Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Paranoia Strikes the #BB16 House.

The tension in the house is palpable, as everyone feels like they must know what everyone else is saying, particularly about themselves.  Victoria is paranoid, but for a different reason, one we will get to later.

Derrick had a rushed meeting with Cody last night, to touch base regarding their plans for next week, as well as what Frankie and Caleb might be planning.  Cody says that every time he speaks with one of them, the other one mentions the conversation and asks Cody what was said.  Cody thinks it is obvious that Caleb and Frankie are comparing notes and are conspiring against him and Derrick.  Derrick was worried that it would look shady if the two of them were in the room talking for too long, and spotted Christine on the HoH Spy Cam coming upstairs.  Derrick quickly went in to the bathroom and Cody pretended to be sleeping.

When Christine came in the room, she called out to Cody softly so as not to frighten him.  (Does she really believe the charade Derrick and Cody are putting on?)  Cody "woke up" and called out Derrick for taking so long in the bathroom.  There was much teasing that took place about using air freshener, and then about Derrick being in there shaving his stomach.

Christine climbed in bed with Cody, of course.

Frankie must have panicked when he looked around downstairs and saw that Derrick, Cody and Christine were missing in action, so he went right up there and got in bed on the other side of Cody.

I think all of the Detonators know that someone will be the first to turn against the others, and they don't want to be caught short.  Nicole came upstairs too, and got in bed on the far side of Frankie.  Cody got a little crazy and started demonstrating some of the dance motions that he does on stage at the bar mitzvahs he performs at in New York.

They all started doing the hand motions, too, and it was a fun moment.  Production even let Cody keep humming and singing while it went on...pretty sure we'll see a quick clip of this at some point on the CBS show.

Their fitness trackers actually seem to record this activity as exercise.  In the real word, the Fitbit doesn't work like that---you actually have to move your feet to get some recorded activity.

Victoria came in and Cody told her she looked pretty.  She said she got all dolled up because she thought she would have a DR session, but apparently they wanted her to meet with a doctor.  She got her blood pressure taken and got a clean bill of health.  I guess her wisdom teeth are in remission or something...I remember mine acted up off and on for a year or so before I got them removed.

Derrick came back in and used a new strategy to get rid of Victoria so he can talk game with the other house guests.  Earlier, Derrick told Victoria that he really wanted an ice cream sandwich made with cookies.  So she immediately went in the kitchen and got busy making them.  Now Derrick gives her a more involved assignment....using some of the items Cody got in his HoH basket like queso cheese and chips.

There was much discussion in the HoH room after Victoria left, and Cody laughed, saying he know Derrick was up to something.  Cody found another jar of nacho cheese in his HoH room and Derrick told him to take it downstairs and give that to Victoria, too.

Derrick:  Victoria, it's like that show Chopped...see what you can do with the ingredients we give you.

The "On the Border" cheese sauce took quite a verbal beating, as various house guests said it sucked and was not the best bottled cheese product.

Derrick told Cody that he plans to put up Victoria as a pawn if he wins HoH, with the goal to evict Christine.  Cody agreed with that and said Christine is a pathological liar, after the two of them compare notes on what she said about conversations she has had with Nicole.

Victoria delivered a plate of nachos to the backyard and Derrick and Caleb pounced on them, crunching and chomping it up within minutes.

Note that Caleb has been the Food Police in there, lecturing everyone on the nutritional content of the food in the house.  Frankie in particular is angry about this, watching Caleb inspect boxes on the Spy Cam and mocking him.  But in the picture below, Caleb had just munched his way through almost the whole bag of Lay's Oven-Baked chips before the nachos came out.

And you can see what happened to the nachos.  There is also a side plate with salsa and guacamole.  Caleb also caused some chatter tonight (behind his back, of course) after telling everyone that he "went to state in darts".  Frankie was incensed about that, too, wondering why Caleb continues to make outrageous claims about his abilities and accomplishments.

(The house guests got a dart board with the BB logo that CBS is now pushing on their website.)

Nicole and Donny can't eat the nachos, of course, but sat watching in obvious agony.

Here's a sneak peak at the cleavage you will see on the CBS show this week, as the "show" that the house guests put on over the weekend is televised.  The guys have all been asked in the DR for soundbites about Victoria's chest, and she is very worried about what her parents will think when they see her imitation of Amber on TV.

Cody came outside and was faux-angry that they all ate the nachos without saving any for him, since the cheese sauce came from his HoH room.

It's no wonder Cody has the reported digestive issues that he's talked about---he NEVER seems to eat any fresh vegetables or fruit.  I heard him say that every day at home he has a few pepperoni and butter sandwiches...between that and the constant quesadilla eating his cholesterol levels must be sky high.  Not to mention the lack of fiber...

Victoria carried him across the backyard on her back for some reason.  Surely people on the other side of the CBS lot heard Victoria yelling "CODY!  CODY" while this happened.

Victoria discussed her embarrassment with Derrick about what is sure to be shown on the CBS program.

Victoria:  Do you think I'll look like a slut?

Derrick:  Victoria, you're a virgin.  You can't be a slut.

Nicole and Victoria trash-talked Christine regarding her actions with Cody.

Nicole:  It's gotten a lot worse since I've been back, I'll tell you that.

Victoria:  And if the Zingbot notices it, you know that is what America is thinking.  Her husband's friends must be making fun of him...he must be so upset about it.

Nicole:  I'm pretty sure he told her to do whatever she needed to do to win, though...

Nicole:  It bothers me the most when they talk dirty,'s just's something that you do with your significant other...

Victoria: one else should see that side of you.

Nicole:  I didn't realize how dirty her mind is....

Victoria: She has a porn...maybe?

Nicole:  I don't know about that, but she's going to tell us something on Thursday.....

(You can read about that here.)

Victoria:  She's not innocent...I mean, I hope her marriage stays together and everything is okay..

Nicole: Yeah.  Me too.

Victoria: Tim, I'm sorry about your wife, but...