Saturday, July 26, 2014

Brittany Causes Major Drama - Duck Before You Get Hit With Shade #BB16

Sometimes you just watch the live feeds and nothing much happens.  Then other times drama just appears out of nowhere.

While they are waiting for the PoV competition to start, the house guests discuss various topics.  Derrick mentioned a girl that he saw in the casting process who looked like a Playboy bunny.  She had dark hair and was sitting on Derrick's right.  Derrick saw the Playboy bunny tattoo on her ribcage and said she definitely fit that profile.

Hayden:  Oh...I wish....

Then someone said that their group doesn't have anybody with plastic surgery.

Zach mentioned his rhinoplasty (nose job after someone punched him and broke bones) and then Caleb  mentioned Brittany's boob job.

Caleb:  She had nice boobs.

Jocosta, throwing shade:  Not if she had to lift them up!

Nicole can't believe she had a boob job, but Frankie confirms that Brittany told him about it.  Derrick didn't believe it at first, but after Frankie confirms it says it "isn't what he expected".

Then there was some shade thrown about how her breasts were sagging.

Frankie:  Let's be honest..she got them over 10 years ago...when she was 18.

Donny was surprised that breast implants sag.  Frankie assures him that you are supposed to get them done every 10 years, to lift them up.

Donny:  So, before kids.

Hayden:  Too bad all of the money is gone..they've had to make cutbacks!  Actually that makes sense, because she told me about all of the parties she went to at the Playboy mansion.

Now they all start talking over each other.  Derrick remembers Frankie saying that Brittany "was a bunny" and Frankie nods now, saying she had to be.

Donny:  She was in Shape Magazine, she told me..

(Fucking Donny...this is the juiciest conversation he's probably ever been a part of!  Ha ha ha)
Frankie: Absolutely she was a bunny!  You don't GO...TO..PARTIES.... at the Playboy mansion unless you are a bunny!

Christine:  She said she had to fill out applications to get in there...

Frankie:  Yes!  She APPLIED TO BE A BUNNY!

Christine:  Exactly!

They laughed about how Brittany said she had to send photos and an application in to get into the party...and it was just grueling!  Obviously it was her Playmate application, Frankie says.

Derrick:  Poor Brittany!  She can't scrape up the money for rims on her new BMW 500 series...

Hayden:  She bought iPads for all the kids..

Christine:  They only go to Disney every other weekend....

(But if you buy an annual Disney pass, then you really need to go often to get your money's Brittany's defense.)

Now they joke about how Brittany would complain about money situations.  And everyone starts remembering things now, different comments that Brittany made.

Donny:  It wouldn't surprise me if her husband was somebody...

Now they discuss how she said her husband was an EMT, and a fireman.  Derrick said you can be both, where he lives.  Someone said that they wouldn't be surprised if her husband was a wealthy businessman, or a doctor, maybe even a plastic surgeon.

Jocosta:  No, he would've fixed that if he was a plastic surgeon.


I want to point out that during this discussion, Sweet Angel Cody is frying up bacon for everyone.  He wanted to microwave the bacon, but that cheap piece of crap isn't working right now.

Back on the couch, they are still talking about Brittany, of course, and Derrick says she might be the one that they see when they get home and there was more to the story.  Frankie says they might see her and realize that everything she said was true, too.

Hayden:  She was in the Yin Yang Twin Whispers video.  Dude that is unreal!

Jocosta:  WAIT!  WAIT!  When I told her my cousin knew them,  she did like that when I said it (implying Brittany was lying).

 Hayden says that video is a big, big deal, and Jocosta starts making the Whisper noises.

Hayden:  She said she didn't have a big role.

Jocosta, guffawing:  Well, maybe that was it!

Hayden:  She was one of the girls on the bed, she said.  But she was wearing a lot of clothes, all black..

Jocosta:  Really?  A lot of clothes?

Frankie:  I wonder what girls got to be on the bed in the Whisper video....BUNNIES?


This actually came up weeks ago on the live feeds.  I found these pictures on Survivor Sucks---somebody watched the video frame by frame and pulled these pictures.   The video features a big group of girls wearing clothes like this and rolling around...Brittany was one of them.  I watched the video on You Tube and it is pretty steamy, but I wasn't able to pick Brittany out until I saw these pictures.

So thank you, patient Survivor Sucks poster.


They remember Brittany said she was in a lot of videos at one time.

Derrick:  Well, I can believe that.

They agree that Brittany was smoking hot, and can't imagine how hot she must have been 10 years ago.  Hayden cracked a joke about the video being the place Brittany developed an obsession with lotion.  (Remember Lotion Gate?)  Derrick brought up Brittany's new car again, and Jocosta was shocked to hear that Brittanys' new BMW was a 2014 model.

Christine:  How can you not know that?  She talked about that all of the time!

Derrick says the base price of that car starts in the $55,000 range and they all go crazy over that.

Then the talk turns to the different comments Brittany made about her financial situation.  Hayden jokes about Brittany's struggles, and Christine gets really loud, talking about how angry it made her to hear Brittany bitch about things that would have been a gift to Christine.  

Jocosta:  She told me she lived in an apartment.

They erupt at that (well, Christine does).   Caleb says her house payment was about $3,000 per month.  Christine heard it was $2,300 per month, stressing to Jocosta that Brittany was in a house with four bedrooms.

Look at Jocosta below, with her hands up in the air.  You just know this won't end well, right?

Jocosta:  Well, she told everybody a different story...because she told me she couldn't make the rent on her apartment...she doesn't understand my struggle then...she told me her dad was paying her bills, and I thought she knew where I was coming from....

Derrick:  Nope.

Jocosta, with a headroll:  Well, isn't that somethin?

Frankie:  I'm sorry, but I called this the first week of the game.

Derrick recounted her telling him after a few days in the house that she didn't know if her bills were going to be paid while she was in the house, and then telling him something different later, obviously forgetting what she said.  Derrick prodded Caleb to share what he heard.

Caleb:  She said she had to take money out of her kid's piggybank to buy food or something.

Christine:  Probably wine.....

(Oh snap.)

Jocosta:  See, she got that story from me.  Because I told her how bad it felt to take all that change out of there, and all of the money that people gave them over the years..$5 or $10 here and there and I told her I knew we had hit rock bottom when I did that..and then I had to have my mother pay my bills.

Derrick:  She got that story from her.

The couch erupts at this shady situation.  Frankie almost spit out his drink when he heard that.

Everyone reacts.  This is juicy.

Frankie:  NO!  WAY!

Christine, just getting warmed up now:  Well, she does have a bottle of wine every day, and that get's expensive....

Derrick:  I hope not.  Because I will hate her if I walk out of this house and find out she's fucking loaded...

(Look at Frankie.  Such a scandal.)

Christine:  I had to leave the room whenever she started in with the pity parties...I just can't take it.  She should downsize if she can't make ends meet.

Frankie:  This isn't a grant...we're not applying for a loan.  If the game was based on what you did outside of this house...

Derrick:  Then Hayden wins.

The Brittany conversation kind of fizzled out, but you could hear everybody's brain churning.  The Have Nots want to get really hot outside during the competition so they can get through a cold shower.

So flash forward a few minutes, and now Jocosta's smile has turned upside down.  She is in The Hive telling the story again to Amber.

Oh it's sad.  Jocosta is sobbing, saying that it was the worst thing she'd ever done in her life, talking her kid's money.  Amber reaches out and makes sympathetic noises.  Jocosta's voice is shaking.  So is she...

Jocosta:  And for.......

Amber:  Someone to just take that and use it for strategy....

Jocosta breathes heavily, trying to get control.

I feel weird watching this, actually.

Zach Makes a Pancake, Discusses Justin Bieber #BB16

Nicole's stomach is bothering her from the slop.  Derrick tells her it will get better, just give it time.  He advises her to have some milk with her slop next time.

(The Have Nots supposedly have extra foods to eat---maybe Production will present them later.  These extra foods were selected last week by the live feeders.)

Zach is at the stove, making himself an M&M pancake.  He and Frankie muttered that the PoV draw couldn't have gone better for them.   Frankie declares that it is "going to be a showdown" and goes over to hug Hayden, who is also playing.

Frankie is humming, and then Zach quotes some lyrics that he said were running through his head that were from a Justin Bieber song.

Zach:  Justin is just about perfect...

Frankie agrees.

Amber is in the kitchen now and consults with Frankie about the tuna he is planning on cooking for dinner.  The fact that it was frozen and was defrosted in the fridge four days ago has been a big topic of conversation.  Is it still okay to eat?  Is it going to make them sick?

(I can't believe no one seems to know that it is the SMELL of fish that tells you if it is fresh or not.  If it smells fishy, don't eat it.  Ask any fishmonger, or whatever they call themselves.)

Meanwhile Zach is committing a cardinal Pancake Sin.  You are never supposed to peek....just look for the bubbles on top and flip it.  Now his pancake will never brown properly, but I'm sure it will be tasty just the same.

Is Frankie's CD a Justin Bieber CD?  Because now Frankie wonders if Zach heard "Die in Your Arms" and Zach says no, but he wants to listen to it.  Frankie is singing, and it looks like Zach is about to make a Major Pancake Move.

Is he gong to flip it?

I'm just praying we don't get FISH right now due to Frankie's singing.

OMG he did it!

Frankie:  That was awesome!

Zach, calmly:  Gotta do it.  It's a big pancake.

Caleb comes over and eyeballs it.  He agrees.

Caleb: It's a huge pancake.

After all of that effort, Zach ended up kind of dumping the pancake on the plate and it folded over on itself like an omelet.

Zach immediately took the hot pan over to the sink to wash it, and it sizzled like crazy when the water hit it.

Amber inspected the pancake, and said it "looked bangin'".  Zach agreed with her assessment.  Amber tells Frankie she is so excited about hosting.

Amber then starts talking game with Frankie, saying that they need to make sure that no one uses the  thePoV to change the nominations, and they need to stay the same.  Frankie gives her the "yes yes" treatment, and adds that only if Donny wins is he really in trouble, because he's the only one Frankie would want to nominate.

Frankie:  It would have been better to have you and Caleb up there playing, but whatever.

(Amber, you in danger girl...)

The PoV Players Have Been Picked #BB16

And the players picked were Donny, Christine, and Hayden, who will join the other players (Frankie, Jocosta and Victoria) playing for the PoV.

Amber will host the PoV, and Frankie jokes that as soon as Big Brother finds out Amber is hosting, they will change the theme to make her dress like a stripper, with nipple tassels and thigh high boots.

Frankie:  Do you have thigh high boots?

Amber:  Yeah, but not here....I love to wear 'em when it's cold, with skinny jeans.

Frankie:  And booty shorts?  I love that!

Amber obviously has no clue that she is the backdoor target this week.  And if that happens, it will be a classic backdoor in the strictest sense since she was not able to play for the PoV.

I can't imagine Christine being too happy about having to play.  She is doing her fair share of complaining about the Have Not lifestyle, and had a conversation with Jocosta a few minutes ago about having gas.

That sort of thing is Jocosta's favorite conversational topic you know. It really is.

Frankie tells them about how the DR wanted him to repeat all of the PoV player pick lines in a dramatic fashion, because "every week someone new watches the show and doesn't understand the rules".

Nicole tells Amber she's "happy for her".  Amber chatters about how she wanted to host last week, but she didn't feel well.

(Nicole hates Amber.)

Earlier, I heard Frankie and Zach say that Amber going home before Jury was the best thing for her, since they plan to evict Caleb next.  They can't imagine what it would be like for her to have Caleb following her around everywhere in the Jury house.

This morning, Nicole came out to the empty living room and I told myself how cute she looks in her clothes, after all of those costumes.

As if reading my mind, she plopped down on the couch and mumbled "I'm so happy to be wearing my clothes again...".

TMZ Covers Derrick's Loss, Too #BB16

TMZ calls the situation a "quarantine", making the story the fact that Producers gave them news from the outside world again.  That's a little insensitive, but whatever...

You can read my live feed coverage of Derrick's loss here and here.

A Tender Zankie Moment #BB16

Frankie:  I thought you were a rich kid...but hearing you talk about cars and're not.

Zach:  No, I'm not.

Frankie: But your Mom is well off...

Zach:  She makes close to six figures...close...but my dad was unemployed for a little bit..

Frankie:  Uh huh..

Zach:  He started a business that didn't do too well...and both of my parents...I don't want to say they're in debt, but...

Frankie:  They're in debt.  Uh huh.

Zach:  No, I don't want to say that.  But everything I have, I've paid for myself.  We live comfortably..

Frankie:  But your mom..

Zach:  My mom pays for my cell phone bills..I don't really have bills that I need to pay..but throughout college I paid my rent every single month...over $600...I was a hard working kid.

This, That and The Other From the Live Feeds #BB16

So after Derrick's little grief session in the living room yesterday, he said he wanted to go lay down for about an hour to rest.  Of course, Frankie went in there after him for yet more hugs and affirmations.  He also extended Derrick an invitation to "go upstairs and shit anytime he wants" this week.

How thoughtful.

As soon as Derrick got in a horizontal position, Nicole came in to talk to him, and he jumped up immediately.  Her message was very sweet.  She thanked Derrick for cheering her up yesterday (after Zach nominated her and called her names) and said he was one of the nicest people she's ever met, and if there is anything she can ever do for him, or if she can make this easier for him, to just let her know.

It was a very sweet moment, and very genuine on both sides.

Derrick laid back down, and covered his face, and then Victoria burst into the room, asking if Derrick was alright.

Derrick, not snappy at all:  Thank you Victoria.  I'm fine.  I just want to rest for about an hour or so and then I'll come back out and be straight.

She left.  Derrick sighed.  No one bothered him for at least a few minutes.

Just now (Saturday morning in the BB house) Christine was putting on make up and listening to Victoria drone on and on about how "everything happens for a reason", and how she's "not very good at times like those" and so on.

As soon as Victoria left the room, Christine started whispering to Nicole.

Christine:  I just can't talk to her...I just can't have any conversations with her....

Nicole:  Well, don't say that in front of Hayden...he seems to frickin' think she's the greatest...

Nicole is putting some sort of powder in her hair to give it texture.

And the following pictures are from yesterday afternoon.  I'll try to remember what I was thinking when I snapped them from the live feeds.

I thought this was a strange angle of Nicole.  Both she and Christine sat silently, waiting for Frankie to finish making slop for them.  They had both been nominated an hour or so earlier, and knew they needed to get some nutrition for the upcoming Battle of the Block.

(They won that, by the way.)

Frankie narrated his cooking process of course, making it a theatrical experience.

This was Zach, laying in the HoH room watching the Spy Screen.  He wanted to survey the damage he caused during nominations, I think.  But I love to see pictures of the Spy Screen in the picture though, whenever I can.

Christine and Nicole were both bummed out about being nominated, and couldn't really figure out what Zach was up to.  They wanted to take a nap before the competition.

The house was quiet as everyone rested after the busy morning.  Jocosta prepared for the Battle of the Block by reading.

She lost the Battle, you know.

And check out this nap session in the Rock Room. What is going on there?

Why it's Hayden and Victoria.  CBS won't show us this, I'll bet.  Interesting...