Sunday, August 17, 2014

Frankie: Let's Put the Baby to Sleep, and Then Stab it in the Heart #BB16

Derrick, Cody and Caleb had a short meeting in the Fire Room about who should to up on on the block.

Caleb:  When were were going in after the thing Frankie asked me who should go up and I said Zach and he said he was so glad I said that.

Just then Frankie came in the room and immediately knew what they were talking about.

Frankie, nodding:  Yes.  Yes I know.  It's gonna happen.

Cody:  I don't think I would even get a vote from Zach if I was up there next to Victoria.  And I don't care what he says to me this week....he can say that Frankie wants me out...I don't care...I really don't.

Caleb:  All I wanna know is should we tell him before?

Frankie:  Yes.  But just before....let's put the baby to sleep and then stab him in the heart!

Derrick:  The minute he knows, he's going right to Donny...

Frankie: Oh, I'm gonna have a one-on-one with Donny to talk to him about it.

Caleb reports that Donny has come to him several times, saying that no one would suspect them working together, and that they're two country boys who are beasts.  Frankie wants to talk to Donny on Sunday, when everything is chilled out.

Frankie:  Zach knows EVERYTHING.  But he wants to go home so badly...

Frankie says Zach keeps bringing up things that happened three weeks ago, and can't get over it.  Derrick is wearing his daughter's baby blankie around his neck.

As soon as Caleb and Frankie left the room, Derrick told Cody that the two of them have to win next week.

Derrick:  We HAVE to win...that's the twosome...Caleb and Frankie...but we can beat them..

Derrick is pretty sure that if Cody was sitting next to Victoria this week, Cody would end up going home because people would get ideas, and people know the two of them are close.  Right in the middle of this conversation, Frankie bursts back into the room.

Frankie:  Euthanize!  That's the word I was looking for...I don't want to murder him...I want to euthanize him, with a slow drip..

Derrick:  You are demonic.

Cody: Dude, that's intense.

Frankie:  It's my preferred method of murder!

And speaking of murderous Grandes, I saw this headline earlier today:

The story is stupid..this one's all about the headline.  But you can read it here, if you'd like.

Do You Think Amber Knows Judd was on Big Brother? #BB16

Or is he just another "crazy fella" out and about in Knoxville.

Celebrities, a Robot, and the Same Old Glittery Gnome #BB16

So, you probably know by now that Frankie won the PoV last night.  From what I can gather, the Zingbot came in and gave them a round of zingy insults inside the house, and then comedienne Kathy Griffin was in the backyard to host the competition.  There were more zings outside, too, and I think those may have been worse.

Frankie tells Caleb and Cody that he will be wearing the PoV and is open for negotiations all week, since they are both on the block. Caleb jumped up and "joked" that he was ready to go right now and the two of them kind of fell out of the room with Frankie slobbering all over Caleb.

They all say it was a really hard competition---Caleb says maybe the hardest one all summer.

(I think they had to connect pipes together so that liquid flows through them or lights light up, which would be similar to other Zingbot competitions.)

As predicted, Christine is upset about her zings...I think Cody is the one who actually got a zing from Zingbot about messing with married women.  Cody tries to play it off, saying that if Jocosta was still in the house they may have even been talking about her.  (Yeah, right.)

Derrick, to Christine:  I'm sorry you're upset, but I'm sure people watching the show won't even know what Zingbot was talking about.

(Like infants, Derrick?  Or people watching who don't speak English?  Because everyone else will know...)

Christine says she had a dream the night before that "he" didn't even want to hug her when the game was over.  I can only assume she's talking about her husband Tim, and not Cody.

(I think Cody will be far too busy when the show ends to hug Christine.)

Derrick:  I'm telling you as a husband that I don't think you and Cody have done anything offensive..

Cody:  And she said out there, "I'm sorry Tim'...

Christine laughs nervously.  As well she should, after her behavior this summer.

Christine got a zing about Jenn City and having horrible tattoos.  Derrick's zing was about him being unattractive, and went something like this:

Zingbot:  There are a lot of attractive guys in the house....oh and Derrick, I didn't see you over there.

Frankie came back in and "joked" that Cody would have a lot of work to do, implying he and Caleb just had some sexual activity.  He also shared with us the news that he has a large zit in the middle of his chest that he needs to pop.

Frankie is disgusting in every way, ya'll.  But he is killing it in these competitions.  Caleb and Cody should be embarrassed for being such non-factors in the competitions.  Caleb couldn't even accomplish losing a competition successfully.

Christine, grabbing Cody's hand and swinging it like a six year old:  Cody, you're my best friend.  And I'm sure Tim knows that.

(I don't think Cody gives a shit what Tim knows.  It's really Christine's problem at this point.)

You know what?  This situation calls for a hug.

And some mutual back-stroking.

And rubbing.

Cody:  At first I thought it was really funny.  And then I thought, 'Oh Shit".  And I said to Zach, that was bad, right?  And Zach said 'that was fucking terrible'.

Donny is in the shower talking to Frankie. Donny didn't even get to connect any, he says, and his performance "really stunk".  Caleb was right on Frankie's heels but Frankie doesn't remember hearing the announcement that they were neck and neck.

They think the competition only took 6 - 8 minutes.

Donny's zing was about his lack of social skills...I think it went like this:

Zingbot:  Donny, you look like Duck Dynasty, but your social game is like Suck Dynasty.

Frankie is going on and on about the zit on his chest.  He can't pop it and is going on and on about how he'd like to "rock his PoV shirtless" for a few hours but the blemish is ruining that plan.   Frankie also snaps at Production that he needs a new mic cord right now.

Donny:  I know based on my zing that they showed me sittin' all alone in the backyard all day, and then all of you whooping it up and partying all night!

Frankie imitates Kathy Griffin and what she might say in her standup routines about being in the Big Brother house.  He seems to think that Kathy will include a special segment all about him.  Christine made some disparaging remarks about how old Kathy looks.

Zach:  Both of your's were really bad...the first one about the tattoos...

Frankie:  EVERYONE in Production was just cracking up at mine...they were all bent over laughing (pointing at the staff who were all stationed on the roof outside).

Everyone was chattering about the evening, but Frankie talked over them, mimicking the Zingbot's words to him:

Zingbot:  Frankie, you've got a great tan, which is surprising since you live in your sister's shadow.

Caleb asks Frankie if he's making fish tonight and they went in Storage to get the ingredients they needed.

Caleb, whispering:  The whole house is talking about you putting him up. (Zach)  Victoria just doesn't matter...she's not coming after us.

Frankie wants the group to talk about it.  He doesn't want the decision to just be his alone.

Christine came in and the talk quickly turned to the butter situation---they have only been given a cheap substitute for butter and Frankie is going to let Production know this is unacceptable.