Friday, August 22, 2014

Cody: Who Wants to Drool Over My Pictures in the HoH Room? #BB16

Of course Cody didn't say that, though.  But that is what happened...

Whenever you watch the live feeds and get a few seconds of footage of a closed door like this, you need to keep watching.  They're trying to tell  you something.

Cody burst out of the DR with excitement.  Apparently he had been in there for well over an hour.

Caleb:  We thought you weren't coming back!

Donny:  Did you have to go to New Jersey to get the key?

Every week when they file up the stairs for this, they sing the little instrumental piece that is always played on the CBS show before the HoH Room reveal.   You know, "Do do do do do?"

(Listen for it on Sunday night's show, so you can imagine what I'm hearing.)

The minute the door opened, Frankie was yelling "OH MY GOD!" as he he saw the family picture.

Victoria:  Is this a real family?

Christine:  Oh my God!  Your family is so good-looking!

Nicole is squealing as they pass the small picture back and forth, and then keep crowding around to look.

Caleb:  Your sister is gorgeous.

(Oh no!  Ha ha.)

Cody:  Yeah.  My sister is gorgeous!

Derrick:  Did your brother get highlights?

Cody:  My mom looks so hot!

Christine:  Ewww.

Derrick asks again about Paul's highlights, and notes that Cody's mom has lighter hair, too.  Cody says his dad is a stud.

Frankie:  Is this who I shouted out for you!  Well I'm so glad.  Hello!

(I don't know if you know this, but Frankie is gay.)

Cody is happy to get "Sour Straws", a pair of soccer sweatpants,  and a Papa Roach CD.  Cody laughs and says no one else listens to Papa Roach but him.  Frankie's glitter still sparkles, after such a long night.

Cody's letter is from his mom, and she calls him "Cody Bear".  She is excited for him to have his favorite "snackies" and has some inspirational things to say.

Derrick wants to know if they can call him Cody Bear in the house and I think Cody has a new nickname now.

Cody says his dad's the fucking man.  This is his parents' wedding picture, with his dad wearing a leopard print tuxedo.  (OMG.)  Cody says he still has that tux and that it is so small that the jacket is Frankie's size.

Nicole Admits They're "Kind of a Couple Now" #BB16

Everyone gathered in the living room last night as Nicole talked about her relationship with Hayden.

Nicole:  We're kind of a couple now, I guess.

Derrick:  That's great!  Are you gonna try to make something work after this?

Nicole: I dunno.  We kind of talked about it.  He told me he never felt this way about any girl before in his entire life.

Derrick:  I'd totally buy that.

Caleb:  Oh really?

Nicole:  He said that he missed me so much.

Christine:  Absence makes the heart grow fonder.

Frankie:  Did you kiss him when he left?

Nicole:  I kissed him on the cheek.  I wish I had kissed him...

Derrick:  I did see the hug was a genuine 'I'm so proud of you' hug.

Nicole:  I should have kissed him.  I know he wanted to...

Christine:  I would have wanted to see it!

Derrick:  If you guys would have kissed, we all would have stopped what we were doing and gone 'Wow'.

Nicole:  Dang it!  We should have!

(Nicole is really happy discussing this topic.)

Nicole:  I was thinking about it...then Jocosta caught me by surprise and I ended up kissing her on the lips!

Christine:  You kissed the wrong person!

Caleb:  Hayden and Nicole...gonna be the first marriage of the Big Brother season!  "Nayden!"

Nicole:  No, they call it "Haycole".

(Jeff and Julie told her that.)

Derrick, delighted:  Haycole!  I like it!

Frankie:  Haycole?

Caleb:  I think Nayden is better...that's really awesome Nicole.  I'm happy for for marriage.

Nicole:  I don't know about that.

They joke about it being a "Jurmance" and Nicole says again she wished she had kissed him when she won, because it would have been so cute on TV.

Derrick:  But you already kissed on TV, right?

Nicole:  Yeah, but after I won...he was looking right at me and I wanted to, but...

Caleb:  You were scared.

Nicole:  Yeah, I was scared.  I didn't want to freak you guys out.

Frankie:  You should have freaked us all out!

Nicole:  He actually told me that he thinks his parents might have moved to Wisconsin this summer and I'm hoping they did, because it's right next to Michigan.

Donny:  Would he ever think about moving back?

Derrick:  He's like a floater...he can go anywhere he wants!

Nicole:  He said he would think about moving to Chicago.  And that's close to me and somewhere I would move...

Caleb:  Well Hayden got lucky.  Because he thought you were drop dead gorgeous and you fell for it...mine just wants me to drop dead!

If I'm not mistaken, Caleb has dip in his mouth.  I know Donny is dipping now, so maybe he gave Caleb a pinch of chewing tobacco.

Caleb:  But who knows, after the finale she (Amber) might come over and say the game is over, now what's your number...

Donny:  And you'd give her the wrong number..

Caleb:  Um...NO!

They all laugh.  Beast Mode Cowboy has come a long way this summer.

Caleb:  There's going to be so many hot ones at the parties...I'll be like Beast Mode Cowboy's in the house!

They all laugh and there was a lot of chatter.  Nicole was saying that she can't believe she kissed him in Jury in front of the handlers, because she's usually weird about that.

(Earlier, Derrick asked her if his handler "Dave" was there, and she told him Dave was there all day every day, but only on the weekdays.  Derrick looked pleased.)

Donny:  Did you make 'em shower every day?

Nicole: Oh yeah, and I made him wash his hair.  I cleaned his ears, too.  I did a lot...

Donny:  Did ya'll shower together?

Nicole: No!  We didn't shower together.

Christine says she would NEVER clean Tim's ears, and Caleb says "Ya'll two are made for each other".

Derrick:  So were you both just playing it down before when you were in the house?  Or did you just click when you were together in Jury?

Caleb:  I've heard Hayden say before that he likes you a lot.

Nicole:  He didn't really know before...he said when he left that he really missed me, and he's never missed a girl before, so he was telling the handlers openly..


Nicole:  When I got there he had tears in his eyes, and he told me how beautiful I looked...and he made me breakfast every morning...he's really dreamy you guys!

Derrick:  Good for you Nicole!  I'm happy for you!

Everyone echoes that sentiment and there is a good vibe going right now.

Derrick:  Hayden is good people...he's only 21, but he's really cultured for someone that age.

Nicole thinks they had a connection in the house, and "they" always asked her a lot of questions about who she liked better, Hayden or Cody, so she doesn't think it was a big showmance on the show.  They discuss the kiss they had on camera (we saw that in the Jury House video package on the CBS show) and Nicole tries to remember when they kissed for the first time with no cameras.

(Nicole previously said they watched 42 movies in the Jury House.)

Nicole:  He kisses my forehead a's really cute.

Derrick:  What?  This is all in a week?


(This is such a sweet little moment.  If you have the live feeds, start watching after 11:15 or so last night.)

Nicole tells them when they watched the OTEV video in Jury, they couldn't hear all of the audio, and she kept telling Hayden and Jocosta how mean OTEV was.

Nicole: It's really weird to see us all on camera.

Caleb:  Was I looking shredded in the glasses one, with the overalls?

Nicole:  Yes, you were.

Frankie goes on and on about how he was on camera identifying OTEV as Gilbert Gottfried. (Or however you spell it!)

Then Frankie did his PoV "rap" to nominate Zach TWICE for Nicole.  They told Nicole how Zach left, standing on the table and throwing Froot Loops at them and saying "Peace Out Froot Loop Losers!"

Nicole:  Oh, I love him....

Christine:  Me too. But I'm glad he's gone...

HoH Aftermath - I Hate Him But I Love You And I Don't Trust Her #BB16

The HoH competition ended just before BBAD started last night.  As the show started, the air was full of tension in the living room, as Donny stood around, looking shocked.

Nicole:  I can't believe I was the first one out...I'm so embarrassed!

Christine:  I know!  My family is probably so embarrassed!

Then the cameras shifted to the Fire Room, where Derrick, Cody and Caleb were all pumped up, and talking excitedly about what just happened.  The competition involved identifying the days that certain events happened in the house, and Donny almost won.  At the end, the game was between Donny and Cody, and Donny thought he won.  He went to hit his buzzer and it didn't light up because Cody had pushed his button only moments before.

Derrick:  We looked like idiots out there.  I was like a kid with my head down, and it killed me that I couldn't see you guys compete.  I could only hear you running back and forth and it was so hard to listen to.

Apparently Derrick and Caleb had quite a celebration when Cody won, and Derrick thinks it might have been a little too much.  They're already smack-talking Donny, mentioning some comments that Donny made that offended them.

Derrick:  After you (Caleb) told me what he said about me...that he couldn't stand me (I think)..I don't care anymore.

Cody:  And they're all going to come to me and say, Caleb said this, and Derrick said that, but I don't care.

Derrick:  You can tell them that you've been hearing things they said too, and one of them is fucking going home.

Who knew Cody has been busy memorizing dates and events this summer?  He thinks Hayden would have been great at the competition, because he was always counting the days and reciting things.

Cody is very upset with Donny, mentioning all of the little jabs and comments he has made to Cody recently.

Cody:  I was on slop and passed some gas, and Donny said my manners were gone.  There were no girls in the room, so what's the big deal?

Christine:  Yeah, we're like a family now...we all live together!

Victoria is very happy with the results this week.  Clearly Donny is the target, with Nicole being a tentative backup target.  (I say that because if Donny wins the PoV, who knows what may happen after that.  When Derrick and Cody talked last week, Derrick wanted to backstab Frankie before he could get them, but maybe having Nicole come back has changed all that.)

Derrick is hungry.  He has said he doesn't eat much before the live shows, in case there is a stressful or lengthy competition.  Apparently he is worried about having certain biologic urges when his game is on the line.

It sounds like Donny was saying that he was just guessing his answers during the HoH Comp.

Derrick:  Yeah.  Guessing my ass.

Frankie:  He's a frickin' genius.  And he and Hayden studied the days all the time.

Christine told Nicole how crappy the Transylvanian Goulash Have Not foods are, as Nicole crunches potato chips.  The Have Nots can't eat until midnight on Friday.

Nicole enjoyed hearing about the Zingbot and Kathy Griffin, and was bummed to miss that.  Now they tell her about their items missing, and Christine says they had a Saboteur.  Nicole is confused.

(So are we.)

Frankie:  And Jocosta was such a bitch to me! (imitates Jocosta giving him a shitty hug tonight) What did I ever do to her?  Fuck her!

Nicole:  I don't feel good.  I have a headache.  I was locked up all day...I didn't even know I was at CBS.

Christine:  They didn't tell you?

Nicole:  No!  I didn't even know what was happening until about 30 minutes before...we were blindfolded in the car and the trip seemed so short I didn't even know we were back at CBS.

(I would throw up if I had to ride in the car blindfolded, much less being in the Big Brother situation.  This is exactly what Brendon said after he came back to BB13---he had no idea what the deal was until moments before they appeared on the CBS show live.)

Before the HoH Comp, there was a lot of tension in the house as Derrick gathered his troops to stress the competition was a Must Win for them.

And there was a lot of interrupted discussion regarding Ariana making her presence known to Hayden after he left in the Double Eviction.  You can see my coverage of that here.