Thursday, August 7, 2014

This, That, and The Other #BB16

The first few pictures are from yesterday afternoon...once again I hate to just delete them so I will post them instead.

A great picture of Amber's bunny slippers.  I think this is the third straight day of Caleb wearing this same outfit.

Victoria told Christine a few things that Christine is repeating all over the house.  For example:  Victoria told her that during the entire 48 hours they were chained together, Caleb didn't bathe or brush his teeth once.  Victoria said she made a small production about dragging Caleb to the sink so she could brush her own teeth, but he never took the hint and brushed his own.

Maybe Caleb has no incentive to clean up in there anymore, since his Queen is gone.

I also heard Nicole say Caleb's B.O. is getting really bad...

This scene of Zach and Cody talking in Storage was BEFORE last night's incredible turn around, led by Caleb's math.  In this scene, Cody was assuring Zach that he was safe this week, which was a TOTAL lie at the time.  But that's Big have to lie.

And you have to pretend your enemies are your friends, like Nicole was doing yesterday afternoon in the backyard.

I do have to say that at some point in Nicole's HoH room, her little group was really bad-mouthing Christine, and I heard Nicole point out that she likes Christine as a's only what she's doing in the game that she dislikes.

Hayden was kind of sheepish after that and backed off.  Nicole was right...things were getting ugly.

Later in the day, Nicole was buzzed from the Halfway Party and picked at a slice of cake before throwing it away.  They got the usual sheet cake with all of their pictures on it.  Every year they try to save their own faces, but of course that plan doesn't work out.

Derrick held up a package of organic Gummy Bears to the camera and asked everyone to tweet his wife to put that on Derrick's shopping list.  He didn't even know they made those.

Jocosta picked at her cake, and ate some chips.  From watching the live feeds, I don't even know who Diary Room Jocosta is...she's NEVER that animated, or even active in the house.

Looking on the bright side for her, they will give her pictures of her kids if she goes to Jury.  I think they are allowed brief, monitored phone calls with their families, too, but without hearing from former Jury members I"m not sure about that.

And more of Amber's bunny slippers on Caleb.  Derrick pointed out that the bottom of the slippers have gotten so dirty, now that Caleb wears them all the time.  On the heel of this slipper, there is even a small hole, but I wasn't quick enough to snap a picture of that.

The cameras show us Caleb's other foot.  I'm sure the cameras love covering Caleb.  As long as they can't smell him, it must be very entertaining.


I really try not to report too much about the house guests' personal lives after they leave the game.  Not that it isn't FASCINATING sometimes, but I hate to make the problem worse, and I really don't want to be dragged into it.

But like Paola and Devin, I am about to have to stop following Brittany on Twitter.  She really doesn't know what she is doing on Twitter, and keeps tweeting and then re-tweeting the same crap over and over again.

What I will say is:  What kind of image is Brittany trying to portray here, now that her BB game is over?  That of a mother and soccer mom?  Or something else entirely?

She has tweeted out the following picture at least six times in the last week.

And last night she got liquored up with Rachel.  Who wouldn't want to be at that party?  

I guess I would want to swill a drink with them, if I could sit as far away from Lawon Exum as possible.  WTF is he doing there?

And who's that on the far left....Hayden Moss.  Hayden is working overtime pimping out his new cellphone app, Divvie.

Brittany tweeted out the same picture this morning, explaining these are former BB players in the picture with her.

Yeah Brittany, we know.

And Brittany tweeted Hayden this morning, saying it was great to meet him.  And the emoji (or whatever you call it) is apparently a hand blowing a kiss, or something along those lines.

Hmmm.  I'll just try to stay out of that now.

Frankie's Sister's TV Show Got Cancelled #BB16

Maybe this is old news to everyone, but I have to say that before BB16, I really had no idea who Ariana Grande is...  I actually got her mixed up with some girl named Ariel Winter, who has had parental emancipation issues and rumored sex tapes.

Sorry Ariana, for thinking that was you.

But Ariana has her own drama.  Apparently, in addition to being a singer, Ariana is an actress on Nickelodeon TV shows for kids.  That is where she got her start, I think.

She and another star from an opposing Nickelodeon show, Jenette McCurdy, got their own show called "Sam and Cat" that premiered earlier this year.  The show opened so strong in the ratings that the network immediately expanded it to 40 episodes.

But in July Nickelodeon announced the show is over, literally, and there will not be a second season.

And the conflict sounds juicy.  Here are the highlights:

*  Jenette found out that Ariana is being paid WAY more than she is.
*  Ariana denied this. (But of course she would...she's the one making more money.)
*  Jenette made some sort of comment about an ex-boyfriend, saying he was a terrible kisser.
*  Suddenly, selfies of Jeanette in her underwear were all over the internet.
*  The boyfriend denies it was him leaking the pictures. (But of course he would...he's the one leaking the picturs.)
*  Nothing was too nasty about the pictures...the ones I saw...but Nickelodeon doesn't like that kind of thing.
*  Jennette was pissed about the salary issue, so she skipped the Nickelodeon awards in protest.
*  Yadda yadda yadda...Nickelodeon has had enough.

I'm sure they will give Ariana another show, if they can afford her after her musical success.  And she's been topping the charts since 2013, from what I've learned.

You can read the US Magazine story here.  And then just hit up Google if you want to see Jenette's racy pictures.  I didn't have to try very hard to find them...


I don't have children, so I don't know the full horror of children's television.  I like Sponge Bob, but all of the dramas with the child stars are a mystery to me.

A few weeks ago, I came home WASTED and decided to watch some TV in bed.  (Shocker.) The Sam and Cat show was playing, so I decided to watch it since Ariana is Frankie's sister.

Watching it, I felt like I was on LSD or something (I was only on wine & weed, in reality.)  Ariana was talking in a robot voice, and I could barely understand any of her sentences.  Maybe that was what the episode was about...her being a robot, but really I have no idea.

Pee Wee's Playhouse and Sponge Bob are fun to watch when you're high..but Sam and Cat?  Not so much.

Derrick, to Zach: Don't Even Effing Pack Your Bag. #BB16

At about 1:30 am BBT, Frankie and Caleb took Zach into The Hive to give him a heads up that after much ado, he would be staying in the game this week.

Frankie:  Hayden and Nicole are actively working to get you out...

Zach:  Why do they want me out?

They mention things that Zach has said to them that threaten people Nicole and Hayden are working with.

Frankie:  We've been telling them and everybody else that we will vote you out....but we're all going to blindside Nicole and Hayden!

Zach:  ***mind blown*** WHAT?

Caleb explained that Nicole and Hayden were trying to turn all the guys against each other, leaving them with the majority vote.

Frankie:  In the last three hours, we figured it out!

(Uh....I think Caleb actually figured out the math.  But they all have to concoct a story that blames the whole thing on Hayden and Nicole, so they have an excuse after the shit blows up tonight.)

Derrick came in and told Zach several times not to say a word about this to anyone...and just know that he is safe.

Zach:  100%?  I'm locked in?

Derrick:  Don't even fucking pack your bag.

Zach went around the circle giving sincere handshakes and thanking everyone.

Derrick:  We all talk a lot in this house, but now we've got to start fucking locking it down and watch what we say to everyone.

Zach gets up to leave (and hopefully go back to bed so he can keep his stinkin' mouth shut) and asks if he should put up Hayden and Donny if he wins HoH in the double eviction.

Derrick:  Whoever you want...Hayden and Donny...Donny and Nicole....

Zach is surprised Hayden is a snake and Caleb says he thought he was cool with Hayden, too.  Derrick blames Amber's eviction on Hayden too, saying that he's trying to hurt their numbers every week.

Zach:  My mind is blown...I'm going to go to sleep if I can..

Derrick:  Just lie down... and remember that all day tomorrow you're nervous...up there you're nervous (i.e. the HoH lockdown)...

Frankie:  I don't think so...remember everyone thinks that we are blindsiding maybe you're not nervous.

After Zach leaves they say that if Zach does win and put up Hayden, there will be no question that the lines are drawn in the sand, as their game will be out in the open. 

Frankie:  Every thing I worried about with Hayden turned out to be true...

Tonight's Live Show is MUST SEE TV #BB16

Well, it looks like Zach might indeed be safe tonight, after some crazy scheming in the last 12 hours. On BBAD last night, I saw Caleb in The Hive talking to Frankie about the numbers.  Specifically, how evicting Zach is going to hurt their numbers.

He broke down how Jocosta would vote, and how vulnerable their group would be if certain people won HoH.  I watched Frankie take it all in, and saw the fear in his eyes, and he said he would have to talk to Derrick about it.

Apparently overnight Derrick and Cody had a change of heart, after realizing that Hayden is plotting against them.  (Not immediately...but I don't think Hayden would do anything to save them.)  I am flipping through the Flashbacks to see what I can find this morning, but one thing is sure...Zach is now aware that some people in the house want to vote him out.

And Cody can't wait to see Nicole, Hayden and Donny get blindsided when Zach has the votes to stay.  (Jocosta, too.)

Wow, huh?  Just wow...

I'm going to brew the coffee tonight and stay up and watch the live feeds after the show for what is sure to be A HOT MESS.  What if Zach wins one of the two HoH comps tonight?  Wow squared.

OK, so after midnight it looks like the decision has already been made, so I will go back further, but here is what was going down after midnight.

Derrick and Frankie tried to talk in the bathroom...Frankie said it looked less suspicious then being in The Hive with the door closed.  They discussed how Team America has caused problems for them, and I think they were talking about how Donny is running the show on the other side.

Jocosta came in the room, so Derrick got up and started flossing.

And does a tooth check.

Later in the hour a group gathered in the living room, just hanging out since the backyard is locked down.  There has been some construction going on in the HoH Suite upstairs...the "spare" bedroom is now locked and all sorts of hammering and banging is going on.

So they know that there will be no more Dual HoHs and suspect a Pandora's Box may be coming up.

Remember when Cody touching Christine in an innocent way like this used to upset people?  My how time changes....

They talked about other reality shows.  Derrick knew the spoilers for The Bachelorette, and says he told his wife that Andi was going to pick Josh.  Then they trash-talked Juan Pablo, and Derrick also knew that Juan Pablo blew his chances at being on Dancing With the Stars after he was a total butthole on After the Final Rose Ceremony.

(I'm embarrassed to even know all of that.)

But not as embarrassed as Cody should be.

Cody:  I was a big Juan Pablo fan...Juan Pablo all the way!

But maybe the soccer connection is what drew Cody to Juan Pablo.  I hope so, because....

(Google Reality Steve's website to learn spoilers from The Bachelor series, if you dare.  That is where Derrick got his info...)

Caleb said he wanted to do Survivor on Blood vs. Water with his brother Jake, but then says that Jake is his stepbrother, so Survivor casting turned him down.  (Is the season being filmed now a "civilian" Blood vs. Water, with no returning players?)

Caleb says at the Finale he's going to find who he needs to talk to about Survivor and tell them he's ready to go, now.  (I don't think they start filming the next two seasons again until Spring 2015, so the timing might work for him.)

Caleb says he would have no problem on Survivor with killing a chicken or duck with his bare hands, and illustrates that for us below, sweet-talking the animal as he strangles it.

Note Caleb is wearing Amber's bunny slippers as he discusses how fierce he is.

They talked about Hayden Moss and seemed confused about his performance on Survivor.  Someone said Hayden really blew it on that show, saying he was voted out 5th, but actually Hayden made the Final Five and had some STELLAR performances at Tribal Council.

Christine went to bed, but not before a LONG hug from the Codester.  I've noticed Christine using sign language in the house when she talks, and also in her DR sessions.   For example, they were saying that the votes tomorrow would be B.A. (Nicole's term for Bomb Ass) and she made the signs for B and A.

I don't know much sign language, but I do know the alphabet.

I don't think Zach will truly appreciate what happened this week until he sees it on TV someday...Zach's mom even had to stop watching the live feeds this week because it was so heartbreaking for her to see her son so cruelly misled.