Sunday, August 10, 2014

Now It's Zach's Turn to Be Summoned to the Interrogation Room by Sergeant Derrick #BB16

This post continues the multi-post account of the Clusterfuck that happened in the wee hours of this morning, after our boy Zach ran his mouth.

(You can get up to speed here.)

OK.  So just seconds ago, Derrick left the HoH room, where Victoria was weeping and being comforted by Nicole.  He leaned over the balcony railing and called out to Zach, telling him things were happening upstairs, and he needed to join them.  Derrick also told some other people they might as well come up, too.

Zach just came up the stairs without a lot of protest, and with no hesitation.  I mean, let's get real...Zach has been in trouble plenty of times in his life, I'm sure.

(Amber's sweater sure is getting a workout this week....)

Derrick:  Let me talk first and you can have the floor.

Zach: Okay.

Victoria is sniffling as Derrick tells Zach that he's cool with him, but he's a straight up guy and needs to talk to him.

Derrick:  Let's wait a minute and let these guys join us, so there's no misconstruing anything.

Zach: Okay.  This is going to get interesting, isn't it?

Derrick:  Probably.

(Before we go further, let me point out that so far, Zach is the ONLY one in the room right now who is safe from eviction this week...)

They are joined by Caleb, Cody, and Frankie. Basically the entire house, except for Christine and Donny.

Derrick starts off calmly, in a friendly tone.  We'll call this the "Good Cop" persona.

Before we continue, let's all remember this is Christine's HoH room that is being commandeered.  She came in quickly to get her makeup so she can get ready for the Diary Room, and as the meeting kicks off you can see below that she is standing at the picnic table applying her makeup.

(I'm sure she's listening in, too, but the point is she wants so bad to stay out of it that she's missing the whole thing.)

OK.  On with the show. As the guys file in, I think Zach whispered to Cody that he needs to talk to him afterwards.

Derrick: Do you have something to talk to him about that pertains to this matter?

Zach:  Just that if what he's telling me is true, then she's lying.  (Nicole)

That's not the way Sergeant Derrick runs a meeting, so he gets back on track, telling Zach in front of the group that he's a straight up guy, trying to play the game honestly.

(Note the tactic of hammering that point in over and

Derrick:  Nobody in the house has really said anything bad about me because I don't talk shit about anybody.  Obviously, me and Nicole aren't that close, but you're one of my closest friends in the house...I trust you.  But you said she (Victoria) needed to talk to me, and she (Nicole) told her (Victoria) some, for lack of a better term, damaging things about me.

Zach with the direct approach:  I lied to you, and told you that she (Nicole) said it, just in case she (Victoria) came to you and told you, so you would think it came from her (Nicole) and not from me.

Derrick:  OK.  Done.  I appreciate your honesty.  Thank you.

People in the room are whispering during this...not everyone is paying attention. Until Zach starts speaking in his loud way, which might lead to a Zach Attack.

Zach:  Did I not tell you (Victoria) that he's (Derrick) had your back this whole time?

Victoria:  Yes.

Zach:  Then what are you crying about right now?

Victoria is no match for this...and just stammers a few "you don't know's" and so forth.

Zach, clearly irritated:  Well all you do is say you don't know, you don't know...then just fucking tell me!

Derrick senses the impending Zach Attack and tries to nip it in the bud, saying they all love each other, that's why they are all still friends.

The Wheat Thins sit quietly on the table, waiting to be enjoyed with a dip or spread, or even just plain, by themselves.  Frankie J. Grande has been silent for approximately three minutes now, not even chewing, slurping, or smacking.  It's a Big Brother miracle.

Derrick:  Some of us have talked game, or made deals...that's the way Big Brother is played.

Zach:  And some of us are making too much of a deal about everything.

Victoria, semi-shrieking:  I didn't even say anything Zach!  I didn't say anything to anybody.

Derrick:  She didn't even say anything to me.

Zach, clearly getting turnt up:  Then why were you crying to me?  You were CRYING to me!

Victoria tries to talk over Zach, but it is impossible and she knows it.

Zach, imitating a hysterical female:  Oh Zach!  Derrick just cheated on me!  What do you want me to fucking do about it?

They go around and around, and Victoria sounds like she is losing control.  This isn't exactly what Derrick had in mind, so he says that it doesn't have to be like this, that they are just giving us (live feeders)  a show.

Zach, fully turnt up:  You people can all vote me out next week, because I'm so untrustworthy,   I'll throw the HoH competition, you can all put me up, vote me out unanimously, and we'll leave it at that.  Since you (Victoria) hate me, you (someone else) call me out, you (someone else) don't trust me, I don't know what's wrong with you (the next person), you wanted me out last week (Frankie?).

He got around the circle to Derrick, who made some kind of "you talkin' to me?" sounds.

Zach:  No, YOU are the FUCKING MAN.  I haven't lied to you once.

Then Zach goes back around the room in the opposite direction, like an automatic sprinkler, pointing to each person in turn.

Zach:  I haven't lied to you, I haven't lied to you,...ugh, I haven't told you a lot of stuff, I haven't lied to you once, and I don't know what your deal don't say shit, so I don't know what your fucking deal is..

Derrick, struggling to regain control, says he just wanted people to know that he's not playing anybody, and they can continue with private conversations later.


Derrick:  That's a conversation you guys can have alone.


Cody leaves the room, in possible disgust, the door slamming behind him.

Derrick, still trying:  My part of this is done.

(ha ha ha)


Derrick tries to shut it down by starting a monologue in super fast style, saying they've all become friends, and shared personal information...

Zach won't shut it down yet, though, summarizing everything, including repeating that he lied to Derrick.  Then Victoria jumps in again, biting back, causing Zach to repeat the statement about Victoria saying Derrick cheated on her, betrayed her..., using that high girly voice.

Victoria::  ZACH! STOP IT!

Now Derrick starts his monologue all over again, with Zach and Victoria YELLING over him, Zach yelling that he's not a liar...he has nothing to lie about.


Now Zach says he and Victoria were having "Story Time" and he made a mistake and slipped up and said the wrong thing, and now all of this happened.

Frankie is still silent on the couch.  I wonder if he's okay.

Now Zach gets into it with Frankie, saying it's no secret that he wanted Frankie to win the game over everybody else, and he betrayed him.

Derrick kept trying to squelch things, waving his arms around and stating positive things that no one can argue with.

(I would say meetings like this are just a day at the office for Derrick, but maybe not this meeting....)

Don't Talk Shit About Sergeant Derrick Unless You Have a Good Getaway Plan #BB16

And unless Zach can jump over the wall outside, I don't think he can escape this.

OK.  At about 2:20 am BBT, the shit starting splashing all over the place, after Zach ran his mouth with Victoria a little too much.  At the end of my last post, Derrick had interrogated Nicole alone, and then invited Victoria to join them to continue the conversation.

(You can get up to speed on this incident here.)

Derrick got right down to business, telling Victoria that people are talking and he needs to get to the bottom of it.  He begins by summarizing the events of the evening as it pertained to her, just like any good police report.

Derrick:  Well Zach pulled me in the beehive and said I needed to talk to you, that Nicole had been walking around telling you some lies about me.

Nicole:  You know, about the alliance.....why are you looking at me like that..I got pulled into this...Zach is blaming me for everything he told you, and that's bullcrap!

Victoria: I know, I know Nicole.  Zach pulled you in a room?  Why would he do that?

Nicole:  Because he's trying to cover his tracks!

Derrick tells Victoria to just listen...he's trying to tell her what happened.

Derrick:  Zach pulled me into the room and said Nicole had told you a bunch of damaging information that was mostly lies...that's what he told me and I'll pull him in here next and he can confirm that.  His exact words were that Nicole was telling you a bunch of lies, that I was playing you.  I told him that if Victoria really believes that, she can never speak to me again.  That's my exact words, and you will hear that is exactly what we said.

(Damn, Derrick is good.  How can his wife ever win an argument with him?)

Derrick:  I am absolutely not working with Zach.  And I don't even know Nicole that well, but I'll say this in front of her.  I've been nothing but a friend to you this entire game, your're like my sister.  I've never done anything in this game to hurt our relationship in this game, or the one we're going to have outside of the house when the game is over.  I'm saying it right here in front of the cameras and Nicole.  Everyone in this house knows who I am.  What bothers me about it, is that you walked by me three times and didn't say anything to me about it.  You talked to Nicole, and you talked to Frankie.

(This is a classic Guy move...called Reversing the Heat.  Basically when you are upset with them, they turn it around so that it is your fault, and you apologize.  It's happened to me more times than I can count....)

Victoria insisted that she didn't talk about Derrick with Frankie---they talked about their personal lives and other topics they always talk about.  (I watched a little of the conversation, and all I heard was Arianna, Arianna, You Tube, etc.)

Nicole, raising her voice:  I have done nothing wrong.  I just talked to you because you were upset.  Zach just got worried about telling you crap and blamed it on me.

Derrick says Zach is going to be interrogated next.  Victoria says that she thought Nicole would understand, because she "just lost Hayden" and then they just go in circles about that.

(So, Hayden is to Nicole as Derrick is to Victoria?  In her own mind, I guess.)

Derrick says Zach is a liar, and that is why he went directly to Derrick saying Victoria needed to see him, because he knew he was in trouble.

Derrick:  Let me ask you this, Zach was supposed to go home last week, you know that, right?

Victoria:  Yes.

Derrick:  Well, why would I vote out Zach if I was supposedly in an alliance with him?  We can talk about this privately later if you'd like to, but I don't mind talking in front of Nicole.  I don't play that game--I have a family to represent and a daughter who will see this one day.  I'm not going to betray someone else's daughter on TV.  You took something Zach said...ZACH RANCE... and you believed it and questioned my loyalty to you.  If we're being honest about this right now, I should be hurt by you, for not trusting me and not coming to talk to me directly.

(Bravo Derrick...damn that is some good Heat Reversal.)

Derrick:  If anything, people would think that you and are are working that right?

Nicole and Victoria nod yes, it is.

Derrick:  If someone like Cody told you that, I would understand you listening and being concerned.  But Zach?

Derrick plans to call Zach out, and then tells Victoria they're playing Big Brother, and people approach him for alliances all the time.

(I don't know about you, but if I'm ever in Rhode Island, I don't plan on breaking any laws.  If Derrick was questioning me, I think I would admit to everything I've ever done...)

It's all too much for Victoria, who begins to weep, right there in the bird's nest.

Derrick:  I'm a grown ass man, and I'm not here to tell lies to 23 year old girls.

Nicole went over to comfort Victoria,saying she's sorry Zach did that to her.  Derrick walked out of the room to go get Zach.

To be continued....right here, baby.

Another Day, Another Clusterf*ck - Sergeant Derrick Reports for Duty #BB16

I am still watching live feed flashbacks from last many twists and turns.  I am just going to try and work through everything.

And it's a lot.

Zach and Donny were thrilled with all of the frozen fish options that they were given to choose from as additional Have Not foods.  Frankie cooked some octopus up on the stove, and they all agreed it was okay.  (Calamari that you get as an appetizer is a whole different story compared to octopus arms with tentacles and all.)

But there were fish balls and fish sticks, and several other processed fish options that I couldn't really identify, even after seeing the packages on camera.  Zach came in the kitchen and Donny was chattering a mile a minute about the food.

Donny:  I got some ketchup, and some mayonnaise, and a pickle and made a dipping don't have to do that, but it was good and I ate it up.

That sounded good to Zach.

Christine and Cody were just horsing around, but of course the cameras were right there to catch it.

Those cameras are so shady sometimes.

Zach and Cody had a fun little meeting where Zach filled him in on what a dirtbag Frankie is, and how he's still lying every time he opens his mouth.

Cody:  Dude, I tried to tell you!

Right in the middle of their chat, when they were totally slamming Frankie, he came bouncing in the room and Cody quickly changed the topic of conversation to how crappy it is to stay in the Have Not room.  Frankie just jumped on one of the beds and settled down like he owned the place.  Of course.

Cody:  You should put as much on the bed as possible, Zach, to make it comfortable.  But be careful, because "they" called me in there and told me I had too much stuff on the bed, and to take it off.

Zach:  Well, thanks for putting that on blast.

OK.  Now the cluster starts to get fucked, to put it bluntly.  Victoria pulled Zach into the Hive, and was struggling to hold back tears.  Apparently in an earlier conversation, Zach was telling her a lot of information about his game, and in the process mentioned that Derrick was in a five person alliance with him and Christine.

Now that she had time to think about it, she feels very betrayed by Derrick, saying she can hardly stand to look at him anymore.  She has felt very alone in the house, but really thought Derrick was the only person she could turn to, and she thought he had her back.

In Zach's defense, he really tried to calm her down, saying that Derrick has had her back from day one, and she shouldn't feel betrayed at all.  But Victoria is very upset, saying she specifically asked Derrick if he was working with Christine, and he said no.

Zach's tone was very soothing as he said maybe he told her that before they made the alliance, since it was so new, and she was getting all worked up about nothing.  He kept stressing that no matter who Derrick might be working with, he still defended her every chance he got, and Victoria would probably be the last girl in the house.

Zach:  You have to be nice to Derrick now...even nicer...because he's got your back...I promise.  I don't have anyone in here either...I trusted Frankie and he screwed me over...that's the game...

Victoria:  I feel sick.  I can't even look at him right now.

(I think both of them are correct in what they are saying, and Derrick is in for his first Big Trouble of the game right now...)


Zach:  But if he asks you what is wrong, and you tell him, don't tell him I told you...tell him Nicole told you about the Detonators.....he doesn't know that I told her, too.

And now, the fan is so covered with crap after this whole season, I don't know if the shit will even stick to it anymore.  Derrick found out what Victoria had to say, and was LIVID.  At one point he mentioned punching Zach and knocking him out, and Caleb had to tell him that he might lose his stipend if he did that.

(Oh, the irony.....after all of the bodily harm comments Caleb makes on the reg.)

So at about 2:20 am BBT, Derrick asked Christine if he could use her HoH room for a meeting with Nicole, and asked Nicole in a friendly tone to join him up there for a few minutes.

They were barely in the door before Derrick the Cop came out, saying what he had to say would not be nice---it wouldn't be a nice meeting.

Derrick:  I've heard you've been walking around talking a lot of shit about me!

Nicole:  Oh, I think I know exactly what happened.  Why don't you ask Victoria, too?

Derrick:  Oh, I am.  She's next...I don't do the whole group thing.

(That's what cops do on TV...separate the perps and then compare their stories.  I have a friend who does that with her children and it works like a charm.)

Nicole:  I saw Victoria bawling, and I asked her what was wrong, and she said she had just been talking to Zach.

Sergeant Derrick:  That's a good source.

Nicole:  She said, he's been working with..

Sergeant Derrick:  Who's "he"?

Nicole:  You.  You're he.  She told me that you have been lying to her the whole game.  And I was like, "okay"...and I'm not like, very huggy or whatever, so I asked her to say more.

There were several instances of FISH while Nicole was talking, but it was basically Victoria saying she was hurt by Derrick and then Nicole saying that Derrick loves her like a sister and that she must be mistaken.

(Do you think Nicole has EVER been interrogated by the police before?  I'm going to vote "no'.)

Derrick:  Zach did tell Cody that he needed to talk to me right away.  I do have one question for you, because I believe everything you just said..and I hope you know I'm not a bullshitter.

Just then, Victoria knocked at the door and weakly asked Nicole which bed she planned to sleep in.  Nicole told her to wait before she went to bed, and Derrick said he wanted to talk to her next, that he was getting to the bottom of something with Nicole first.  And then he shut the door again.

Derrick:  You know what alliance she's referring to...the one Cody and I told you he's not completely lying about that, because we told him about that because we planned to vote him out that week.

Basically Derrick wanted to know why Nicole didn't say anything to him about it.  She said she was, but it was busy downstairs and he went to the DR, and blah blah blah.  Then Nicole got angry, saying that she's tired of getting thrown under the bus and being an easy target.  She also said she thought Victoria would come talk to him about it.

Nicole:  I was just an innocent person, someone she needed to talk to at that time.  I had nothing to do with it.

Derrick plans to call Zach out, and Nicole says she wants to be in the room, too.

Derrick:  I'm not going to go in the beehive and whisper behind closed doors.  This is your opportunity to see how Derrick does things...this is the first time anything negative like this has happened, and I plan to expose it.  If anyone wants to throw other people under the bus, they need to know this is how I"m going to handle it.  If I go home because of it, so be it.  I'm a little older than you..I don't play that He Said, She Said bullshit.  Victoria is pissing me off...she went to this person and that person instead of talking to me...who knows what she said to Frankie...

Nicole:  Oh no..Frankie.

Derrick ended it on a good note..saying he's her friend and wants her to stay calm about it.

Nicole:  I will be..I didn't do anything wrong.

Derrick:  Well, you and I are fans of this game and we both know what she's talking about isn't even all that bad.  I'm not her boyfriend in here..we're playing a game.

Nicole:  I know.  She thinks to play this game you just have to be loyal to one person, and that's not how this works.

Derrick:  I see her like a little sister.  I have other friends in the house.  I didn't tell her all about that other thing because I don't think she has the capacity to handle it.

(The action continues here.)

Let's Look Back Quickly, and Then Move Forward #BB16

Yesterday was a bad day for me.  I was upset about the Battle of the Block fiasco, but even more upset about Frankie doubling down on being an obnoxious, self-absorbed narcissist.  

But maybe that was too harsh.

Or not harsh enough.  You can read my summary of the BoB fiasco results here.

Anyway, Cody was a Have Not last week, so he wasn't very active on the live feeds.  He did a lot of laying around, talking about how hungry he was.  I feel like I barely saw him.

Hey Boo.

That's all.  Not too much more to say about him, other than after watching Amber sitting in with Jeff Schroeder to make commentary on the live feed highlights, it is clear that Amber wants to hit that.

She listed the best things about him...his abs..his body...his skinny jeans (?).  Amber better go strong into that Finale, because Cody is going to have a line of chicks trying to get some at every party he goes to out there.  (Starting with one or two girls from BB15...)

Christine is HoH, but you'd never know it from looking in the HoH room.  Ever since Frankie announced his Big Secrets, he has acted like it was his HoH room, even wearing Christine's robe around the house.

In fact, last night (Saturday night) Christine slept in the Rock Room, saying she preferred it, but she told other people that she just needed to get away from Frankie.  If the next HoH competition is endurance-related, Frankie's chances to win are pretty she is smart to try and keep up appearances with him.

But she is also smart to keep away from him, so that everyone else doesn't tie her to him for eviction purposes.  Don't get me wrong, Christine has some image problems in the house right now, but staying downstairs while she is HoH is a wise move.  It is wrong to segregate yourself while there is so much going on, so much chatter.

Before the PoV comp yesterday, Zach was very down, and went to the Have Not room with his new Have Not roommate, Donny.  Donny really tried to cheer up Zach, telling him not to give up, and that he needs to eat something to get ready to compete.

Nicole came in and gave Donny a few tips on surviving the week, since he's never been a Have Not before.  She recommended taking pillows from the Rock Room and sleeping on top of them, since the bed surface is so hard and uncomfortable.

Christine only had to name two Have Nots, but Nicole said if there was going to be a third Have Not, it was going to be her.  I don't remember specifically hearing her say she volunteered, but I did hear Zach say that later to Cody.

By the way, I don't think Zach is lying...on the contrary I think he is going to set off Truth Bombs from now on, and then duck to avoid the shrapnel.

Donny just wears short "footie" socks, which he says his girlfriend makes fun of.  He got a longer pair of socks from a competition though, and he plans to wear them at night, when the Have Not room temperature drops down to near-freezing levels.

(It's probably only 50 or 60 degrees, but the way they bitch about it, you'd think penguins were living in there.)

The rest of these pictures are from Friday, so my limited short term memory is going to come into play here.

I don't remember the reason why I took the following four pictures, but I will post them anyways.  I'm guessing it had something to do with what Derrick is eating...but I'm not sure.

Christine loves the pictures of her family and her husband and couldn't say enough good things about them. She has been carrying the white-framed picture around the house with her, (her husband's picture) and she ate breakfast with it, too.

On Friday, when Zach still thought the BoB was rigged for him and Donny to win, he was in great spirits.  He spent a long time talking to Victoria on a one-on-one basis.

They actually discussed asking Production to make sure their seats were together on the plane ride home to Florida.  Zach actually said he would ask to fly into Fort Lauderdale since that is where Victoria wants to land.

(I think he would normally fly into West Palm Beach.)

She talked a lot about her little brother, and they also made plans to go out together with both of their little brothers.  I think they said the beach, or golfing.