Monday, August 25, 2014

Mr. & Mrs. Rance Speak #BB16

"Miss Cleo" of Twitter is now out of the closet.  I don't know his real name, but he has been showing his face on Twitter for nearly a year now, I think.

Miss Cleo has inside sources at CBS, and in the past was able to get into the audience during the Super Secret live eviction every year, and he always brought the spoilers.  (For example, the BB14 live eviction spoiler.)  But beginning with BB15, Production got smarter, and now the audience for this Super Secret live eviction is basically all employees, who probably don't even watch the show.

(I am hoping Frankie leaves in that eviction spot this year, because it is nothing like a real live eviction.  I don't even think that person gets to go to the Jury House...they just sit in a hotel room until the Finale.)

But I digress.  Miss Cleo has befriended Zach's mom and this is an interview he taped a few days ago with her, and Zach's dad also makes an appearance near the end.  A few notes:

*  This interview goes on for nearly 90 minutes.  Based on content, it could have been about 30 minutes long, but if you have the time and are a Zach fan, you should listen.  But be prepared for some redundancies in the content.

*  All of a sudden Miss Cleo is very against the fans who tweet out derogatory comments about the Big Brother house guests.  Every year I follow Miss Cleo on Twitter, and every year I have to unfollow him because his tweets are so hateful  (About Andy, for example.) or so sexually explicit (About Cody, as another example.)  But maybe this is the New Miss Cleo.  You know, since we can see his face and all.  And he is much more handsome than I expected..

*  Miss Cleo still has solid spoilers about The Amazing Race, however, so there's that.

*  I didn't expect Mrs. Rance to have such a strong accent.  But I did expect Mr. Rance to have a strong British accent.  Both expectations proved wrong.

About Zach:  He was a great personality in the house this year, but he was not a great player, so he's gone.  CBS certainly knew how popular Zach was with the fans, and already made huge changes to the game to accommodate him, in my opinion.

For example, we all thought Zach was going home in Week #6.  It was a done deal, and Zach was only saved about 24 hours before the live double eviction show, when Caleb did the math on the votes.

During that week, CBS decided to start the Jury earlier than expected.  I know this, because Rob Cesternino said on his podcast that was notified by CBS during that week that he would not be interviewing any more house guests this season, because the Jury was starting.  Rob said the CBS email asked him not to spoil this information.

That was the same week CBS extended the season by another week.  So they were trying to get Zach on the Jury at that point, instead of releasing him into the General Population like the pre-jury boots.  And they obviously planned to provide a way for him to get back into the game.

Zach certainly left the game demonstrating good sportsmanship, but that's a lesson many of the fans still have left to learn.

Zach lost.  It hurts.  And life isn't fair.  But Zach will certainly get a second chance to play at some point, and perhaps he'll show up with the skill set to win next time.