Thursday, August 28, 2014

Get My Agent on the Phone! #BB16

Derrick has been having a really rough time.  He has fallen hard several times, and his tailbone already hurts.  They did get him a pair of shoes that fit, though, and he thanked Heath for the assistance.

Christine wanted to ditch her shoes altogether, and go barefoot, but Production wouldn't let her.  It's probably a Health Department thing, right?  Or OSHA?

Victoria is silent, and is dragging that ponytail every step of the way.

Frankie takes a dramatic slug of his water.  A few minutes ago he called out to Heath to get him some more water, or GatorAde...anything..

Cody looks like he's waiting on the dock for the sailors.

Maybe he's holding up a sign here, like in the airport...

Amber was talking about Cody's skinny jeans in her highlight reel with Jeff.  I have been watching closely and I must conclude he is wearing said skinny jeans tonight.

Christine literally flew in on the left side here, gliding to a stop at her snowman.

The scenery looks so cool and inviting, so fresh and invigorating. In reality, it is hot and humid as hell out there.  Both Christine and Nicole have had problems with bees in their lanes.  I guess that soapy water is attractive to them.

Nicole also had a cricket in her lane that distressed her.  A few minutes later she felt something crunch under her shoe and she was mortified to think it was that poor cricket.

Frankie, calling for craft service:  How's that water coming?


Frankie:  My hands are turning blue!  My hands are turning blue!  I just threw up in my mouth again!

Nicole: I'm Okay Mom, If You're Watching #BB16

They go for awhile, each in their own private hell, just trying to get through it.

Frankie really high tails it when he runs back from the snowman to his tub.   He's making up a lot of time on that.  Derrick has taken a few hard falls.  I heard Cody say that Derrick's looking rough.

Then Nicole took a huge spill, and stayed there for a few seconds, recovering.  Everyone expressed as much concern as they could, I guess.

Nicole hauled herself up, calling out to her mother, saying she's okay.

She had a hard time getting up after that, saying she didn't know how she could move out of that spot.

Cody:  Just keep moving your feet.

She did.

Derrick says his shoes are about six sizes too small, but he's not allowed to take them off.

Derrick:  I may not win, but my toes are gonna look just like Britney's tomorrow.  

Derrick finally went for the $5,000, I think.  Caleb encourages him to switch over and get it before someone else wins it.  I think Caleb's snowman is looking strong, but I need a better look.

Derrick: Shout Out to The Feedstahs! This is What You Buy Them For! #BB16

Victoria has a little water in her snowman.  She should have just gone for the money.  No one there would blame her for it.

Christine is in this.  She's making it look easy on the runs.  She has said that she runs three miles a day at home, so that training is certainly showing here.

Here she is dipping into her tub.  Frankie keeps talking to himself in that stagy way he has.  If he wants to be famous he should develop his own personality and not constantly imitate others.

That is Frankie's snowman on the right, with Nicole's in the middle below and then Christine on the left.    Derrick keeps thinking about his video.

Derrick:  Cody, your dad looks like a straight G!

Cody:  I know!

I loved seeing the videos and it was a refreshing surprise.  Some of them dipped their heads down in shock and missed seeing some of the video.  Like Derrick didn't watch Tenley says "I love you".

Still Going....No One's Going for the Cash Yet #BB16

Hardly any talking.  Nobody has the breath for that.  A few minutes ago Caleb got sassy with someone, needing a bottle of water.  He threatened to drink right out of his tub, but after FISH he piped down.

Frankie is a contender.  He's on the opposite end from Caleb, so I can't compare where they stand.

Christine is having a shoe issue..there is a problem in the toe area.  It looks like they stop at the snowman end with their toes, so this could be a problem.

A little music might help keep the energy going.  Just a suggestion, Production.

Something a little swingy, an instrumental number with no copyright issues.

And We're Back....Huffing and Puffing #BB16

The scenery and colors are beautiful.  Sounds of extreme huffing and puffing fill the air.

Derrick's center of gravity isn't helping him here.

Victoria does a lot of crawling and has fallen a lot.  But she keeps going.

Even Caleb crawls from time to time.  Frankie is on the right and is not in good camera position. I hear him once in a while saying "Woooo" or "Shit", but otherwise he's in the same hell everyone else is.

 Nicole has good balance, now that she's in a groove.

Even Caleb doesn't show much visual progress with his snowman.  He's working hard...but this is a very long and difficult competition.

Christine glides very gracefully, with good posture.  Derrick asks her how she's doing.

Christine:  I think I'm gonna die.