Monday, August 4, 2014

The Shortest PoV Ceremony of the Season #BB16

There must not have been any outbursts or unexpected events.  It only lasted about 30 minutes, but since Christine didn't use the PoV there wasn't much content, I guess.

The first thing I saw on the live feeds when we returned was Zach carefully pouring out some cold water on a particular place on the (fake) lawn.  Maybe they spilled something there that would attract ants.

Frankie was visibly relieved to safely make it through this week.  He stood over the railing and muttered to himself "this is a mess" but didn't elaborate (for once) regarding what he meant.

Nicole decided to get some sun today.

Derrick was looking for something and couldn't find it.  I don't remember what it was, so it must not have been too exciting.

Zach was trying to take a nap and Frankie went in and interrupted him by crawling all over him.  You know, the usual.

Then Frankie and Caleb went out to lay out near Nicole.

They all want to take home Big Brother items at the end of the summer.  Caleb somehow thinks that BB is going to give each of them A CAMERA like the ones in the HoH room ceiling, but says he will settle for a beach ball.  Nicole says she doesn't want anything that can be purchased in a store...she wants souvenirs that you can't buy.

(I hate to break the news to Caleb, but Jeff gifted Amber with a fucking red plastic cup as a gift from  CBS.)

Caleb says maybe he can sell the souvenirs to raise some cash.

Frankie, winding Caleb up:  What else can you sell Caleb?

Caleb:  Probably my cowboy hat, if I sign it, maybe a few of my costumes...

Frankie:  What about the hat you're wearing now, with the Caleb and Amber stickers on it?

Caleb: No, I'm going to keep that.

Nicole is cracking up at all of this, but silently, so Caleb can't see or hear it.

Frankie, suggestively:  What else can you sell Caleb?

Caleb:  Huh?

Frankie:  Because I'll have that big stipend just waiting for me...burning a hole in my pocket.

Caleb, finally catching on:  You'd need  a hell of a lot more than that.

Frankie:  Hey, I'm a catch!

Caleb:  I'm sure you are, but for the right gay guy.

Frankie:  Caleb you just have to set me up with one of your friends who likes gay guys.

Caleb:  What?  Looks just like me?

Nicole:  Don't waste your time with straight guys.  Don't do it...

Frankie:  Oh, I don't!  The only reason why I'm so flirty in his house with all of the straight guys is because I have to be. Outside of here I always....

Frankie's sentence is interrupted by Nicole announcing that "something bit her freaking toe".

Caleb:  I'll find you somebody like Cody.

Frankie:  No!  I want somebody like you!

Nicole:  Frankie thinks you are the hottest guy in here.

Frankie:  I do...I say it to everybody.

Caleb:  What did you say?

Nicole tries to guess the order of the guys:  Caleb, Cody, Zach and then Hayden?

Frankie:  Zach, but 10 pounds ago.

(What a bitch.)

Nicole: What about Zach 10 pounds ago vs. Hayden?

Frankie:  Hayden.

Nicole:  Do you like long hair or short hair?
Frankie:  Short hair...Zach looks just like my most recent's shocking, actually.

Frankie says all of his dates have been "pretty gorgeous", but the looks are really secondary to the personality.

Frankie:  My first boyfriend was Israeli and Columbian...

Caleb: Yikes.

Frankie:  A beautiful, beautiful man.

Nicole got called to the DR and says "dangit...I was just getting into this conversation".

Assorted Bits and Pieces, With a Focus on Footwear #BB16

Zach's pancake was not very attractive this morning, but he ate it anyway.  Even ugly pancakes are tasty, of course.  Caleb sat and ate his slop next to Zach this morning, and tried to get something going with him by saying he bet his slop tasted better than the pancake.

Zach:  Yeah.

This is Sad Zach this morning.  Maybe that's a strategy?  Probably not.

Nicole came downstairs and Frankie yelled out that he loves that color on her. Caleb did a really loud wolf whistle and Christine made some sort of smart remark.

Nicole: OK're my target today for nomination...oh I forgot you're safe...

They all laughed.  But the truth is often told in jest, as they say.

Caleb is still rocking Amber's bunny slippers.  So funny.

Jocosta is getting ready for the ceremony...she gets a chance to speak, so I can just see the wheels turning in her head now.  I guess.  Who knows, right?

Victoria is getting all tarted up for the ceremony.  Check out these hot shoes.

And the clingy little dress.

The cameras show us Jocosta's Mom Shoes.

Then the cameras go right back over to Victoria's feet.  Of course.

Christine is frustrated with the fit of her beanie today, then gets called to the DR, so the PoV Ceremony is about to go down.

Victoria made a fishtail braid with her hair.  But she didn't do it so we could learn anything, like Aaryn did last year.

Zach seems really bored with it all today, sitting silently while the group chatters around him.

Donny's HoH Letter from Kristine #BB16

Here is the transcript of the letter Donny received from his girlfriend Kristine.  She certainly seems to love him and whatever happens in the game, he does have a lot to look forward to at home.

Hey DJ, Squirrel, Zippy, Brown Eyes, Poopy, Sweetie, My Love –

Well, if you are reading this, you won HOH! Congratulations! You earned it and deserve it!

Everyone is doing well and they all say “Hey”! Been talking to Penny, Ma and Tommy a lot. Your house, yard and chicken truck are all in good shape. I sat on your bed and took your chicken truck for a drive. You know there’s somethin’ bout a truck! Bear and Josie miss you! They can’t wait for belly rubs! Woof Woof!!

I’m still going to the gym a couple days each week and to the pool on the weekends, but neither one is fun without you. I get bored and lonely :(. Watching some fireworks with the dogs this week, but it’s not the same without you either (wink). Been going to Albemarle on weekends to look at houses and to visit Ma, Daddy and Tommy, getting some good home-cooked meals, too!! Narrowing down the list of houses for when you get back!

I miss you so much. I miss your kisses, holding your hand, your touch, your hugs and your massages with those wonderful hands. I miss snuggling with you and lying next to you in bed. I miss the way you smell. Since you’ve been gone I have realized that there is an emptiness in my life and a void in my heart without you here. You complete me and make me whole. You mean the world to me and I don’t ever want to be without you or away from you like this again.

Hope you are thinking about me a lot. Think about us walking on the beach…Sunset Beach would be a good image!! Can’t wait to see you! Can’t wait to go to the beach again! When you get back, we need a vacation after all this!! :)

You are doing a great job in there! You deserve this more than anyone. Keep it up! We are all very proud of you. Stay strong and positive! Sending heart hugs, prayers and lots of love your way. God be with you. I love you so much! “Thank you for loving me!” You know there’s somethin’ bout a truck! xoxoxoxoxo

Love Always, Your Biggest Fan,

Good Mourning, House Guests #BB16

Big Brother is prodding all of the HG to get up and get ready for the PoV Ceremony today.  Right after the wake up music, they started calling people in to the DR.  They called Nicole but she told them she just woke up and wanted to put on some makeup.  So they gave her a few minutes to go back to the HoH room to get ready.

Victoria must thinks she has a lot of privacy in the HoH bathroom, because she is being very open about clipping in her extensions.  Or maybe she is just feeling more comfortable in general around there.  She did spend two days barefoot in a bikini, after all, and was chained to Caleb the whole time.

She brushes out each panel of extensions and then clips them in.  I counted at least three panels (or whatever they are called) and I think there may have been more.

I know Victoria is going to be upset with me for posting pictures of her real hair, but my wish for her is that she realizes that as a person she is more than just her hair...and she can live without all the fake hair very nicely.

It's just too much.  People end up noticing her hair, and not her.

Donny's already done his morning routine by now, before anybody else has barely started.

Zach and Christine were alone for a few minutes in the kitchen, and I was waiting for him to say something to her about the PoV, to make one last attempt to change his fate in the game.

She asked him if he was making eggs, and I don't think he even bothered to answer her.  Zach thinks he has the votes to stay, of course, so maybe if he knew the truth he would have tried to save himself.

Zach is making himself an M & M pancake, of course.  Any true fan of the live feeds or a regular reader of mine knows how much he loves a ginormous M & M pancake.

Frankie can be heard yammering away nonstop in the background---of course he doesn't want Zach to have any time alone with the PoV holder....hell no.

Christine is really taking it from the fans on the internet.  She might as well go Full Villain at this point since Fan Favorite is out of the question.

Being friends with someone the fans turned on (Frankie) and trying to undermine someone the fans really love (Nicole) is never a good equation as far as the fans go, so she might as well just go for it and start cutting throats in there.

Also, the many Cody fans (and "Nicody" fans) don't Christine being within 10 feet of Cody, much less being so handsy and all.  For the record, I see Cody being A LOT more handsy with her than she is with him, but that doesn't matter to the Cody fans.

The diet is getting to Caleb. The Slop diet.  He looks great with a shaved head, though, so he shouldn't be too upset with that.

I heard Nicole admit that as a fan she would have loved the BoB competition, but as a player she hated it.  She was ready to get dunked any minute, but Derrick said it was a great competition because even if you won, you were punished.

Beast Mode Cowboy paces... but his feet are feeling super cozy...

Wearing Amber's bunny slippers.

Ha ha ha.  Dnn't get caught laughing, though, because Caleb will cut a bitch.

And for the "Nicody" fans, I took a picture of Cody hugging Nicole that I thought you would like.  It  probably doesn't matter what the real context is, but for the record Nicole was telling them how upset she was earlier when Cody talked smack about her HUGE jar of pickled eggs.  He said they smelled and were gross, so she went upstairs and cried.

Yes, that is true.

Looks Like a Bad Week for Zach Fans... #BB16

We were all excited at the prospect of Frankie Grande getting backdoored this week by Nicole, and sending his backstabbing ass home on Thursday.  But it doesn't look like Christine will use the PoV she won on Saturday night.

Last night Derrick and Cody chatted, and they agreed that Zach had to go this week.  He is too volatile for their games, and if they vote to keep him they feel their positions in the game will be too exposed.  They would have loved to send Frankie home, too, but unfortunately the PoV didn't work in their favor.

Frankie is a Have Not this week and has spent a lot of time in the kitchen working with the "Pea Lime Pie" foods voted on by the internet.  He's been using the pie crusts to make "Slop Pie" and also covering them with sugar and spices and baking them for a sweet treat.  Cody even broke apart the pie crust pieces and ate them in a bowl with milk like cereal.  Frankie is also working on a pea hummus recipe and made some pea soup last night.

Around 2:00 am BBT, Frankie took a bowl of his pea soup outside on the patio and chatted with Derrick, Cody and Hayden about various topics.  Production gave Frankie a few pair of extra socks to wear in the Have Not room due to his medical condition.  Derrick would love to cook up tuna steaks at home like they do in the house but after looking at the price tag he says he can't afford it. Cody doesn't like pea soup, but loves lentil soup even though it makes him gassy.

Frankie got up to go in the house and Hayden interrupted Derrick mid-sentence.

Hayden:  Real quick question while he's not around...

Cody:  YES.  I fucking can't stand to have him around.

Derrick laughed.

Cody:  Oh, that wasn't the question?

Hayden:  No, but good comment.

Hayden is fairly certain that the PoV will not be used in tomorrow's PoV Ceremony.  He wonders what they should say to Caleb and Frankie about voting Zach out.  They think they should keep it a secret until later in the week, at least.

Derrick doesn't think Caleb would ever even consider voting out Zach, but Cody tells him that he's heard Caleb say he doesn't trust Zach or Frankie.

(But that was long ago and far way, when Amber was in the house...)

Derrick thinks they should keep their plans quiet around Frankie as long as possible.  Cody says he doesn't "give a fuck about Frankie" (i.e. their alliance with him).

Hayden:  If Zach knew, he would freak the fuck out...

Derrick:  Oh yeah, we need to tell him he's safe..for peace of mind anyway.

Cody reports that Christine is on board to evict Zach, and they will all just agree to "play pacifier" this week.

Derrick:  I agree this is what to do this week, but when it's my time to go, I expect someone to tell me, so I don't look like an ass.

Cody agrees that if he's up there, he wants someone to tell him if he doesn't have the votes so he knows.

Derrick:  Yeah, you'd be pissed, and you would still campaign, but at least you don't look like a fucking jackass.  That's what I would be hurt about.

(Do you think Zach cares about looking like a fucking jackass?  To me, if Zach is going on Thursday, and I now think he is, then the bigger the splash it makes, the better it will be down the road for him.  Zach's camera presence is not going unnoticed by the CBS executives....)

Hayden is glad that they're all on the same page.  Cody leaned forward to tell them that earlier that day Christine made a comment to him about getting rid of Zach.  There are other people outside so Cody leans back so it "doesn't look weird".

Derrick wonders if they can blame the plan to evict Zach on Christine when they tell Frankie.  Hayden says he's thought about that.  Cody thinks that is a bad idea because she will flip the script on them and out their alliance, because if the alliance was true none of them would be voting Zach out.

Now Hayden brings up trying to put Frankie in a frame of mind to evict Donny if he wins HoH during the Double Eviction.

Hayden:  I'm really not sure if Christine is on board with the plan...I'm not sure where she stands.

Cody:  Dude, she is so tough to read. I don't say much to Christine...I feel like she's been off the fucking radar for the last two weeks.

Hayden:  If she thinks you are going to be in power, she will start clinging to you again..that's what she's doing with Nicole right now...

Cody:  And she's definitely linked to Frankie.


I took these pictures after the PoV competition.  Zach was in the shower and seemed happy about the game.  He mouthed the words "I threw it" at least once, laughing.  I think he was kidding, but really who knows.

Zach doesn't shower that often in there, so these pictures are kind of rare.

Frankie assured him he was safe and had the votes to stay. But we all know Frankie is a backstabbing liar.

(Hayden calls him "The Actor" when he and Nicole talk about him.)