Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Frankie Blogs, and Blogs, and Then Blogs Some More #BB16

Well, Frankie has blogged, and sure had a lot to say.  He guesses the twist (WRONG) and covers all of his favorite topics, including:

* His "acting" career
*  All of his "characters"
*  His sister, Ariana, who is apparently famous.
*  Derrick is in his Final Two. (What?)
*  He's taking Derrick to Africa with him after the show.  (Say What?)

He does have nice words for Derrick's family, but has nothing to say about Zankie, or anything nice about Zach.

He does say that he's not being his true self in there, so maybe Frankie wouldn't annoy me in real life.

This is the longest HoH blog yet, I think.

AHHHHHHH!!!!! I am SOOOO excited to be at a computer and talking to you all!!! This is CRAZY!! As someone who posts vids, tweets, pics, and vlogs constantly, being disconnected from you guys has been a real challenge so I am really going to make this one count… so let's get started shall we?

First off I have to say thank you to everyone who lent their support to me and my family during this extremely difficult time with the passing of my Grandfather, Frank Grande. He was one of the most remarkable men on this planet and raised me like a father so to lose him was a terrible blow and to not be able to grieve with my family and comfort them has been very very trying. I am doing much better now and will honor my grandfather's last wish for me to stay and play this game harder than ever, for that is the biggest lesson Grandpa Grande taught me… When faced with an obstacle, don't back down, but fight harder.

Which brings me to this game. BIG BROTHER 16 is actually INSANE!!!!! For a while I was trying to put my finger on just what has caused this season to be so out of control and originally I thought it was the BOB twist, but eventually I figured it had to be more than that and here is what I have come up with. I believe that when Julie said to us "some of you are super fans and some of you are students of this game" as we entered this house it was a clue to the main twist of the season which is… BIG BROTHER 16: SUPER FANS vs. STUDENTS. It is the only thing that can explain how so many ridiculous moves were made in the first few weeks and why proven strategies have failed in this house with this cast. I believe the super fans are: me, Derrick, Donny, Victoria, Christine, Nicole, Cody, Jocasta and everyone else is a "student", which I believe is a very nice way of saying they have no idea what they are doing. Joey's outbreak, Pow Pow throwing comps and terrible covering, Devin's erratic strategies, Britney's paranoia, Amber's INSANE paranoia, Caleb's obsession with getting to the Jury, Zach's ATTACKS. All explainable by the fact that they have never seen the show. And it also explains why I have had to fight SO HARD SO EARLY in this game. I have been cleaning up messes that NEVER should have been made. So far everyone we have gotten out has been a "student" and if this week goes as planned, there will be another one out of here. That should spice things up a bit. I ADORE THIS GAME and I ADORE THIS TWIST if indeed I am right, but regardless, I'm taking out the stupid players first because honestly I feel that in the end they are more dangerous cause they are harder to control and harder to predict.

I've learned a few things about myself as a person and an actor in this house as well. It has been really amazing how much this experience has turned into an acting exercise. I play a lot of different characters in this house. I am not only talking about the characters I have created for everyone's enjoyment like ClaraBell DuPree, Rhinestone Silversmith (sorry for what a mess he is), and of course Frank, but I am talking about the many different versions of Frankie I play in this house. When I walked into this house I quickly realized that I had to leave Frankie Grande at the door and become someone else entirely, not only to keep my identity safe but to get further in the game. As an actor I am trained to amplify certain character traits within myself to aid me in playing a character and that is exactly what I am doing in this house. For example I pump up the frat boy side of me with Zach, the Boca Boy side of me with Victoria, the religious side of me with Jocasta, the competitive side of me with Caleb… And while they are all parts of the whole that make up Me, outside of this house they would never be so much in the forefront. They help me get further in this game because the more people see in me that reminds them of themselves, the longer they want to keep me here and the more they trust me. At least that is what I have observed. My only regret is that the world isn't getting to see the TRUE Frankie that exists outside of this house while I am on this show.


One of the hardest things about being in this house is getting no information on what my sister is up to. When I entered into this house Ariana was taking over the pop music charts for the summer and I am DYING to know what's currently happening. Are you guys LOVING Break Free (prob my favorite song of hers to date), how's Problem doing? When is her album coming out? How have her live performances been? I LOVE MY SISTER WITH ALL OF MY HEART AND SHE IS MY BEST FRIEND AND I'M HER BIGGEST SUPPORTER SO THIS HAS BEEN TORTURE! But I believe she is the greatest thing to happen to pop music in many years and I know she is doing well… it's just fun actually knowing how well. I miss her.

Ariana, if you are reading this I can not thank you enough for your letter to me. It meant the world to me that it came from you and you said exactly what I needed to hear at that moment to get me further in this game. Now I will return the favor. I know how difficult Grandpa's passing has been for you, but I NEED you to stay strong and take care of yourself and Mommy and Nonna until I get back. Know that I am meditating on all of you every day to give you the strength to not only get by, but to kick a$$ over these next few months. Grandpa told me to stay here and fight and you have to do exactly the same thing on the outside. I love and I miss you so much and please please please remember the joy Grandpa gave us and try and continue to share that light with others. You're stronger then you've been before… Oh and I CAN NOT WAIT for my beaded insult bracelets and bedazzled dragon… I have no idea what to expect but you've managed to combine everything I love into crafts so… I'm pretty sure I will be obsessed. Oh and let's go to Gringots the MINUTE I AM OUT OF HERE! AND WATCH 5,000 SCARY MOVIES… And gossip girl… and lay in bed with our puppies, and never leave the house… :)

Mommy… I LOVE YOU SOOOOO MUCH!!!! Thank you for your letters of encouragement. Without them I would not be able to be writing you this letter as I would have probably been home right now, but I am extremely grateful that you have given me the strength to continue and the knowledge that you will be strong for the family in my absence. Please kiss my Nonna 500,000 times for me… I love you so much.

Nonna, please stay strong for me. I need you now more than ever. You are the apple of my eye. I love and miss you soooooooooo much and I can not wait to see you again. Everyone in the house thinks you are beautiful and can not get over what a gorgeous YOUNG woman you are.

To Derrick’s family, I am so saddened by the news of PePere Norman's passing and I assure you that I will look out for Derrick in this game as if he were my brother. America chose us to work together and we are now bonded in a way that no one but us can appreciate and it would be my honor to sit next to him in the final 2 and it will be my goal. I am already taking him to Africa with me to build the first school that my team America money has allowed me to build and I hope there will be a few more schools where that came from by the end of this journey. Much love to you all and stay strong.

To all of my amazing friends… I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I hope the viewing parties are going well, my apartment is in one piece and I am making you proud. I love you! OOOOhhhhhhhAAAAooooAAAHHHaaaaaAAAA!!!!!!!

To all the other BIG BROTHER fans, THANK YOU FOR WATCHING! It has been a crazy emotional roller coaster so far but I promise that my head is in the game and I am ready to make some GRANDE moves and get me and team America as far as I can in this game. THANK YOU FOR VOTING ME PART OF TEAM AMERICA AND I WILL NOT LET YOU DOWN! I can not wait to get out of this house and meet you guys and read your feedback but I'm not going anywhere for a while so in the meantime I'll say… Shine bright like a Frankie!


Rachel Reilly Chats with Brittany #BB16

You may have heard the big news that Rachel has joined the cast of Hollywood Today Live which is affiliated with Fox.  She is the reality correspondent and I think this clip is her first appearance.

She chats with Brittany Martinez about her eviction last week, and gives some other newsy tidbits about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

Rachel's energy is great, and I think she is the perfect fit for this role.  The male anchor of the show seems a little Too Cool For School, but he better snap out of it or Rachel will end up taking his job, too.

Beast Mode Cowboy Has a Sitdown Wearing a Onesie... #BB16

Around 1:30 am BBT, Zach, Caleb. Cody and Derrick were having a delicate conversation with Caleb, who was rocking his onesie.  Derrick was eating what looked like a bowl of slop, and was smacking and slurping it up in a very distracting way.

(Whether or not to tell Caleb that Amber is going home has been a source of concern for the guys.  Derrick and Cody wanted to tell Caleb so he wouldn't be so angry after Amber is evicted, but Frankie didn't want to tell him.)

Caleb encouraged Zach to speak his mind, and Zach told Caleb that he thinks people are just talking shit this week, and that Amber will actually be voted out.  Caleb eats his own slop quietly and says Zach might be 100% correct.  Zach continues, saying that he's trying to be straight with Caleb, as his friend.

Zach:  I feel more comfortable in this game with Amber gone instead of Jocosta, personally.

Caleb:  If that's how you feel, I can't change your mind.

Zach:  Amber can stay on that wall just as long as I can, and win HoH and put me up, and then I'd be saying why wasn't I that 5th vote to evict her?

Zach tells Caleb he is the most loyal person in the house, but Amber is fake, conniving, and lies through her teeth.

Zach:  That's just my opinion....

Caleb:  And you're entitled to just have a decision to make.

Zach:  She's gonna win HoH this know that...

Caleb:  She ain't gonna beat me in an endurance's not happening's not.

BB calls Christine to the DR and Zach says he's never heard that one before.  No shit, Caleb says.  Now Caleb talks about giving Amber options to stay...asking her who she will nominate.  Caleb points out that the competition can be totally random, and Donny or Jocosta could win, and then Zach would go on the block, too.

Caleb says loyalty is his biggest concern in the game, and in life.  Devin messed all of that up for the group, but they got back on track.  Zach hasn't been on the block yet, he says, even though he has caused some commotion in the house.

Victoria came up to the HoH and Derrick hid behind the door so she wouldn't come in the room.  She just stuck her head in and said good night instead.  They all thought that was funny.

Derrick:  I just feel bad for her. This house is a bunch of wolves looking for a feast and she's just a fucking appetizer...she doesn't know what is going on..

Derrick got called to the DR just then and laughed that they want to talk to him about it.  He knows that Victoria is going to say she was just up there looking for him.  

Caleb asked Frankie if Amber has mentioned who her targets are.  Frankie hemmed and hawed and said it's awkward.

Caleb:  It's awkward?

Zach:  She's all over the place.  She says something different to every person. She's good at it...lying!

Frankie starts talking in circles, saying that Amber says so many things and then people all start talking about it.  Amber is scrambling and people are getting paranoid.

Zach:  Devin let the paranoia get to him, but I don't want to let it get to me.  But I'm sitting her thinking that it might be better for me if Amber leaves.

Frankie:  She's made some terrible decisions in this game.  Since I'm not voting, I'm trying to be as neutral as possible this week.  But things keep getting back to me.  She tells each person what they want to hear, and it's getting back to everyone else.

Zach:  She's pulling a Brittany.

Caleb:  At the end of the day, I don't care.  I'm in the fucking jury house at that point. She's walking around here paranoid, she's on her fucking period, she's packing up and might be leaving in two days, you got Victoria going to the Jury House, one of the dumbest blocks in this house...

Frankie:  She's said to multiple people that she has targets who are in this room.  Two of the people in this alliance.

Zach:  That's what I'm worried about.  And it's going to be 4-4, and I could be that fifth vote.  I don't want to screw myself over with the alliance, or by sealing my own fate by keeping her.

Derrick came back in the room while Zach talked to Caleb about loyalty and sat down silently, waiting.

Frankie says that Amber told him she needed to lock down her votes tonight, so she is telling a different story to each person.  They agree it is a bad situation to be in, and they hate it.

Zach:  At the end of the day, I'm loyal to the alliance, but I feel like you have her back over mine.

Caleb makes a comment about the number of alliance members that threw things off for a moment.  I think he was counting Hayden as part of their group, but Derrick points out the five people in the room were the original six with Devin.  Caleb agrees, but adds that Amber and Christine was brought into the alliance, too.

Zach wondered if Caleb trusts Amber 100%.  Caleb said he doesn't trust anyone in the house 100%, but in his heart he trusts Amber just as much as he trusts them.  She has done "nothing that all of us has done".  When she was HoH, she didn't put any of them on the block.  Zach is snacking on nuts the entire time they speak...he keeps going over to the table to refill his hands every now and then.

Derrick summarizes what Zach just said, that he trusts Caleb totally, but not Amber, and that Amber may be lying to Caleb about anything and everything.  Caleb agrees that is possible, but stresses that Amber told him over and over that Zach was not her target.

Frankie:  Look Caleb...I have to tell you something...

Caleb says "oh god" and the energy shifts in the room.  Zach jumps up before it goes any further.  He needs to be ready for action, I guess.

Caleb:  Lemme guess...I'm her target.

Zach gets another handful of nuts.

Frankie:  What makes you say that?

Caleb:  Because I had the biggest hand in puttin' her up.  And I'm not dumb.

Zack starts to speak, but Derrick encourages everyone to listen to what Frankie has to say.

(Note that Derrick is going to let Frankie just sink his own ship here.....)

Frankie:  She's going around telling everyone that you are her target because you're ruining her game.

Caleb:  How am I ruining her game?  I'm helping her game!

Zach, trying not to laugh:  She's blind!  That's what it is.  That's what I was trying to tell her in the PoV meeting.  That she has the most loyal person in the game on her side and she's shitting all over it.  She's rubbing feces all over it!

There is an uncomfortable silence in the room.

Caleb:  I'm her target.....that's something to hear right there....did she tell that to you?

Cody:  I didn't want to...

Caleb jumps up to leave the room.  Beast Mode Cowboy is angry.  And he's in a onesie.

Derrick:  Caleb.....Caleb...

Caleb leaves the room and Zach starts jumping up and down with joy.

Where is Derrick's taser when he needs it?

As soon as Caleb left, Cody told Zach and Derrick that the house was blowing up and Frankie is messing up, big time.


Hayden Discusses Meeting Zach #BB16

Hayden:  When I first met Zach, I guess he thought we were both on the same page, so he came up to me and said "isn't it sick that we are here?" and then he told me he was just here for the camera time, and when we went outside to the HoH competition he asked me "dude, are you  gonna try and win it?" and I said yeah and he said, "I'll probably throw it".

Cody laughed.

Hayden:  Why would he tell me that after just meeting me?  I was like, yeah, I'm definitely not here for the half million dollars..that would be stupid!

Cody:  Right?  Why would you do that?

(FYI Cody made the shot in the picture above.)

Hayden:  And the thing is, he really is just here for airtime.

Cody:  Yep.

Hayden:  Unless he's using that his strategy...which he is!  Definitely.

Cody:  Yeah.

Cody admits he had no idea about the $1,000 per week stipend, because he didn't read the contract he signed.  (Derrick had to explain it to him, last week.)  He's happy about that, but would rather have the $50,000 or $500,000 prize.

Hayden: Isn't it funny how different Zach was the first week he was here?  All he did is sleep all day..

Cody:  And he's definitely gaining weight.  He's getting flabby as fuck.

Hayden:  Yeah, he's gaining a lot of weight.

Cody:  I'm like, yo buddy, where's your abs at?

Hayden:  I don't think he cares, though.

Cody:  No, he doesn't.  But I don't get what he's is that happening?  I guess he's not working out.

Hayden:  He eats all of the time, and he doesn't work out.

(Yep, that would do it.)

Hayden:  He needs to be a Have Not again.

Cody:  Yeah that would shred him up.

Hayden:  Not that he cares.

They discussed how Donny obviously likes to spend time alone in the morning.  Hayden thinks Donny is used to being alone most of the time at home, and the house is probably pretty overwhelming for him at times.  They agreed that morning is probably the time Donny enjoys just having peace and quiet.

Cody and Hayden Discuss the #BB16 Girls...and the #BB15 Girls Being #DTF

I certainly didn't expect to turn on the live feeds at 7:30 am BBT and find a game of pool going on.  But that it what is happening right now.  As I tune in, the conversational topic is Brittany's boobs, and how big they were (are).

Cody just can't believe that they weren't real, but Hayden sets him straight about that.  They were huge, Hayden says, and then the talk turned to Brittany's lies in the house.  They both think Brittany was lying big time about her financial situation.

Hayden brought up Jocosta saying that Brittany stole her story about stealing from her kids, but says he never heard that first-hand from Brittany.  (You can learn about that here.)

Cody:  I've heard Brittany say that....that she took money from her kids....

Hayden:  Dude.

Cody says he was in love with Brittany from the start, but then "after the third week.....".

Cody:  When I see her at the finale, I'm going to tell her I'm in love with her.

(Maybe sarcastic, maybe not.)

Then they talk about Amber.  When Cody first saw Amber, he thought she had "crazy attractive" eyes, but he didn't think she was beautiful.  Once Brittany joined the group, he thought she was the prettiest. Cody doesn't think Amber is that pretty. (I've heard Cody say before that most models he knows are like that, but they photograph well.)

Hayden:  Oh, I thought Amber was hot.  And after the first day or so I went in The Hive and she was sitting in there and she said 'Hayden, you're so you want to be my summer showmance?'

Cody:  Yes.

Hayden:  Hell yes.  I mean....Nicole is cute, but we're a good looking group of guys!

Cody: Yeah, I think we are.

They discussed Victoria, and how she thinks she is so beautiful but she isn't.  At all, in their opinions.

Hayden: Why can't we have girls like Aaryn, and Kaitlin....and even Jessie wasn't too bad.

Cody:  Oh Dude.  Oh my God.

Hayden:  And those girls last year were so down.....Aaryn didn't get into a showmance, but she was going to...with that guy who left....and Kaitlin?  She got with Jeremy, and Amanda was down...she was hella-down.....even Jessie was down but she didn't have anybody to get with.  She was after Nick for awhile.

Cody:  Nick?  He left the second week.

Hayden:  But remember when she was following him around?

(I'm sorry, but Hayden's mouth is just flat nasty.  Not what he says...his teeth.  Just look at this picture.  He came in the house with gingivitis and is supposed to brush and floss and gargle with some special solution, but he has to be reminded by Nicole to do it.  Nicole probably caught it too, from kissing him.  Gross.)

Cody:  Jessie was down with someone else later in the season, but I don't remember who.

Hayden:  And Gina Marie was hella-down for Nick..

Cody:  Oh yeah.  Hella-down for Nick.

Hayden:  But think about it...that's a lot of girls in one house who were girls in this fucking house are down for anything!

Cody:  Here's the thing.....................those girls were hella-down!  And none of the girls in this house are!  You are absolutely right.

Hayden:  No girls want to have fun...or do some shit.....whatever....

Cody:  Whatever....just do it outside the house...or in the shower...

Hayden:  ....with ourselves....

Cody:  Dude, if there was an Aaryn this season, I would have loved it.

Hayden:  Dude. She is one of the hottest girls I've ever seen.  Not hot though...she's pretty.

Cody:  Yeah.  She's fucking gorgeous.

Hayden:  So pretty.

Cody:  And Kaitlin was sexy as all fuck.

Hayden:  Yeah, Kaitlin was fucking sexy....

They started arguing over the purported results of a pool game earlier in the evening.  Ohh... now Cody brings up the night that Brittany slept in the HoH room, two nights before she left.  (You can learn about that night here...)

Cody:  Dude...she was sitting there....I think I might have had a shot that night...

Hayden: Dude, you had a shot every night with her!

Cody:  I don't think so...not every night.  I think she was trying to play it up.

Hayden:  She fuckin' wanted you Dude.

Cody:  She was playing it for a vote, but I wasn't voting (he was HoH).  She was trying to be a little convincing, and she was laying there...that night she may have...she was literally laying there in the bed.

(Cody neglects to mention that Brittany was drunk as shit, too.)

Hayden:  When she was up there all day sleeping, we were literally all down here talking about it.  We were like, they are fucking making out up there.

Cody:  I know.  The funniest part was that Zach said they are going to use that footage...remember when everybody was saying 'Boogie is fucking scheming right now" and then they would show footage of him sleeping?  They're going to show that footage of us passed out.  But that night dude, she was fucking scratching my arm and I was scratching her arm and Zach was up there bullshitting.  Then it was quiet and Brittany whispered "Cody, are you asleep" and I whispered back "No" and she said "Just checking".  That was the point where I could have just gone for it, but I just fucking didn't.

Cody:  I honestly felt bad because she had kids.

Hayden:  Honestly dude...River and Axl might have been her dogs!

They laughed, but Cody said the whole thing was so fucked up because she was going home, and he would have felt like a dick for doing that.

Hayden:  I would have been so stoked about myself if I did that!

Cody:  You're an asshole.

Hayden:  But I know that, so it's okay.

Cody:  But imagine if we get out of here, and it turns out she is still married, and her husband is Hugh Hefner.

Hayden:  You can never come to Long Beach, dude.

Cody:  But she told me she was talking to this guy who was 35, and seemed well off, so she said..

Hayden:  All I know is, she can complain all she wants about being poor, but I will never feel sorry for her because she drives a fucking 5-series new BMW and she owns a home...or maybe she's in an apartment...I don't know...

Cody:  She says she owns a home?  What?  Jocosta says her dad helps her with her rent, and I heard her rent was like $3,000...but now you say she owns her home?  I'm confused.  I'm going to get out of here and says Brittany, I'm sorry I sent you home, but what the fuck is your deal.  What is going on with your life.

Cody says that if you have family that work at a car dealership, you can get crazy deals on cars.

Hayden:  But why a 5 series though?

(Because she has three kids.  A 3 series doesn't have room for that.)