Friday, August 29, 2014

Christine Thinks Frankie's Sister's Fans Will Help Him. (Oh, the Irony.) #BB16

Caleb goes up to his HoH room after the harrowing task of picking the Have Nots.  Cody is enjoying Caleb's Florida Georgia Line CD and cracks open a cold can of Monster.

Cody: good.  It's so nice to have that again.  I'm gonna be off the wall now.

Caleb:  Yeah, you're not used to it anymore.

Caleb discusses different options for his nominations.  He has a speech planned for Christine that is based on him not trusting her after what Nicole told him last night, but Cody puts the brakes on that.

Cody:  Don't say that....she'll think she is your target...

Caleb thinks he will say something like, "I hope you win the PoV to save yourself and be the reason why Nicole leaves the house again".  They saw Christine coming up the stairs and Caleb wondered if he should tell her now....should they both tell her now?

Christine came up for some Neosporin, not to chat.  Frankie was allowed for some reason to bring a whole pharmacy with him into the house.  She stuck her head in the bathroom and asked Frankie for it.  While she did that, Cody and Caleb decided to wait it out and tell her about the nomination just before the ceremony. Christine cut her finger during the comp and showed the boys.  It feels better now, with the Neosporin.

Right after Christine left the room, they started talking again and then Caleb saw Victoria on the Spy Screen, coming up the stairs.

Cody:  God!  Can't we have one fucking conversation for over one minute without her coming up here?

Caleb: Maybe I can say that I just need some time to talk to you...

They watch Victoria trudge slowly across the loft, moving in pain from last night.

Cody:  Well, not now....that she went to all of that to come up here.

Victoria came in and said she's barely slept.  Caleb says every time he moved in his sleep he felt sharp pains. Caleb told her he almost put her in the Have Not room and she just can't believe that.

Caleb:  Well, I just thought who wants to hang around with Derrick all the time and you're the one I thought of!  You like being around him so much...

Derrick:  Oh, I think everyone would like to be around me all of the time...

Caleb, flirting a little:  And you'd be in there with Derrick and hear Big Brother holla at him...Hey Dad Bot..and you'd like it.

Derrick asks BB for a holla, and they give him one.

Derrick:  Can I get a Dad Bot?


Derrick:  Oh well.

BB:  Hey D Boom!

Derrick says that's a new one, but he likes it.  The shout outs aren't too bad....I'm glad they aren't shrill or too loud.

Frankie was GOING OFF about Christine, still angry that she pointed at him as someone who should be a Have Not.

Frankie:  I'm so OH VAH her.  I'm over her!

Just then Christine comes in the room, and she's got to know how silent the room got. She awkwardly waved and then moved quickly to sit down.  She reports that Nicole isn't complaining out there...she's just a little sad about it.

I think I just saw Derrick scratch his balls.  Just thought you might like to know.

Oh ha ha. Now they talk about how Frankie will make America's Player.

Christine:  From your sister's'll make it.

Frankie:  I just feel like every time we discuss shit like this, they do something to change it.

Derrick: There might not even be an America's Favorite Player.

Frankie jerks his head back in shock and we get FISH.

Frankie: This is Not Big Best Friend...It's Big Brother #BB16

The house guests came downstairs and saw America's choice "Snot Roast" for the Have Nots.  Caleb needs two volunteers.

The table is covered with what looks like several varieties of mushrooms.  They also got garlic, and the "snot roast".  I'm not sure what that is, but it ain't pot roast, I'll tell you that, from the long faces gathered around the table.

Derrick mentions again that he already volunteered, and Caleb wonders if anyone else will step forward.

Caleb:  Any volunteers for Snot Roast.....anybody?


Caleb:  This is really hard...who's done it the least?






Frankie:  Caleb, you're the HoH and we'll respect any decision you make...don't worry.  You have to.



Caleb:  Okay...Nicole.

Frankie:  Good job!


Nicole, fighting tears:  It's okay.  It's the game.  I just didn't want to do it two weeks in a row....

Derrick:  We'll make some cool mushroom things this'll be good.

Nicole:  I wanted a peanut butter sandwich to take out there (i.e. the outdoor lockdown for nominations) but I waited too long....I didn't think I would get picked....



In the bedroom Caleb is glad it's over, but felt badly about it.  He mentions that when he asked the group who had been a Have Not the least, Christine pointed at Frankie.  Frankie snickered at that.

Caleb:  I was gonna say Victoria, but I could swear I heard Nicole say out there before that she'd do it.

Derrick:  I think I heard that, too.  Everyone likes the mushrooms, though, except for Cody.  And with the'll be good.

Frankie:  Fuck her!  She's been in the Jury House for a week, having meals cooked for her, cuddling with Hayden, making out and watching movies....fuck her!  This isn't Big Best Friend, it's Big Brother!

Frankie:  And I just can't do it...sorry that I only did it once, but my health can't take it...I don't know if anyone wants an apology for that, but I'm giving you one.

Derrick:  That was the most sincere apology I've ever heard in my life.

(Keep it up Frankie....keep it up.)

Derrick knew this was coming, so he had three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches this morning.

Derrick:  I know I'll be sick to death of mushrooms in a couple of days, but it'll be fine.  I'll make a portabello mushroom sandwich...some stuffed mushrooms.....I'll be fine.  It's the least I can do, for $5,000.

BB:  Derrick! Holla!  Holla girl!  Dad Bot you holla!

Frankie, to Christine in a VERY snotty voice (speaking of snot):  And by the way, I accept your apology.

Later in the HoH:

Frankie: Do you think she knows I'm mad at her for that?  I have a fucking disease.  And she has a fucking disease...I have no problem being a bad's not the time of the game for me to volunteer....

Frankie: Donny Didn't Do Shit in Here! #BB16

Frankie went over the memory wall and pointed out Donny, and gave the house guests a glimpse of the Real Frankie Grande.

Frankie:  He must be famous.  Because everyone loves him out there!  And what did he do in here?  He didn't do shit!

Caleb, calmly:  He saved himself.

Derrick:  Yeah. Four times...and he saved Jocosta, too.

I think Derrick got a Holla from the intercom after that.  Christine realizes that Cody left his jacket outside in the backyard, and says all of her rings, including her wedding rings were in the pockets.

Caleb:  Go tell the DR..

Christine:  I would, but he's in there...

(Cody's been taping voiceovers for the competition in the DR.)

Production pays tribute.

(You know they must just abhor "The Talent".  i.e. Frankie)

Derrick prepares to shower, and chats with Nicole, reaching out in a friendly way.  Derrick is always working the Jury angle, and I'm sure he's aware Nicole could very well save herself with the PoV.

Derrick tells her that she was way ahead of him when he asked Cody if he should go for the money instead of HoH.

Derrick:  What was I gonna do, come in fifth?  I wasn't gonna quit, that's for sure.

He tells her that by the end, Christine's snowman was over half filled with slush.

Nicole:  Yeah.  If I had figured that out earlier I might have had a shot.

In the kitchen Frankie is still putting on a show.  I think he thinks no one at the dinner table would ever talk without his trying to entertain them.  It is so obvious from looking at their faces that they just want Frankie to STFU and act normal for a while, but I'm guessing that part of Frankie's personality got busted a long time ago.

Frankie made the fucking fish salad again, and as usual never tires of talking about it.  Caleb says it's good.  He's never had it before, but he has ordered planked salmon before in a restaurant.

(That's a big thing in fish on a cedar plank.  I had it up on Lake Erie, in Traverse City.  Nicole's hometown of Ubly is in the "thumb" of the state.)

Cody appears from his DR session and Christine asks him if her rings were in his jacket.  They were, he says.  She says she wants to go in the DR real quick, before someone else goes in there, to discuss the missing jewelry.

Do you think the Grande family used eating utensils growing up?  Or did they just use their hands and touch everything?

It's pretty bad when someone named "Beast Mode Cowboy" looks like Emily Post sitting next to you.

Frankie pooh pooh's Christine's concerns, saying her rings aren't going anywhere, but Cody gets it, and is sympathetic.

Cody:  But what if they grabbed the jacket, and they fell out...

Caleb:  They'll all be out there looking for it if they did that...

Frankie keeps going on and on about how good the fish tacos are with the rice.  Cody's going to try one.  Production gave them some sort of powder to mix with water for their dehydration.  Victoria mixes up a glass for herself and says it gets fizzy, like a Sprite or something.

Cody gets a piece of salmon and Frankie tries to push the rice.

Cody:  Won't it be all soggy?

Frankie:  No!  It's like sticky's very Chipotle.

Frankie:  Here, take some.

Christine comes back in the room and says the DR will look for her rings, and the jacket.  Cody sounds worried but Christine says she knows it will be okay.

Caleb:  They probably didn't even touch that was way over in the area away from where we were.

Christine:  That competition was just awful.

Caleb:  Well, we asked for it...we got it.  (i.e. an endurance challenge)

Caleb reports that his knee started really hurting him about halfway into the competition.

Caleb:  I just bit my handkerchief and started saying cadences to get myself through it.

I feel I must report that Christine has said she "took on a lot of phlegm" during that competition and told us that she will be "coughing stuff up all night".  I know everyone loves her sneezing and honking, so a little coughing and spitting might just be the cherry on the cake of our day.

Frankie: I Couldn't Be More Pleased With Everything Right Now. (OK, Pinocchio.) #BB16

Derrick sat on the couch and had a low conversation with Christine.

Derrick:  Remember when you were saying you wanted something, some sort of assurance...well you got it tonight...and he taped that after that's as good as you're going to get.  It was great.

Christine:  Uh huh.

Derrick:  And the two of you are a perfect fit...

Caleb enters the room, after his shower, and is moving on his own. The Alleve must be kicking in.

Poor Nicole.  Pain all over, and probably inside, too.

Frankie chatters to himself...and us, too.  I'm sure he hates us now, and I couldn't be prouder of that.

Frankie:  And I got to see my sister!  Who is so gorgeous it is ridiculous...and my Nona, and my Mommy.  I can't be happier right now with everything....couldn't be happier...

(OK.  Sure, Frankie.)

Derrick thought Christine's knees were going to blow out a few times, from the way she was moving out there.  She agrees, it was rough.

Caleb, to Derrick:  Nicole grabbed me and asked if we could talk later....sure Nicole...sure we can.

Derrick: I think the medic wants to see you again.

Caleb:  Oh, I know he does.

Caleb starts wrapping his leg with an Ace bandage.  He says it is swelling with water, but they all think he didn't tear his miniscus (sp?) after all, since he can put some weight on it now.

Frankie:  Caleb, can you believe how pretty my sister is?

Caleb:  Yeah.  A smoke bomb.

Frankie made tacos, and everyone sat around the table to eat.

Derrick:  That video is driving me crazy...literally driving me crazy. I can't get it out of my head.  I can't believe they did that...I didn't expect it. I thought we'd see the ALS thing (i.e. the stupid bucket challenge), but not this.

Frankie:  Ariana...Mommy....I made dinner!

(What a great horrible picture of Frankie.)

Derrick:  She's like the cat that her thing, those ears?

Frankie: Yeah, every minute of the day. Mickey Mouse ears....Minnie Mouse ears...she loves the ears.

I think Victoria stopped giving a shit about that a long time ago.

Frankie:  And after tonight...she'll have to get in the studio with Caleb....

Caleb:  Yeah.

Frankie:  Or at least a 14 second shout out...he deserves that.

(Frankie, PLEASE say more insulting remarks to Caleb this week.  PLEASE.  Give Derrick something to work with.)

Then Frankie leans over and whispers to Derrick, right there at the dinner table, in front of everybody.

There was an uncomfortable silence as they had a clearly coded chat right in front of everybody.

Derrick: Uh huh..right...

Frankie:  That wouldn't surprise me one bit...and THAT is just a part of what she has to deal with...


Caleb:  Well....I'll just act like that wasn't about me and move on...

(Frankie, PLEASE do more whispering in front of Caleb, too. PLEASE.)

Derrick:  Oh, it wasn't.  100% it wasn't.

Frankie gets ready to shove food in his mouth, and says the following as this picture was taken.

Frankie:  I'll tell you later, when we're naked in bed together.

(Frankie is fucking up big time, not waiting until he's alone with Derrick to bitch about why his sister didn't help them win the Team America task.  Excluding people at a time like this, right in front of their faces isn't a good idea at all.)

Derrick:  But it is something we can't say...

Frankie:  Um hmm.

Victoria looks like Snow White in this picture...