Monday, August 11, 2014

Loyalty...What Loyalty? Nicole Takes a Seat. #BB16

Today was kind of a typical day in the Big Brother house, involving all of the usual activities:

*  whispering
*  scheming
*  dashing hopes and dreams
*  accusations of blackstabbing
*  gloating
*  weeping
*  lying
*  sleeping the day away

 Nicole was really nervous about the upcoming PoV ceremony this morning.  She had a bad feeling about it.

Caleb had a little chat with Zach, basically telling him to quit being a jackass, and that they were rolling to the end of the game with the numbers to win.  Personally, I was excited that Zach may go a full day without wearing Amber's tired grey and black sweater.

And once again, the Beast Mode Cowboy speaks the truth, in a rational manner.  Who would have guessed he would take a turn towards sanity?

After the PoV ceremony, Nicole was trying to control her pain.  During the ceremony, part of Christine's speech said she wanted to "take the knife out of her back so that it couldn't be used again".  Or something along those lines.

Nicole thought Christine was very mean-looking during the ceremony. (I heard Victoria say Christine was so nervous her face was "red as a tomato".)

Donny gave Nicole great advice, saying he's been there plenty of times before, and she should try to go inside and talk to people like she normally would as soon as she could, because that would help her feel more normal.

Nicole:  I knew it was going to happen...Cody couldn't look at me, Derrick looked weird, and Frankie looked way too happy.  I've known for a while now that Christine wanted to be the last girl in the house, so she's here when the guys start picking each other off.  I've known that...

Donny encouraged her to pull Christine aside to ask her what she meant by that comment.  I think Donny may have been relieved to see Nicole go up in Zach's place, because it is a strong indication that Nicole is the target, rather than him.

Nicole hopes her family is proud of her.  She seems to be under the impression that America hates her, and that she is portrayed in a negative manner.  I think she will be pleased with the truth when she gets out.  She really had guts, to try and boot Frankie two different times.  She was a little naive, but I know we all appreciate her trying to play hard.

(Of course, Thursday is about a year from now, in BBT, so Donny could still leave, too.)

Nicole:  Hayden's going to be so mad that Christine backdoored me.

Nicole went inside, and it was a little awkward.  There was tension.

Victoria looks pretty this morning. She had a nice chat with Derrick where it seemed they patched up their little issue they had over the weekend.  Of course.  Derrick handled that whole situation with ease.

(The whole drama started with Zach running his mouth, of course. You can see that here.)

Frankie really gloated that Nicole was on the block now.  He wasn't gracious at all about it.  Shocker.  For that reason alone, I hope Donny is the one to go this week.

Let's wipe that smile right off Frankie's face.

Christine:  Well.....that happened!  Thank you for not hitting me!

Nicole talked to Victoria about how much it hurt, and how unfair it seemed.  Christine was her best friend in the house, she says, and she spent much of the experience with her in the game.  Nicole is not a crybaby, but she did start crying and Victoria rubbed her knee in support.

Then she came over and gave her a nice hug.

Zach burst in the room and Nicole jumped up, saying "is this your bed?"  Zach told her no, he was taking a nap in another bed.  And then Victoria and Nicole got out of the room, fast.

I'm a little disappointed Zach didn't say anything to her about being nominated.  Didn't he just recite a little poem about starting a showmance with her a few days ago?

Have a heart, Zach.

Finally, Nicole asked Christine to talk to her in the Hive.  She wanted to know what Christine meant about the knife in her back.  Christine told her that the guys said Nicole planned to put her on the block last week, but she won the PoV.

Nicole was glad to hear this, because it proved that at least Christine had a reason for what she did.  She explained that the guys wanted her to do that, but she never planned to really do it...she wanted Frankie out initially, and got screwed when the  house voted out Jocosta.

When she's stressed, Christine tends to say things about the game that you can't really argue with, like "this game is hard".  I'm not sure that was comforting to Nicole, but at least she said something.

Christine:  This is the hardest thing I've ever done in this game, and probably in life, too.

Cody napped.  He's never been on the block, and neither has Derrick.  But like all good things, that will come to an end, soon.

Sweet dreams Cody

Let's Have a Quick Chat About Frankie's Half-Sister... #BB16

Typically, I don't do a lot of talking about Big Brother house guests' families.  Most of the time I don't think it's appropriate to drag them into the whole mess any more than they already are..

But Frankie's sister Ariana is a little different...Frankie was introduced in the BB16 promo videos as "Ariana Grande's brother", as if that is his entire existence.  (It just might be...)  And Ariana made an appearance via phone call on the first CBS episode of the season.

So I think she's already put herself into this whole mess.  I'm not going to trash her.  I'm just going to do some "adjacent reporting", as it relates to BB16 and her dear half-brother Frankie.

1.  Ariana's Hair

We've talked and talked about Victoria Rafaeli's hair system.  On the very first day of the live feeds, I reported that a tearful Victoria took Frankie into The Hive to confide in him about her hair.  She said one day three years ago "all her hair fell out" and she now wears long clip on extensions.

Frankie comforted her by saying that the same thing happened to his sister...her hair broke off, too, and she had to explore various options while it grew back.  He really made Victoria feel better.  At the time, I didn't really want to report that Ariana Grande's hair broke off, because I was trying to be somewhat discreet.  So I didn't elaborate too much at that time. You can read my post from 6-17-14 here.

Today I was online doing some research about something else, and I found a Facebook post written by Ariana about her hair loss.  So it's a real thing.  And it sounds like Ariana's fans were giving her crap about it, so she addressed it head on.  I can respect that.

2.  The Grande Attitude

We all know about Frankie's attitude.  But from what I'm seeing, that attitude might run in the family.

Exhibit A:.  Ariana's Nickelodeon series Sam & Cat was cancelled in July---Frankie doesn't know about it yet.  It certainly sounds like there was plenty of onset drama between the two costars.  I wrote what I knew about this here.

Exhibit B: I saw a tweet yesterday with a picture of a magazine that was kind of shocking to me...I don't know which magazine it is from, and certainly didn't get to read the article, but the headlines say a lot about what we already know (Frankie being a dick.) and other stuff we don't know.  Take a look:

Exhibit C: I found an article on Vulture from April 2014 that encouraged Ariana to "go full diva", and provided five helpful tips for her.  The article is a little mean-spirited, touching on her stage presence and clothing, but what caught my eye was the last tip, at the bottom of the page.

I love the part where she degrades her ex-boyfriend, who is a "You Tube star".  And her comment about Adrian Grenier doesn't make her sound like a sweetheart, either.

(Pardon me for saying this, but Adrian Grenier is known as having one the biggest dicks in Hollywood, so there's that...)

You can read the entire Vulture article here.

3.  Her Singing Chops

Now, this is the nice part.  After all, I'm not a total bitch.  I read New York Magazine and saw Ariana mentioned in an article about Patti Labelle.  She was talking about up-and-coming singers and brought up Ariana:

Of the younger generation of belters, LaBelle seems nothing but impressed. Mariah Carey is her goddaughter; they both love butterflies and used to be neighbors on the Bahamian island Eleuthera. She’s got her eye on Miley Cyrus, Adele, Carrie Underwood, and, in particular, Ariana Grande, whom she met when she sang “Lady Marmalade” with her for Grande’s birthday four years ago. “Oh, that girl is a little black girl in white skin!” says LaBelle. “That little hussy! She sings like an old woman!” 

You can read the whole Patti Labelle article here, if you are interested.

And OMG.  As a special treat I found the You Tube video of Ariana singing the song with Patti and GUESS WHO SHOWS UP AT THE END OF THE VIDEO?  FRANKIE!  But Patti calls him FREDDY!  

Ariana was 16 at the time, and you can definitely see that she's got skills.  The article posted in Exhibit C above may have some valid points about her stage presence and choice of attire, but the girl has got skills.

Don't fast forward to the end, even if you want to.  Listen to Ariana, and then Patti (QUEEN) and then enjoy seeing Our Frankie act like a blubbering idiot.  Literally.

The House Guests Get Ready for Some (Preseason) Football #BB16

As you know, Christine, Caleb and Frankie won a prize after Frankie single-handedly winning the Battle of the Block on Friday.  They get to attend an NFL event, have some "gourmet tailgate food" and meet some NFL players.

They were awakened early by Production, and hurried to get ready to go.  Caleb wanted to wear this blue shirt, but Frankie told him it was going to be hot, and he might have "pit stains".  

Frankie:  That's why I'm wearing this.  (i.e. the age-and-occasion inappropriate cheap tank top)

Caleb asked if he could wear one of Frankie's tank tops...the striped one.  Frankie agreed, and told him where he could find it.

Meanwhile, Frankie was busy putting his face on.

The application of the glitter.

Remember weeks ago when Frankie's red Kaballah bracelet broke?  And he told Cody that the bracelet absorbs negativity, and when it can't absorb anymore it just falls off?  (Cody listened with a straight face, too.)  Then Frankie pitched a hissy fit in the DR until they replaced it.

When will the replacement bracelets break?  Hasn't there been plenty of negativity in there?

Now Caleb starts with the powdering.  You'e going to a football event, bro!  Snap out of it!

At one point, Frankie commented on how excited Caleb is to go, in a very condescending manner.  For the record, Caleb is allowed to eat today, and has been on slop for weeks, so I'm sure that is just as exciting to him as leaving the house.  He has said he wants to get hammered, too, and have at least six beers, but he doesn't want that part to be on TV.

Ironic that Caleb is going to a "tailgate party" with two people who don't drink, and who probably don't give a hoot about football.

They got a four minute warning from Production.

Frankie:  If we ride in a helicopter, I'll just die.

Caleb:  A helicopter?  That could happen..

They got called to the Diary Room, so Christine and Frankie started scrambling to grab breakfast and choke it down.  Caleb's not eating...he's going to wait for the real food.

Beast Mode Cowboy puts on his finishing touches.  Another ironic part of this situation is that Christine is the only girl going on the outing, but is by far the lowest-maintenance person in the group.

There is a last minute crush as they call for Frankie to come on, because "the NFL waits for no man".  And with that, the three of them disappeared into the Diary Room.

When you think about it, that must be so scary...they haven't left the house in over 50 days, and now they are headed to an unknown place, with unknown people.  They will likely be blindfolded until they are on the interstate.   There have been trips where the house guests leave or come back through a door in the backyard, too.

They left the house at 10:05 am BBT.

OK.  Flash forward to the trio's return, at about 8:30 pm BBT.   Everyone gathered around to hear their stories.  The feeds were cut as they came back to the house, and when they returned everyone was in the backyard, so I suspect they may have come in through that door I mentioned.

Frankie:  I feel like we were in a gentlemen's club...everyone was such a gentleman!

Caleb:  Yeah, everybody was really nice.

They said they were indeed blindfolded as they left the house, and were not allowed to remove them until they were "in the RV" and out of the studio.  As you can see, they were given Cowboys clothing to wear, probably to blend in better with the crowd. 

There were a few feed interruptions as they talked.  Caleb says he had some interaction with "Jessie" and that Jessie "did Caleb's pose".  I don't think Jessie got to talk with them, but Caleb said Jessie made the "I'm watching you" gesture with his hands before making the Beast Mode Cowboy pose.  

Caleb:  Then he threw me a pass and I caught it.  It was cool.

Frankie:  I sexually assaulted Jessie!

(You really can't take him anywhere...)

Christine says Jessie "handed her a pickle". 

Frankie:  I asked him to feed me a pickle!

Caleb:  It was cool.

Frankie:  I was like, can I give you a lap dance?  And he was like, I gotta go...

Christine laughed nervously.  Let me remind you, Frankie J. Grande is OLDER THAN DERRICK.  And this behavior is NOT CUTE.  

They got to go down on the field with the players, and met Jerry Jones.  

Caleb:  Rich, the Vice President of Communications guy who was walking us around was saying his family is the biggest fan of Big Brother, and that his twin boys don't miss an episode.

Zach:  NO WAY!

Frankie:  Two 16 year old boys! 


Caleb:  He said they watch every episode of Big Brother and Survivor.

Zach:  People like, actually watch this show.

(I'll bet Derrick is too worried right now to really enjoy the easy would it be for a fan to yell "Derrick is a cop", right?  You can't shove that genie back in the bottle...)

Frankie:  When I heard people say my name, or his name, and one person said "is that Christine?" and she turned around and they said "that is her!".

They said it was all surreal and weird.

Caleb:  It was weird for us to be there, but it was surreal and weird for them to see us!  They recognized us!

Yep, look at Derrick's face as he listened to this.  Sergeant Derrick is doing a risk assessment right now, and I'll bet he will have a very pointed conversation in the DR about this.

Frankie:  The live feeders know.....

Caleb:  I wish we could at least say "hey" to 'em..every time a fan...


Caleb:  Jerry Jones looked at me and said they needed to suit me up, that I looked like a running back!

Caleb:  We weren't even allowed to talk about the game at all...we couldn't even mention ya'll's names..they would stop us.

Christine:  Yeah, we mentioned the OTEV comp and they said, 'you can't talk about that!".

Zach:  I can't believe you met Dez Bryant..he's probably my favorite player.  I don't even care about getting his autograph...I just want him to say 'hey, what's up".

Frankie:  Well, Caleb saw some hotties...the football players' wives!

Caleb:  Oh my god..they were so hot..they could have their own show...

Donny, asking the important questions:  What about the cheerleaders?  Did you see any of them?

Caleb:  No, they weren't there.

Zach:  You said you're not allowed to wear those hats?

Caleb:  We will be...when they air..

(I guess they can't wear their Cowboys gear on the live feeds until Wednesday's show airs?  Or maybe they can't wear it in their DR sessions?)

Caleb:  They were real strict about Jerry Jones..Rich told everybody before he came down to the field that once we talked to him, it was over.  There would be no reshoots, no redos, nothing.  Once he talked to us and they filmed it, it was over and we'd never see him again.

(I guess the remote Production team was nervous too...they needed to get the footage they needed for the show the first time.)


Later, I heard Caleb say the ate three hamburgers and three hotdogs.  He didn't want to keep eating like that, but "they" encouraged them to do it.  I also  heard him say that several people said "hey...Cowboy!" at him, and one "Mexican dude" yelled, "Beast Mode Cowboy!"   One lady and her daughter called out "Caleb!" and wanted a picture with him, but he had to turn around and couldn't talk to her.

Caleb said it would have been worse if he was wearing his overalls or cowboy hat, but they all were kind of incognito with their Cowboy's garb and they had to pull their hats down low.

On BBAD I watched Frankie's face as this was discussed, and there was something happening there..some pursed lips....some irritation.  Did anybody recognize Frankie?  Did he sense his growing unpopularity?  Did no one know who his half-sister is?

I also read online that Christine said Frankie acted like a diva all day, demanding this and that.  She said he thinks he is a celebrity, so he certainly acted like one.


Beast Mode Cowboy has a look, a distinctive look, and with his crazy persona he is getting noticed.  How GREAT would it be if HE was the one to get cast in some sort of acting role and get some measure of success, INSTEAD of Frankie?

Frankie, who has already said he couldn't even get a manager in Hollywood with all of his connections....

I'm not envisioning Caleb winning an Oscar or anything like that, mind you.  Maybe a part in a movie with The Rock, or Vin Deisel?  Something like that?


During BB14, you may remember that Shane and Danielle got to leave the house after winning a competition.  They were all excited, speculating they would go to the Emmy's or Grammy's or something.  It turned out to be a gymnastics exhibition show, to coincide with the timing of the Olympics.  They got to meet the "Dream Team" but it didn't mean that much because the house guests hadn't been watching the Olympics.

It was anti-climatic, for sure.

Way back during BB4, Jun Song won HoH during a live show and was immediately called to the DR.  Everyone worried there would be immediate nominations or something.   We saw the DR tell Jun that she was going to New York, to the MTV Music Awards, and led her out wearing a blindfold.

She didn't even get to take her clothes or makeup...they gave her all new stuff for the trip.  She took a private plane to New York with a handler and then walked the red carpet at the awards.  If I remember correctly I think her boyfriend was in the crowd yelling for her. (She was from NYC.)

It really was crazy.  They had a competition while she was gone where certain clues were given, and they had to guess where Jun was.  I don't think anyone guessed correctly.  I remember Jun saying on the live feeds that she saw 50 Cent sing "In Da Club" and it was awesome.  She got to watch the show standing in the pit, right in front of the stage.

During BB13, Daniele Donato and Rachel Reilly also got to leave the house to be on a game show.  I don't remember what it was, but neither of them won any cash.  I don't think they went to New York for that, bur of course I could be wrong.


Daniele Donato left the house with Amber ("Wahmber") during BB8 to appear on "Power of 10" and they did indeed fly to NY.  Thank you to @Kareny for correcting me!