Saturday, August 9, 2014

The New Have Nots Meet Their Fate #BB16

The house guests had to go to the HoH room for a short lockdown, and when they were released they went downstairs to meet their fate.  The live feeders chose "Peanut Butter and Jelly Fish" for their additional foods this week.

(Earlier, I expected them to get Jelly Fish as a food, but now it seems they get Peanut Butter, strange-flavored jellies, and plain old fish.)

Christine had to pick only two Have Nots, which is a pretty lonely number.  She chose Donny and Zach, because Donny has never been a Have Not, and Zach has only enjoyed that status once before.  Plus, she nominated both of them for eviction, so maybe she didn't want to piss off any additional house guests.

Frankie and Victoria are still on slop for a few more days---five I think, so these foods are of interest to them as well.  Caleb said he was stoked about the peanut butter.

(I would be, too.)

Derrick smelled the pepper jelly and said it was pretty mild.  Pepper jelly is a southern thing--you see it a lot in the deep south.  It is sweet and spicy at the same time, and is delicious on a hot biscuit with butter.

But then again, what isn't?

Mint jelly is sometimes served with meat, but I don't know too much about that part.  I had an appetizer once that involved toasted french bread, goat cheese, and jalapeno jelly that was delicious!

(Look at Frankie in the picture below...he might even be 41, instead of 31.  I can't believe the house guests believe he is in his 20's.)

 I never heard L'il Zach say a word.  He just stared, and went back to bed.  I didn't hear anyone speak to him, either.

I did hear Zach tell Donny an hour or so ago that he wasn't hungry, not caring if he got to eat before the PoV competition tonight.  Donny even told him that they might be Have Nots soon, but Zach didn't care.

Donny took advice from Caleb about how they can use the peanut butter mixed with slop to make cookies, etc.

Derrick went upstairs to get a box of Poptarts that he had taken upstairs for the HoH lockdown.  He planned to "house a whole fuckin' Poptart" if he heard Christine say his name for the Have Not selection.

Frankie just acts like it's his HoH room. He goes up there and naps, and doesn't take subtle hings from Christine that she prefers to be alone.  He even wears the robe, and sits on the bed during meetings.


Cody found a bunch of frozen fish items like "fish cakes" and "fish balls" that are apparently for the Have Nots.  He took Donny and Zach in storage to show them, and Donny sounded very grateful.

Donny:  We can have ketchup, right?

Zach:  Donny, we're ballin'.

This Summer, Get Ready for the Douchiest Douche Chills Ever! #BB16

I don't even know where to start, so I will tackle this post the old-fashioned way, by using a list to organize information and keep it simple.

1. As promised, Caleb did a "sit down" during the BoB comp and refused to compete.

2.  Somehow, Frankie won anyway.

3.  I'm assuming Zach and Donny did play, however, it is difficult to comprehend how this happened.

4.  The BoB had an NFL theme, and the winners (Caleb, Christine, and yes, Frankie) get to leave the house for an NFL "gourmet tailgate" with a few NFL football players.

5.  Nicole, the losing HoH, had "LoserAde" dumped on her head.

6.  The competition went on through the first hour of BBAD, so we saw FISH for much of that time.  At one point, Production sent Cody and Victoria into the house to entertain the TVGN fans, and it was clear that Frankie was winning, because Cody was PISSED.

7.  After the competition, Frankie pranced around the house in the worst way possible,  gloating and saying he was going to have a special meeting with the guys.

8.  Frankie and Zach yelled at each other about all of the lies that Frankie told.  Frankie ended up admitting the lies, saying "This is Big Brother!  That's what you do!  You lie!".

(He's got a point there, and Zach knew it. All Zach had left to argue about is his hurt feelings and betrayal....that's a tough part of this game, but it is part of the game.)

At one point Frankie started calling Zach out for shit-talking , too.

Frankie:  Your game is as dirty as the dildo coming out of my ass!

Caleb:  That's dirty.

(TVGN censors missed this one......)

9.  Frankie called the guys in the Fire Room, telling them he lied about who he was...he was on Broadway, but it was "years ago" and he is now a You Tube personality with a million followers.  Then he told them who his sister is, to the sound of ***crickets***.

10.  Frankie gathered the three girls in the living room to make the same special announcement, but this time he described himself as a "Social Media Mogul".

Frankie:  And my name is Frankie J. Grande!


Frankie:  Grande...that's my name!  And my sister is.......

Nicole:  Ariana?  Are you serious?

11.  The girls squealed and squealed some more when Frankie told them that his most popular You Tube video was him backstage with Justin Bieber.  Even Christine squealed when she learned that Frankie knows Justin, which disappointed me greatly.  I can only hope Christine was being fake again about this.

12.  Frankie bragged about being in Ariana's videos, and did a little dance that caused more squealing.  I can only assume it is a dance from one of her videos.

13.  Zach took to his bed, already admitting defeat, even after Derrick brought up winning the PoV.

14.  While all of this happened, I saw Donny approach Christine to tell her he is all alone in the game, and would appreciate any help she could give him now that he's on the block for eviction.

15.  After Frankie came clean to the guys, Donny went over right in front of everyone to hug him and said all that matters in the game is who they are in the house, and he would appreciate Frankie's help to stay in the game.

14. I forgot to mention that Derrick hosted the BoB, and wore a suit and tie for the occasion.  So during all of this action, he was in various stages of formal dress and undress, as he went from meeting to meeting, taking it all in and slowly dressing down.

15.  At one point Nicole actually asked Frankie if he was really 24.

Frankie:  How old do you think I am, Nicole?

Nicole, obviously uncomfortable:  Uh...I dunno...maybe 26?  But you're 28, right?

Frankie said that was right.  But he's really 31.

(Which might as well be 61 in WeHo.)

16.  Caleb, Cody and Derrick tried to rally Zach into mending fences with Frankie, so that he can get the votes to stay over Donny, if it comes to that.

17.  Caleb also reported that Frankie told him that he will likely win Fan Favorite, due to his following on social media, as well as his sister's.  This was disheartening news to the guys, particularly Zach.

From what I hear, Caleb absolutely refused to play the BoB, and sat and watched Frankie play.  I think he is too fair a competitor to interfere with what Frankie was doing or sabotage him.  That is why Cody was saying that Zach should have been on the block beside Frankie...because he would have "pulled the thing down".