Sunday, August 3, 2014

About That Grueling PoV Last Night.....And Zach Has a Tantrum #BB16

The PoV Competition kicked off about 6:00 pm BBT last night, and continued until well after 10:00 pm.  I think the length of time may have set a record, although I do remember a PoV competition ending after the start of BBAD at least one other time.

The competition sounds similar to the one last year where the house guests jumped on a trampoline to look at pictures hanging on the other side of a wall.  They had to keep jumping to see how to solve the puzzle, and they completed it one at a time, with the fastest time winning.    Last night they got to use zip lines, and it had a comic book theme, so that sounds awesome.

Each person playing had to be sequestered in a room alone, waiting for their turn.  Usually someone is in the DR, another in storage, someone in the Have Not room, etc.  The four guys who didn't play were stuck upstairs in the HoH Room for over four hours, with no idea what was happening outside.

When BBAD started, we saw Donny sitting eating Wheat Thins for what seemed like an eternity, so I knew we were in trouble.  Cody and Hayden were sleeping in the HoH bed, and finally Derrick walked around the room and told them they were on TVGN so they carried on a conversation for what seemed like forever.  (I don't even think they showed this on the live feeds...only on TVGN because I think the contract calls for a live broadcast every day...)

Every time BBAD went to commercial, I was just sure that the PoV was ending and I would know what happened if I stayed awake for just a few more minutes....but I ended up going to sleep before I knew what happened.

There was one interesting conversation that I heard up in the HoH....I've heard Derrick say before that he started watching Big Brother after catching some of BBAD back when it was on Showtime.   Back then, they didn't have to bleep out any curse words or nudity.  If you did something like talk about Production or slander someone back home BB would tell them to shut up, but that was about it.

Anyway, Derrick said he was flipping channels late one night and landed on BBAD.  He saw someone he later learned was Ragan Fox (BB12) laying in bed, propped up against the headboard.  The camera was focused right on his face, and he said "I hate that fucking bitch".

Derrick saw the cameras immediately switch over to a girl in the kitchen who started talking about what a bitch someone else was, and how she hated her.  Derrick realized that the show was being filmed live and was fascinated.  At the end he saw Julie Chen appear onscreen mentioning watching BB on CBS.  Derrick went on his computer and did some research, and yadda yadda yadda, he became a fan of the show.

Derrick buys the live feeds and I've heard him say he went back and watched a few seasons---BB11 and BB10 at the very least, I think.

Donny loved that story and I could tell he knew exactly what Derrick was saying.  They also played games like "how would you rather a fire or by freezing?", and so forth.  Derrick speculated that something may have gone wrong outside---someone must have taken extra long to complete the task because he was pretty sure Production didn't intend for it to drag on through BBAD.

No one said it out loud, but I'm sure they were all thinking Jocosta blew it...right?  They did say that the competition would probably play to Zach's strengths and that he could win.  Derrick mentioned that Zach graduated from UF so he must be very intelligent.  Donny actually had no idea that Zach had graduated from UF, which I find ridiculous after living together so long.

Derrick also said it was hard to get into UF, but it was easy to get into FSU.  Fuck you Derrick, regarding that last comment.  FSU rules, bitch.

OK, so FINALLY all of the PoV players and Frankie (who hosted it) were in the kitchen talking a mile a minute.  Christine won the PoV.  I don't know if she sensed it, but she really needed to win that PoV last night.  Not just to keep Frankie from being backdoored---Nicole was starting to think that Christine needed to go up on the block, too.  (Based on some sketchy behavior, reports of Christine working both side of the house, running her mouth about Nicole, and rudely telling Nicole that Hayden made out with Victoria...etc.)

Christine:  It was really was a trampoline with a zip line, basically.

Nicole:  It was the first one I had wrong....I wanted to give up...I had the wiener wrong, the one with me..

Zach:  That was the first one, you dingus!  I tried to quit three times.

Donny asked Christine for clarification about what they had to do...she tried to answer but Zach jumped in and talked over her, waving his arms around.  Easy there Zach....time for you to shut up and go back to bed, dude.

Each house guest had a superhero-themed card or picture, and they had to match them up based on what they saw over the wall.  Zach is firing off what was different in the pictures for each house guest, and was shocked to learn that Christine only needed to jump up twice for each picture.

Or something like that.  Zach's back is all sweaty, as you can see here.

Zach was impressed with Christine's strategy.

Christine:  I just wanted to be really precise and get each one right.

Zach:  I got pissed and threw a bunch of pictures and I think I broke a camera!

Christine's jaw dropped and we got FISH.  Great.  Just what we need.

When we come back Zach is in mid-RANT, acting out how he held up cards and yelled out what was on them, before slinging them over to the side.  You can see Derrick is loving the story.

Zach: And they said, Zach, STOP THROWING ALL OF THE PIECES!

He repeats that he wanted to quit three times, but they encouraged him to keep going.

Zach:  I had 'em all right within the first five minutes, but he order was wrong.

Christine was shocked at that.  She was a lucky girl last night.....for sure.

Christine:  But at least you finished...

But Zach is just getting started.

Zach:  For at least 20 minutes I was just cursing people out..I was yelling 'ARE YOU GETTING A FUCKING KICK OUT OF THIS? (pointing up at production staff and crew working on the roof) ARE YOU GETTING A FUCKING KICK OUT OF THIS?

Derrick:  I can't wait to see that on TV!

Zach:  No dude, they can't show it....I was dropping way too many F bombs..

Zach:  And then at the end I was just cursing myself, and punching myself in the dick.

Zach:  I blew it...I blew it...

Why is he wearing the HoH robe?  I am still holding out hope that Nicole can get Christine to use the PoV by telling her she wants to backdoor Donny, but that would mean going to war with Christine afterwards, and that wouldn't be smart for Nicole.

I just can't stand looking at or listening to Frankie anymore, but I will try to be somewhat professional in my quest to bring you accurate and timely live feed information.

(Just know that whenever we see that glitter nail polish of his on TV that I am ready to vomit....)

Zach retells his story about cursing out Production and throwing pieces around.  He hit the lens of one camera and would be surprised if it wasn't broken.  Each house guest had a Super Hero-themed card.

Zach's picture was the "Zach Attack" that said "Protecting Little Broskis from danger everywhere".  Cody's was the "Effronater" or something like that, and showed Cody holding a man in front of Zach Effron's dressing room door. (?)  Derrick's had him holding his daughter and it said "Hero by Night, Dad All Day".  Caleb's said "Metro by Day, and Beast Mode by Night".  Donny's said to "Fear the Beard".

All of the house guests will get to have their picture when the season is over, and they are excited.  Hopefully Zach didn't damage any of them when he had his tantrum.  It sounds like everyone got to got out into the backyard for a few moments before they were locked down.

This wasn't the outcome Nicole wanted....what will she do?

Nicole's time to complete the PoV was only 30 seconds longer than close but yet so far..

Adam and Eve Had a Rough Night... #BB16

You probably know by now that the PoV competition lasted well over 4 hours last night...but more about that later.

Caleb and Victoria both played in the competition, and were allowed to trade their "fig leaves" for athletic wear, of course.  This is their last day to be chained together, so there is an end in sight.  They slept in the HoH Room with Nicole, so that isn't too bad.

Victoria got called to the DR this morning, so that means Caleb had to walk down there with her.  They were both quiet, walking down there, and to his credit I didn't hear Caleb bitching about it.  He's a good sport, and she seems to be a good sport as well.

Yesterday they got new versions of the costumes, since the leaves on the original costumes started falling off within 10 minutes of putting them on.

Yes, 10 minutes.

These new costumes appear to have leaves made of cloth, which are sewn on to the green bathing suits.

For DR visits, they are required to detach from each other, and one of them has to sit and wait outside the outer door until the other comes out.  As you know from watching the CBS show, there is a little hallway leading to the actual DR door.  They sit outside, in the living room so they can't hear what is said in the DR.

Caleb sat down and was trying to get comfortable, when Victoria came right back out, within a minute.  Caleb was surprised and asked her several times on the way back upstairs what was going on, what did they want in there..

I couldn't hear her answer, but it was some sort of mumbled response that indicated it was about the schedule for today or something.  Whatever she told him, it wasn't the truth.

(The truth being that she went in there to take her Adderall pill.  Duh.)

When they got back upstairs it was Victoria's turn to wait for Caleb, who had to visit the restroom.

And he was in there a long time.  Caleb is not a Have Not this week, but he is on slop as a result of the BoB competition on Friday.  Victoria talked to him a little through the door...his stomach is bothering him and he plans to only eat slop once a day this week.

They actually seem to get along really well.  Victoria doesn't like to be alone, so this situation gives her usual friends a chance to get some breathing space for a change.  (i.e. Derrick)

Victoria has on the Eve wig, but has it back in a pony tail for sleeping purposes, and I guess she borrowed this hat from somebody.  I actually like this look because it gives us an idea of what she would look like with shorter, more normal length hair.  (Rather than her usual way-too-long clip on extensions.)

All that hair just drags her down and gives her overall presentation a heavy look, in my opinion.  You can see from the picture above that she is actually quite petite and has a figure most girls would love to have.

I think a shoulder-length swingy bob (or a "lob") would look great on Victoria and give her more of an updated look.  And save her A LOT of aggravation on a daily basis....