Monday, September 1, 2014

Mr. Megaphone's Drive-By Shouting #BB16

Last night there was yet another "drive by shouting" directed at the Big Brother 16 house guests who were in the backyard.

And this one hit home.

Derrick and Caleb were absently playing pool while they discussed what they should do this week. Caleb wants to put Frankie on the block but wants to be sure the other guys don't hold that against him.  I think Derrick really wants this, too, but due to Fucking Team America he feels like he has to worry about what America might think.

The two of them chat about what the upcoming competitions may be.  Caleb thinks one of the HoH comps will be the "Before and After" comp where they step up and down on a stair as they guess which events happened at what time this summer.

Caleb:  Cody has that stuff down...backwards and forwards...

Derrick thinks he knows it, too, but worries about not knowing who the Have Nots were every week.

At 7:39:38 pm BBT, Frankie comes outside doing one of his stupid characters, saying "Hi Boys!"  He pretends to look for his sock, and just then, the sky fell.

A VERY LOUD megaphone starts booming, with a very clear and almost professional-sounding announcement.  Frankie freezes as the shouting starts.


Before the sentence is even finished, all three of them start marching back into the house.  Derrick and Caleb make eye contact with each other as they move inside.  Derrick is flustered, and stutters as he tries to act casual going back into the house.

Derrick:  Get....get back inside.  Ta...Ta..he's talking shit about all of us.

Derrick:  Yeah, he's talking shit about all of us.

The backdoor closes, and we can't see them, but we still have audio.

Frankie, under his breath:  Oh God.

Caleb, chuckling:  Well Golly.

Frankie:  That was crazy.

The screen over the sliding door rolled down and the camera view moved inside.  Frankie is off camera now---he probably needed to go change his diaper after that.

Derrick is making little exhaling noises and is obviously wanting to get Caleb's reaction about this.

Frankie, still off camera:  Somebody had a megaphone...that was crazy!


Note that within the last few weeks, Production has told the house guests to immediately go inside when they hear someone trying to communicate with them, or face consequences that might include a penalty vote or other sanctions.

Frankie was already in trouble before this happened, though.  I think there is a good chance Frankie will be put on the block in today's nomination ceremony.  But I worry that if Frankie is out of the game on Thursday, he will try to blame it on Mr. Megaphone.

Mr. Megaphone scares me.  The devious kid in me is giggling about it and loves having a scandal to discuss.  But I don't like outsiders fucking with the game.

If Caleb makes a big move this week, I want him to get the credit for it, rather than calling an error on Mr. Megaphone.