he turned around I said "it's okay...I'm a doctor".  Then that guy went around pointing at me and saying "can you believe that girl is a doctor?".  Ha ha ha.  I'm certainly not a doctor, but that was a great line...)

Caleb requested this pose as well, calling it the "Cowboy and girlfriend pose".

Cody slept through much of this in his Dinosaur costume but I think he did wake up later and join in.

Caleb Chickened Out. Maybe His Man Pants Were in the Wash. #BB16

I woke up yesterday so excited about Caleb putting Frankie on the block...but I guess I didn't stay up late enough.  If I had, I would have known that Caleb kept flip-flopping back and forth and finally decided to keep Frankie.

I'm afraid Caleb will regret it.  And I think his brother is disappointed, too, after all of those comments in Caleb's HoH letter and the video about "putting on his man pants".

OK.  So I abandoned ship yesterday before posting some pictures.  Here they are, better late than never.

On Sunday night, right after Derrick, Caleb, and Frankie heard the latest Drive-By Shouter, they came inside and you could cut the awkward tension with a knife.  These are pictures of Frankie stressing just afterwards.  A stressed-out Frankie is a quiet Frankie, so I enjoyed that.

Caleb heard Mr. Megaphone loud and clear, so Frankie made sure he was attached to Caleb.  You know, like during the summer when you step on a piece of spit-out chewing gum and then every piece of trash and scum sticks on there, too.

Dino-Cody went up the HoH to wait for Derrick and Caleb.  They were going to have a talk about what to do for the PoV ceremony, after Christine use the PoV to save herself.

In the picture below, Cody had stuffed some pillows in his costume and practiced some dinosaur moves and sounds.  He kept asking everyone, "does that sound like a T-Rex?".

Like anyone there would know...

A little air guitar.  Cody really likes Caleb's CD, and Production has had issues with the mics picking up the sound of the music blaring out of the headphones.  Particularly during the TVGN broadcast.

They like to turn that country stuff up.

Cody is a nail biter, big time.

Yesterday morning (Monday) Nicole prepared for the PoV.  Derrick had told her that was a slight chance someone other than Victoria would be nominated next to her, but the outlook didn't look good.

So she knew.

She tried this look on, but ended up switching to a black top with open, flirty sleeves.

Frankie also stuck like glue to Caleb in the moments before the PoV ceremony.  Frankie was nervous and asked Caleb if he knew what he was going to say during the ceremony.  Caleb made comments like this that kept my hopes high:

Caleb:  I just have to think, 'who can I beat' and trust my gut...that's all I have to go on.

And then Caleb said the following as he took off his shorts and put on a pair of jeans.  But these jeans were not his Man Pants, unfortunately, because then Caleb said this:

Caleb:  I'm just going to say, Victoria, take a seat, and all you need to do is sit there because we all know you're not going home.

I think this picture of Nicole after the PoV ceremony says it all.  She wasn't a crybaby about it...instead she vented to Victoria, saying what an idiot Caleb it, and how sad it was that a 5'2" girl working all alone was more willing to make big moves than someone named Beast Mode Cowboy.

Nicole:  I don't think he's even watched this show before!  Because you can't just say in the ceremony, 'you're going home and we all know that'.  You can't say that.  You have to build suspense for the audience.  He's so stupid.

Nicole is thinking about composing a poem for her speech on Thursday.  She knows that her game is over, so she doesn't have anything to lose.

And she also told Derrick that the Jury is very bitter this year...she heard a couple of jurors say that if Victoria made it to the Final Two, they'd vote for her.


(On second thought, if Frankie was sitting next to Victoria, I would want her to win.  But otherwise Victoria winning would definitely not be a satisfying outcome for me.)

Nicole used the body paints Big Brother gave them to paint a stained glass window around Cody's cross tattoo.  I think it looks great, and Cody loved it, too.

Christine:  A stained glass window and a skull?  Sign me up.

Christine told them that in Tuscon, a lot of tattoo parlors offer $13 tattoos on the 13th of the month.  Many of her small tats on her arms were purchased like this.  She said it gives you a chance to try some new tattoo artists and that she tips them really well so that they are compensated for their time.

Frankie came inside and added some white streaks to signify light around the cross, but the result looked the same to me.