Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Frankie Tweets: Behold My Command of Social Media #BB16

Does it seem strange that his sister's name isn't mentioned?  Doesn't he name drop her an average of 56 times per day?

Victoria Gets Revenge...With Her Own Hat #BB16

The pink hat you see (or saw) Zach wear all of the time is gone.  It was actually Victoria's hat---I think she got it from one of the early competitions.  So she took it back last night and mutilated it by cutting off the top of it.  Then she hid it.

Zach was quite upset, and Frankie helped him look for it.  No luck.

Victoria just got up today and performed Phase Two of her devious plan.  She went to the kitchen and got a big piece of aluminum foil.  She didn't even need to be quiet, or worry about someone seeing her.  Only Donny is awake, of course.

You can see the pink hat below, as she wraps it up tight.

And shoved it deep in her crate of beauty items.  I guess she has her reasons.

The rest of these pictures are from yesterday.  After Zach was nominated to fill Caleb's recently-evicted nomination chair, he went to bed and got some sleep.  Then he decided to play the game again, and went outside and started asking Caleb questions.

Questions like, "if I said I would never put you on the block or vote you out, would that make a differnce?"

Caleb calmly answered questions, but made it clear he would not be swayed by Zach's argument.  Then Cody came out and the three of them started getting loud.  All the while Derrick was sitting right there in a nomination chair in the living room doing the Stupid God Damn Neighborhood Watch and I wondered how long he would ignore the obvious action outside.

Frankie came out and saw what was happening and went in to get Derrick.  Of course.

The whole time Frankie was trying to overtalk Zach and blame everything on him, he was eating his smelly bowl of seafood salad that he is constantly going on and on about.  (If you watch the live feeds, you know what I mean.)

No one really blamed Zach for trying to save himself, but it was pretty clear none of those guys would change their mind.  You can see Zach still had his pink hat at that time..

Frankie:  Chomp chomp chomp slurp smack slurp chomp.

(Ugh. He has the worst manners ever.)

Zach tried.  But too little, too late.  Once Derrick came outside, the whole thing died down, and calm was restored.

Last night Zach fried up a steak.  And I do mean "fried".

I am not a meat eater anymore, but it bothers me to see someone disrespect a piece of steak like Zach did here.  The least we can do is cook meat properly so the animal doesn't die in vain, and not waste it.

He obviously is one of those "well done" steak eaters.  He even had the lid on the pan, and the oil was sizzling, popping and smoking.

He took out  a piece, cut it open, and then put it right back on the stove.  I think he ate it all though, and seemed to like it, so I guess that is okay.

(To me, that is what the grill is for.)

Frankie:  Are you cooking?

Zach:  Yeah. I fried a steak.

Frankie, giving the black meat the side eye:  Yeah, you really did.

Frankie busied himself with baking cookies...the Pillsbury kind where the dough is ready to go whenever you are.  Note that Frankie came in from outside and then immediately started handling and rehandling each piece of cookie dough, arranging them with his grarled gnome glitter hands.  And maybe you saw him constantly picking at that zit on his chest all day yesterday, and narrating each blob of ooze that came out of it.

So gross....

But Donny likes a warm cookie as much as anybody does.  He ate two of them while they were still almost two hot to handle.  And Derrick got into the cookies, too.

Everybody loved Frankie's tainted cookies.  Before Frankie baked them, he even put one of the big blobs of cookie dough on a plate and carried it outside to Caleb, who shoved the whole thing in his mouth at one time.

That same cookie dough is what got Jordan during BB11---she got into the raw cookie dough habit, too.

California BB Fans Executed Another Zach Attack Over the Wall #BB16

Last night, around 10:20 pm BBT, Zach and Frankie were playing pool and talking to Caleb outside.  Donny had just been called to the DR.

Zach brought up the couple who yelled "I love you Zach....I love you more!" when Derrick and Victoria were on the hammock, and they all laughed about that.  Zach acted it out and was clearly delighted with the story.

Zach:  I wonder what Nicole, Hayden and Jocosta are doing right now?

Caleb:  Oh, Hayden's definitely smashing Nicole...he'll tell us he's been getting the craziest blow jobs from Nicole....

Just then, a young man's voice was heard yelling over the wall.  I rewound the flashbacks so I could hear it again, and turned the volume WAY UP on my wireless headphones.

BB Fan:  I hate you Beast Mode Cowboy!  Zach we love you!  Frankie, you're disgusting!

Zach, yelling back:  We love you too!  You're the fucking man!

Zach was so excited, but he didn't hear it right.  (Remember, he has a ruptured ear drum.)  Zach thought they said "we love you Beast Mode Cowboy. Zach we love you! Frankie, you're the best!".

Caleb:  I thought they said something negative about me...I'm pretty sure they said they hated me.

Frankie:  And they said, Frankie, you're a mess!

BB called an indoor lockdown, and the three of them went back inside and had a lot of fun telling everyone what just happened.

Zach swears it was all positive, because no one would drive by just to say they hated them.

(Oh Zach....you don't even know what Big Brother fans are like....)

Caleb was a good sport, laughing about someone yelling "I hate you Beast Mode Cowyboy".

Donny:  I wish I hadn't been called in to the DR just then....they could have yelled, "Donny, get up off that table and do something!".

(ha ha ha Donny is very self aware.)

They all think the guy who yelled was watching the live feeds, since he knew who was outside.  Zach mentioned that the TVGN show was on, too.

(Moments before this happened, Zach was talking about the other guy who yelled...a coincidence?)

And a few minutes earlier, they were talking about smelling really skunky weed over the fence.  I've heard them talk about that before....someone on the night shift obviously doesn't have a California Medical Marijuana Card.  If I were stoned on skunk weed and was standing outside the Big Brother compound wall, I would have yelled something, too.

A few minutes later they speculated that the "yeller" was the same guy both times.

Zach:  Dude...get a life!  What a loser!

Wil Heuser Presents: The Saga Episode 8 - Julie Has Had Enough #BB16

Wil Heuser has issued the latest episode of his Big Brother 16 Saga.

Like most of us Julie Chen is feeling blase about the season's events...and just wants to take a little vacation from it.

We feel you, Wil.  And Julie, too.