Thursday, July 31, 2014

As The Clock Stuck Midnight...Where Were the Have Nots? #BB16

Every week as the Have Nots end their week of hell at midnight, there is usually a lot of drama and excitement over them chowing down on copious amounts of food.  People stand around and cheer as they countdown to midnight, and the excitement is contagious.

So imagine my surprise to tune in to the live feeds at 11:55 pm BBT, and see the kitchen empty, except for Caleb who is being dainty about assembling a plate of something.  That doesn't look very good to me...not enough color on the plate for me.  He should add some salsa, a little avocado..

I'm sure that huge garbage pail adds a fresh, invigorating scent to the kitchen area.  Gross.

Just after midnight, this is the scene in the kitchen area.  Where's Derrick?  And aren't Nicole and Christine hungry?  What the hell, people?

Derrick finally strolls in like he has all day to do this, and looks at the turkey-cheese rollups that Caleb put in the oven and says "I'm down".

Derrick:  I'm down for anything but pizza...

(Because they had pizza dough as an additional food last week...they ate enough of it...)

Caleb:  I was gonna put a few of them cheese pizzas in the oven, but then I said, nah...

Derrick:  I'm good with pizza for about 4 months...

(I doubt that...)

Derrick went in the backyard with a platter and tongs so I guess he was out there grilling and we just couldn't see it.

Maybe their clock is wrong, because we're almost two minutes past midnight and I still don't see Caleb put anything into his mouth.  Cody is slicing up something and the knife sounds are the only sounds coming out of the kitchen right now.

Finally at 12:03 am Caleb whistles and opens the back door to let Derrick know it's time.  Cody weakly says you're not a Have Not anymore and that is pretty much all that happens.

Caleb grabbed a big hunk of some sort of meat and went over to the dining table and took a big bite and then set it down.  On his own plate, I hope.  He didn't make any "yummy" noises and just walked back over to the kitchen while Cody looks for the "mini pan".

I guess I'm the only one who gives a shit about this right now.  ***whatever***

Turns out Cody was shredding grilled chicken, probably for the quesadillas.  Finally Nicole shows up and shoves something in her mouth, saying "OH MY GOD" and we go to FISH.

Probably due to Caleb's constant Beast Mode singing and humming.

When the feeds return Caleb has announced he is so hungry he can't wait any longer, so he sits down and starts shoving huge bites into his mouth.  I can't say I blame him.  Beast Mode Cowboy is hungry, ya'll.

There is a long strand of gooey cheese that escaped from Caleb's mouth but you can't really see it in this picture very well.

Nicole is eating standing up in the kitchen, saying maybe it's because she hasn't eaten in a week, but the chicken is the best chicken she's ever had.

I heard Christine come in the room and she sounds like she's ready to eat, too.  I was starting to wonder about these girls.  Meanwhile two of the cameras show Frankie laying in the HoH bed running his mouth.  It's definitely Frankie's turn to get his ass in the Have Not room, and maybe even sit on the block or out on the couch with Julie Chen.  He's had HoH-itis since he first came in the house, in my opinion.

Caleb really is kind of ignoring Amber, but not in a mean way.  In a "I could care less way", which is good.  I'm proud of Caleb for this.  How great would it be if he fell in crazy love with Victoria or Nicole after Amber leaves the house?  And goes through the same obsession with them?  Damn that would be great.

Derrick came in with a platter of meat, and Christine bit into a tomato and is eyeballing an avocado.  I heard Caleb say several times recently that he didn't plan to make the same mistakes he made the last time he came off a Have Not week.  Apparently Caleb ate too much too fast and didn't feel so good for several days.

Has Caleb forgotten that promise he made to himself?  Maybe he's backed off a little since they don't expect to have an endurance competition tonight.  Because he just ate a piece of chicken after his turkey-cheese roll, and that is a huge wad of spaghetti he is shoveling in his mouth in the picture below.

(They saw a series of videos on the memory wall and suspect the competition will involve remembering what happened in the videos.)

Nicole finally sits down at the table and really cranks up her fork and knife.  She told Derrick it was the best chicken she's ever tasted, and Christine co-signs that, too.

Derrick:  See, if you moved to Rhode Island you could eat this chicken every week.

Christine:  Oh, I'm definitely moving to Rhode Island.

Derrick agrees with Caleb that he's "keeping it light tonight" and then Cody comes over with the first quesadilla, dumping it on Caleb's plate.  I watched him eat that in about 2 1/2 bites.

Amber does a little campaigning by stating that she's so happy for the Have Nots right now, and do they need any sour cream or salsa?  Derrick did a "cheers" with Nicole and Christine, walking around the table to congratulate them on the end of their first week as Have Nots.

Christine says the quesadilla ROCKS and gets up to get sour cream, saying she's going to "have a fat night".

Derrick asked Nicole if she was full, since she was starting to slow down.

Nicole:  I don't know.

Derrick laughs about how Nicole is just pushing food around on her plate now, and her eyes were bigger than her stomach.  Derrick got a quesadilla and Nicole throws in the towel, saying she just can't eat anymore.

Caleb:  I grew up in a "eat everything on your plate" household.   Let's see what you're made of..

Nicole: I just can't, Caleb.

But she ate a few more bites of spaghetti and pushed through.  Meanwhile Frankie and Zach are upstairs in bed, and Frankie is trying to find out what Zach's alliance with Cody and Derrick is up to, and giving him instructions about how they should play going forward.

Caleb came in the room and got in bed next to Frankie as they discussed Zach making him an ice cream float with Frankie's HoH snacks.

We Don't Have To Wonder What the Have Nots Will Eat Next Week #BB16

because the choice has already been made by the live feeders.

It was close, but the winner is "Pea Lime Pie".  Based on what has happened with the Have Not foods so far this summer, I think we can conclude that the Have Nots will get three additional foods for the week:

*  Peas
*  Limes
*  Piecrust

If they are given graham cracker crusts, how damn tasty is that?  I love a good graham cracker crust....

Team America Breaks Down When Donny Acts Up #BB16

In the wee hours of this morning, at around 1:30 am BBT, Derrick got called to the DR for this week's Team America mission.  America apparently chose "Option A" which is to make two hinky votes against the majority and then blame others for them on the live show.  I am not a big Team America fan, to be honest.  We don't need it this year because the cast is so strong, in my opinion.

This new mission seems like it was developed to replace the failed mission this week, because the hinky votes will relate to tomorrow night's vote.

Derrick went up to the HoH and told Frankie about it, who kept shrugging like "what the hell"? while he brushed his teeth.

Derrick:  It's what America wants!

They whispered about it and it sounds like they plan to either blame Hayden, or vote him out via a backdoor.  Derrick said they can't vote out Donny due to Team America, and they both sound like they have trust issues with Christine.  Frankie thinks she is 100% trustworthy, and I think part of this whispering involves the cover stories and not the truth.  They are going to let Zach say something instead of them taking the blame for it --I think the Hayden backdoor plan is what they are talking about here.

Derrick tells Frankie that he needs to go in the DR, and he plans to wake up Donny to tell him about the new Team America mission.  It sounds like Derrick and Donny will place the hinky votes and they will decide who to blame it on later.  Derrick says they can't discuss it during the live show, or when they are locked down. Derrick admits this is going to be a tough mission.

When he walked back into the HoH room, Caleb was in the room listening to Justin Bieber.  Derrick and Caleb both decided to enjoy a Ring Pop and Derrick selected the "Dragon Berry" flavor.  While Derrick was putting it on his pinky finger it slipped off and Derrick claimed the "5 second rule" before putting it back in his mouth.

Derrick moved through the house quickly to go wake up Donny Thompson.  Derrick went in to the Fire Room and touched the pillow Donny had over his head, whispering to him that they got a new Team America mission.

Donny:  WHAT THE....

Derrick:  I'm sorry buddy....but you need to go in's kind of long so I'll give you a few minutes to get yourself together.

Donny:  We have to do it tonight?

Derrick:  We have to let them know tonight...they threw a curveball at us...I'll fill you in as soon as you get up...sorry buddy.

After Donny got a T-shirt on, Derrick sat next to him and pretended to go through dresser drawers while he explained.  After they cast the hinky votes, Derrick says after the person leaves the house, all three of them have to publicly accuse two people of casting the votes before they go outside to play for HoH.

There is a moment of silence after Derrick speaks.

Donny whispers something.

Derrick:  What?

Donny:  I say we decline it.

Derrick: Frankie came up with pointing at Caleb and asking him if he did it, and then I would point at Zach and say "Zach's trying to stir up trouble" and you can agree with that.  But what do you think?  What is your opinion?

Derrick says it is risky because it might impact their long-term game since they have to accuse the others in public, and only have three minutes to do it.

Donny:  And that's three people...

Derrick:  We only accuse two people, but all three of us need to do it.  But I'll let you go in the DR and you can find out specific details and let me know what happens.

Derrick apologized again for waking Donny up, but he said it's okay as he put on his socks and shoes for the visit to the DR.  Right as Donny goes into the DR, Frankie comes downstairs and joins Derrick in the living room.  Derrick told him what Donny said about declining the mission.

Frankie:  We're not declining it.

Derrick:  Nope.  We have to convince him.  We have to at least try.

Frankie:  It's so easy...and all he has to do is vote...he doesn't have to do shit..

Derrick says it will be easy to blame it on Caleb, since it is Amber on the block, and it is also easy to blame Zach (who will probably admit to it even though he didn't do it, like being Amanda's cousin).  Derrick is sucking the hell out of his Ring Pop while all this happens, obviously enjoying it.

Derrick:  Done.

Frankie:  Done.

Derrick:  Done. We got this.  But all of us have to be on board to win it.

Derrick points out that America wants them to stir shit up so the game is not so predictable.  They laugh after Frankie says he wants "MORE MONEY!".  Derrick says they can make the accusations but not be malicious about it.

Now Caleb and Christine come in and Derrick announces that Donny was very upset about being woken up and was pissed.  Derrick is obviously covering for the whispered conversation he just had with Frankie while Caleb was likely watching them on the Spy Screen.  Jocosta came in and both Derrick and Frankie ended up going in the bedroom with her to pray.

All three of them recited the Lord's Prayer then Jocosta did a solo prayer that included asking God to "lift Tenley up to Jesus and protect her", as well as Derrick's wife Jana.  It was a lot of words, and many of the words repeated themselves over and over.  Frankie's family got lifted and protected, too, and Jocosta's, too.  The prayer pace was frantic, as if the words per minute counted.  Maybe it does.  Who knows.  Aunt Laurita was lifted up, too.

Mid-prayer, the camera shifted to the backyard, where Zach said every day he would like nothing more than to be wearing shorts on the golf course, "ripping a seven iron".  He points out this is not acceptable to his mom, however.

Zach:  The actual plan was to make my brother a professional golfer, but my parents said you can't invest so much in his life, you need to make your own life...

The cameras shift again to the living room, where Frankie and Derrick mutter about Donny and what is happening in the DR right now with him.  They continue their plan about what they will say during the live show and they seem excited.  Frankie plans to take Donny into the Have Not room the moment that he comes out of the DR to start the process.  Derrick wants to be sure what they have planned will qualify to win, so they don't waste their efforts.

They think these missions are more difficult than in year's past, and that they have to do a fair amount of strategizing to get things done.  Right then Donny comes out of the DR and Frankie leaves the room.  Derrick starts talking to Donny about the plan.

Donny: I'll do it if you two want to do it, but....there's a lot of smart people in this house...and for three people to make the comment, you don't think they'll suspect something?  It's out of character...

Derrick:  Especially for us...we're kind of the oddballs who keep quiet.  But you're a fan of this game, do you think this is a boring season?  Because we're really Saboteurs with all of this.

Donny:  Oh I think what you're sayin' will happen is awesome, but Team America ain't exactly great for our own individual games.

Derrick agrees this is a tough one, and Donny says there aren't many people around to blame.  Derrick says it will be easy to blame Caleb, since it's Amber on the block.

Donny:  But what if he does that anyway?  And then there's three votes?  That could be really obvious.  And for me to say that, it is really out of character.  They'll let it slide through the competition, but after it's over they'll wonder who done it?

Victoria comes over and massages Derrick and seems whiny.  Derrick tells her he'll talk to her later because he's eating sugar and he'll be up all night.  After she walks off Derrick whispers "she won't leave me alone".

After she leaves Donny counts the votes again and says Caleb can easily cast a pity vote for Amber to stay.  With nine people voting there are only so many people who could have cast the votes.

(Donny is really smart to consider the implications of this, I think.)

Donny being up at this hour (nearly 2:00 am BBT) is causing quite a stir and everyone who walks in the room comments on it. Derrick keeps repeating that he had to wake up Donny for the DR and Donny was really upset.  Donny left the room and Nicole came in and sat with Derrick.

They tore into a bag of Sour Patch Kids and talked while their mouths were full of candy.

They whispered about Amber.  Nicole is starting to feel bad for Amber and is trying to avoid her.  (If you don't watch the live feeds, than you just can't imagine how paranoid Amber is, and how she follows people from room-to-room begging for information.  This is the reactive approach to Big Brother, and it's not working for her.)

Nicole:  You don't care that I'm eating these, do you?

Derrick, chewing:  Absolutely not.

The candy is from Zach's HoH room. Nicole says she needs to eat enough tonight to last her a week, in case she is a Have Not again.

They both smack and chew and savor the Sour Patch Kids.  I can imagine just what that tastes like, can't you?  Those candies start to hurt my tongue after a few handfuls, but it is hard to stop eating.

Victoria is moping around and hounds Derrick about needing to talk with him.  He says he can pencil her in for the hammock in a few minutes, and he does a good job of not sounding irritated with her, which must be hard.

Finally Derrick leaves the room and is followed by Donny as they go upstairs to the HoH room. Frankie is there and the three of them get right to it.

Donny, with his voice shaking a little:  They didn't choose a bunch of dummies, and I ain't no dummy either.  And Donny coming up those stairs at 2:00 am and everybody seen it..they're going to wonder why...and I don't like it.  I think we should decline because I didn't come all the way across the country to get my game messed up.

Frankie:  You don't think we can blame Zach and Caleb?

Donny:  They're gonna worry who done it.  It's too much out of character for this to go down like this, and for him (Derrick) to say something like that, and for me too.  We can't expect these people to be that dumb, over greed for $5,000.  If you all want to do it, I'll do it, but I think it's too greedy for that amount of money.

Frankie: It's not so much the's an assignment we got.

Derrick:  I think you brought up some great points and we should sleep on it.  But America wants us to do it, so there's that.  I'm glad that we're not just doing it to do it...we're talking about it and I like that.

Donny points out again that Christine, Nicole, and Hayden aren't dummies.

Donny:  If ya'll want to do it, we'll do it.  But it could easily backfire on us.

They also say that later in the game they can't blow up the fact that the others were on Team America, or they forfeit all of their Team America earnings.  Frankie plans to ask the DR if just he and Derrick can do the mission, but later says if the three of them aren't in agreement, then screw it.  He wants the three of them together at the end and not blow their cover.

They plan to talk again in the morning after Frankie finds out how minimal the effort can be to earn the money and complete the task.


In the morning Donny and Derrick discussed the mission again as Derrick ate breakfast.  Donny still opposed the mission, and Derrick agreed with Donny's points.  For one thing, Donny points out that if you were the one who got blamed for it in front of everyone, how would Derrick feel?  They also realize that someone really could give Amber a few sympathy votes, and then things could get really screwed up.

Almost immediately, Donny got called to the DR.  Last night, he indicated to Derrick that "they" weren't very happy with his reluctance to perform the mission, so I can only imagine what went on in there this morning.  After Donny came out we went to Jeff's interview highlights, indicating that the HoH lockdown is starting now to prepare for the live show.

After thinking about it, I think this move is best for Donny and Derrick.  As HoH, Frankie can't vote, so he can't be blamed for it....for that reason I think it was extra-risky for them.

Tidbits From the Last 24 Hours #BB16

Yesterday, Cody and Hayden stayed up all night.  At one point Victoria made coffee for them at about 6:00 am BBT, but she went to bed after that.  Cody and Hayden played pool until around 8:30 am BBT, and then Cody made breakfast for them and finally went to bed.

Hayden said the coffee kept him up, and he played with a slinky.  I'm not sure where the slinky came from, but it has been going from room to room with various house guests.  They have figured out that mere arm motions count as activity for their fitness trackers, so they all like to keep their hands busy now.

(I can assure you my FitBit doesn't work that way....only my feet are moving on the ground count as physical activity.)

Hayden made a lot of noise with the slinky, and commented that the sound must bother all of the live feeders.  Then he kept right on going.

Christine couldn't sleep in the Have Not room due to Derrick's snoring.  She came in the kitchen and was obviously unhappy about this.  She said it was uncanny how Derrick and Caleb trade off snoring duties.  If one of them is snoring at night, it is as if the other one knows he doesn't have to do it, so only one of them snores, but one of them always does.

She planned to wait until Derrick was out of the room before trying to go back in there to sleep.

I just remembered a story Hayden told to Cody while they were eating breakfast.  It was really interesting and had to be interrupted by FISH due to the specific details, but here is the summarized version.

Hayden moved out to California alone last September, with only two suitcases and a limited amount of money. He didn't know anyone, but he had a hotel reservation, and a few job leads to follow.  By the end of September, he had a job in a bookstore and found a small studio apartment in Long Beach.

There was a guy who kept coming in the bookstore to hang out and he would talk to Hayden.  It turns out the guy was a Mormon from Utah who was unsatisfied with his life.  He packed up his car and drove to California and was living in the car when he met Hayden.  He wanted to room with Hayden but it took Hayden a while to get on board with that plan.

Hayden finally invited the kid over to see the apartment, and he ended up staying.  The kid slept on the floor for weeks until he could buy a bed to sleep on.  It sounds like the kid's bed had a suitcase by it as a partition, and a towel hanging up for a little privacy.  Hayden knew that guy could see him, but didn't care because he was saving so much money on rent with the money the kid kicked in every month.

Hayden said the kid ended up having six different jobs, starting out as a dishwasher somewhere.  The kid got "addicted" to going to Hooter's because as a naive Mormon he just couldn't believe there were scantily clad hot chicks running around and he could drink beer there, too.  Hayden said the kid ended up making some genuine friendships with Hayden's neighbors and gives him credit for being so brave and inquisitive.  He lived with Hayden right up until two weeks before Hayden came on Big Brother, because he ended up going back home to Utah.  Hayden said the kid figured out what he needed to learn and went back home with a better idea of what he wanted out of life.

Cody really liked the story and seemed impressed with how Hayden just chucked it all and started in California with nothing.  Hayden said his pedi-cab job is with a company who sells the pedi-cab "experience" for different events, so that the pedi-cabs take people from their hotels to the conference centers, etc.  Hayden does not get paid by the event company, but gets to keep all of his tips.  He really hustles for tips and talks to people and makes them laugh, trying to turn a $5 tip into $20.  For one event he made $1,100 in one weekend, but that isn't the norm, he says.

In addition to the bookstore job, Hayden also worked at some sort of "e-cigarette store" but he commented several times about how "stressful" that was.  He quit that job and is much happier just making ends meet and hanging out at the beach every day.

Oh yeah...Hayden said he only works about 2 days per month at the pedi-cab company....on average.

Hayden finally went to bed, and for hours Jocosta and Donny just sat there in the backyard.  Jocosta tried to make conversation a few times, but there were a lot of awkward silences.  To be honest, Donny seems kind of hostile sometimes about his privacy.  I know America supposedly just loves Donny, but if Americans all watched the live feeds they might not feel the same way.

Donny never initiates any activities that are not solitary ones.  He just goes about his day on his own.  He makes his own breakfast and exercises afterwards, and then he sits and waits for other people to take action around him.  If he's walking in the backyard, then Christine or Jocosta might walk along with him, but Donny can take it or leave it.

In his defense, he says he is alone at home for about 13 hours each day, so I guess he's doing the same thing now.  But it is very boring to watch.  Donny would never say "let's all grill some chicken" or "teach me how to play pool", or "get away from me, loser".  Instead he just sits...

(Donny has been very sassy in the last few hours, and I will report on that later...)

Victoria came out to join Donny and Jocosta for a conversation about religion that was pretty interesting.  They were comparing what Victoria believed about the Old Testament to what they believed, and there were several interesting inconsistencies.  Victoria also spoke of her family in Israel and one cousin no one visits because she lives alone in the woods, or something like that.

Frankie and Zach slept the morning way.   I think this picture is funny since they are both doing the same thing with their heads, looking up.

We don't see Christine laying out in the sun very often, but she and Nicole braved the heat yesterday to catch some rays and mutter about the game.

They both realize that the guys want to keep Victoria around so she won't blow up their game.  Christine updated Nicole about what she missed from the pool tournament last night.

Christine's bathing suit is kind of 40's-inspired and is actually cute.   You can see some interesting close-ups of her tattoos in a few of these pictures.  Christine is usually all covered up so this is kind of a rare occasion.

What is the blue picture on Christine's leg, and why would she put it there?  I don't understand those choices at all.  But at least she doesn't have a Toxic Avenger tattoo like Matt Hoffman does...BB had to cover that tattoo due to copyright infringements.  Also, Devin had a tattoo related to his 12 step program that he had to cover with a Band Aid, too (from his Xanax abuse rehab).

Here is Caleb showing his undies.  He was singing a song in a Kermit the Frog voice that made Kermit sound like a bad boy, drinking and smoking weed, I think.