Thursday, July 24, 2014

Donny's Girlfriend Kristine Tells All to CBS #BB16

She loves him and misses him, but not the way he chews with his mouth open.

Oh, and he's cheap, too.


Donny's Girlfriend Tells All

There's no question that Big Brother 16 Houseguest Donny Thompson has stolen our hearts, but there's only one woman who has stolen his. Meet Kristine, Donny's girlfriend of two years, who tells all about the man she fell in love with before he even stepped foot into the Big Brother house. Spoiler alert: He's pretty much the same awesome guy. 
How did you meet and how long have you been together?
Donny and I met at work. We both work in the Facilities (maintenance) Department. I work in the office as an Administrative Asst. and he works at the schools as a groundskeeper. We have been together about 2 years. We live and work near Charlotte Motor Speedway and a couple years ago, our department was given a bunch of tickets to the Spring NASCAR race. I was making calls to our staff to see who wanted tickets. I got to Donny’s name on the list and he said no thanks. Then, I called his partner and he told me that Donny wanted to ask me to go with him but he was scared. I told him if Donny asked me, I would go with him. But, Donny thought his buddy was messing around with him so he wouldn’t call me. At the end of the day, we still had a couple tickets left to get rid of, so I called Donny and asked if he was sure he didn’t want any. He said he’d take two if I’d go with him. I said sure. So, our first date was to a NASCAR race.

What's it like to be the woman behind America's beloved Houseguest?
I feel very proud to be the woman behind Donny. I love him so much and I’m so glad to be by his side. I’m happy and grateful that he is so well liked by America. He is caring, good hearted and makes people laugh. I think America and the other houseguests see that in him.
Donny seems like such a gentleman. Is he just as chivalrous at home? 
No, he hasn’t always been that chivalrous. He learned more about being that way as we dated. He wasn’t exposed to chivalry much growing up and did not date much earlier in his life.
We've heard Donny say the darndest things on camera. What are some of his favorite sayings? 
Well, Donny not only has unique sayings, he also has his own unique language! He uses words and says things much differently than most people. For example: he’ll tell the dogs to “be smart”…which to him means “be good”. He’ll say can I have “anuden” which means “another one”, or the “uden” which means the “other one”. The “litlen” means the little one. He combines 2-3 words into one word! Rinch = rinse and skreet = street!! There are so many…I could go on and on with this list.  One of his favorite sayings is “Dumbo Donny” or “Dumbo” something else. Another saying is “That’s just monkey business” about something that he thinks is foolish or a waste of time or money. He remembers a lot of poems, songs, and nursery rhymes from childhood and recites them frequently.
What do you think of Donny's gameplay so far? 
I am pleased with his game play. He started off the way he intended… just wanting to befriend everyone and make them laugh. He wanted to lay low (not float) at first and get to know people before determining who he wanted to align with. So, he didn’t talk a lot of game at first but has been the last couple weeks. He is very smart and knows the game inside and out. I think he’s been very observant of things going on and being careful about what he says and who he says it to. He’s also doing great at BoB and POV competitions. I just hope he wins HOH soon!
Who do you think Donny should align with other than his fellow Team America members?
I think he should definitely align with Hayden. He is strong, smart, knows the game and seems trustworthy. Other possibilities might be Cody and/or Zach. I think Zach is smart and trusts Donny but he can be a loose cannon and possible risk. Cody seems like a good guy with good intentions and I don’t think he meant any harm by nominating Donny recently. I think he wants to trust and believe Donny and work with him, he’s just a little unsure yet.
What would you like to see Donny do with his fame and fortune should he win?
I’m really not sure what I’d like Donny to do with any “fame” that comes from this. I really just want him back home with me, and I know that he will be anxious to come home and get back to his normal routine and simple life.  As for the fortune, neither one of us is materialistic. We have talked about getting married and buying a house, so there’s that. He has astigmatism and very poor vision, so possibly eye surgery. Otherwise, probably just invest and save it.
What do you miss most about not having Donny around?
I miss everything about not having him around. This has been a very lonely summer!  I miss holding hands, cuddling and just being together.
Anything you don't miss about Donny?
Donny sometimes chews with his mouth open… so I don’t miss that!
What's one thing that America would be surprised to know about Donny?
Donny is extremely frugal.  He doesn’t like to spend a dime if he doesn’t have to.

Getting Ready to Get Ready #BB16

On a live show day the feeds are up and down a lot, as Production talks to the house guests and they have rehearsals throughout the day.

(Production can't have their voices on the live feeds, since the feeds are being broadcast.  Otherwise they would need to be paid as performers...or something like that.  The recorded messages that are played are supposed to be the only voices we hear on the live feeds besides the house guests.)

The HoH room is closed for the week, and will be locked until the new HoH gets their key later this evening.  So Cody is back in the general population, and is going through his clothes in the Have Not room as Caleb gets dressed, and talks about Caleb, of course.

Caleb:  I like this shirt because it's got the two snaps on the sleeves....I got it for like, $12.

Cody:  That's a cool shirt.  You got it for $12?

Caleb won't wear it with shorts, he says. It looks best with his "Rock" jeans, from a fashion perspective.  Caleb then went into a whole monologue about his hair.  It looked just like Cody's when he first came in the house, but now it's longer, and the top now has a "JB" look. (Justin Bieber?  Oh my god.)

Caleb:  By the time we get to Jury, my hair'll be long on top and I'll be wearin' this shirt with my skinny's, boots and a'll be sharp!

(Cody doesn't want to go to Jury with Caleb....)

In the Fire Room Jocosta could care less about looking sharp in the Jury House. She had another episode this week and was vomiting into a trash can, but thankfully I haven't heard her discuss any bowel problems this week.

Zach and Derrick rest up.  I'm sure today has been long and tiring...

From what I hear, the Fire Room is much more comfortable to sleep in.  The Rock Room may be darker, but apparently the beds are not very soft, and those plastic rocks make a hard base.  The wake-up music is much louder in there, too.

Cody and Caleb are the only signs of life on the live feeds right now.  Caleb just keeps talking about himself, and Cody does a good job showing interest, and interjecting little comments here and there to agree with Caleb about how awesome Caleb is.

Look at all that mess on the floor.  Clothes and shoes everywhere.  I have read other Big Brother websites where they talk about how Caleb's body has shrunk, putting the blame on him not being able to take steroids in the house.

I don't know about that, but I'm sure his diet has changed, and he probably doesn't work out much at all compared to what he does at home.

Caleb gets out all of his various hair care gels and pomades, and discusses them all with Cody, asking him to even smell one of them.  Cody is on the way to the DR to return his HoH robe, and Caleb asks him to find out if they will be wearing athletic clothes tonight, so he can stop wasting time dressing up if he doesn't need to.

(We all need to know that, right?)

The girls are getting ready for tonight.  I guess Nicole knows what she is going to wear.

Brittany comes out of the bathroom, wearing the same outfit she wore on Tuesday night.  I hope she doesn't wear that on the live show.  Even Cody mentioned to the guys that it wasn't flattering on her.

The girls' conversation reveals they don't know how to dress for tonight yet, either.  They were discussing some guy they "needed to keep an eye on" and Nicole says she was "flicking him off'.

Christine:  Flicking him off?  Or flipping him off?

With that, the feeds go back down.

TMZ on the Frankie Story---Did Production Do the Right Thing? #BB16

TMZ just loves to report on Big Brother.  For example, last year their stories about Aaryn and Gina Marie's racist remarks drew thousands of eyes, and hundreds of comments.  And when the house guests later started losing their jobs, TMZ covered those stories as well.

This is now their THIRD story about Frankie's grandfather, this time wondering if Production did the right thing telling Frankie last night.  This time they have video footage of both Rachel Reilly and Spencer Clawson giving their opinions.

I have to say, whether you agree with him or not, Spencer did a GREAT job here, acting like he does this sort of thing every day.  And even throwing Harvey's name out there (i.e. Harvey Levin).

You can read the article on TMZ here, and watch the short video.

Personally, I agree more with Spencer than I do Rachel.  I think the house guests should sign some sort of release form before they enter the house that covers these types of situations.  If they want the information, they agree in advance to leave the game.

Derrick's two year-old daughter had surgery a few weeks ago, and Producers could only tell him the surgery was over, not if it was successful, or if his daughter was all right.  He certainly didn't get to read a letter from his wife....

I'm very sorry for Frankie's loss.  It sounds like he has an incredible family who love each other very much and he is extremely lucky to have that.

But it gives him an unfair advantage in the game now, as cruel as that may sound.  For example, if the HoH competition tonight is down to the last two people and Frankie is one of them, whoever doesn't let Frankie win is going to be demonized by somebody in there, because Frankie has already announced that "they" will give him a picture of his grandpa if he wins HoH tonight.


Spencer has lost A LOT of weight, but I wish he would lose that scraggly beard.

The Cast Hugs It Out..... #BB16

This happened at the end of the group meeting where Frankie told them about his grandfather's death. (You can see that here.)   During the big group hug, the only sound was Frankie weeping and sniffing back the tears.

Then it was time for individual hugs.

Cody is a very good hugger.  Just look at that arm and hand placement.

Derrick, wearing Hayden's grey beanie.

Frankie:  Thank you Donny.

Jocosta watches, but really didn't participate much here.  I didn't remember hearing her say anything ---I think Amber said the most to Frankie during the scene ---she seemed to know exactly what to say and was sitting next to Frankie.

(Recently, Frankie told the guys that he felt Jocosta was very critical of him, and made a comment during a prayer with him that mentioned Frankie "going down the wrong path" and hoping Jesus could help him.  Frankie: I hope she meant that I'm gay!  Because if she's talking about this game, I don't want her to know I'm coming for her! He made it funny, but if you think about it, it's not amusing at all...)

I think Nicole lost her German-tard cap during the group hug.

Caleb missed a good chance to grope all over Amber during the group hug, right?

Frankie stared at the medicine cabinet in the storage room for a minute before leaving the room empty-handed.  Basically, that cabinet contains items for the house guests that are perpetually restocked (toothpaste, deodorant, aspirin, etc) and the sign says to use items as needed, and not to bogart anything.  (basically...)

Zach had a moment alone in the Have Not room, staring at himself in the mirror. In the last few days, he has been openly discussing his facial plastic surgery.  It sounds like he talked some smack to the wrong person in a Gainesville bar and got his nose broken, along with some bones in one of his eye sockets.

Lucky for Zach, UF has a great teaching hospital on campus, with a lot of talented doctors.  If you have to take a beating in a college town, you could certainly be in a lot worse places...

Frankie Learns the Bad News... #BB16

This all happened around 5:00 pm BBT on Wednesday, just as the CBS episode was airing on the East Coast.  Frankie went in the DR and apparently they gave him a letter from his family.  When the feeds came back Frankie was in the living room with the entire cast, except Caleb, sharing the news and grieving.

(FYI Frankie's grandfather Frank Grande passed away yesterday after a long bout with cancer.  You may recall that on July 4th Ariana cancelled some sort of live holiday appearance due to her grandfather's illness, so he must have been very ill in the past few weeks.)

Frankie is just glad that he got to speak to his grandfather before he came in the Big Brother house.  His family said in the letter that his grandfather said he wanted Frankie to stay in the Big Brother house because "that is his dream".

Amber straightened her hair yesterday, in case you don't recognize her in the pictures.

I'm sure situations like this one make everyone think about their families, and what could be going on in their homes, too.  The room is very silent, except for Frankie speaking and occasional murmurings of support from the girls.

Frankie's aunt died eight years ago and at the time Frankie was the only one strong enough to say the eulogy, so he's "kind of been preparing himself for his grandfather's eulogy", to be the strong one again with the time came.  The funeral is this Saturday, and he wants the house to say a prayer or something with him at that time.  The family is going to wait to have the "celebration of life" until Frankie can join them.  He's glad his family is together right now and he thinks they can handle it.

Frankie, reading from letter:  ..and a few days ago grandpa said he was proud of you, and if anything happened to him he didn't want it to interfere with this opportunity......even though he had no idea what was happening on the show, he was watching the live feeds...he's watching now in heaven and I'm sure that is better than any live feed we've got...

Frankie jokes that his grandfather was probably so confused watching the CBS show.  He is glad that he got to see Frankie win HoH, but thinks it is good he didn't see Frankie wearing that referee costume.

Where was Caleb during all of this?  Kind of goes to show you how out of the loop Caleb one even thought to wake him up, apparently.

Frankie's grandfather fought in WWII, and was a communications officer in the Army and was then stationed in San Francisco.  He always wore a suit and tie, and Frankie says there is a picture of the two of them laying out in the son, Frankie in a bikini and Frank in a suit and tie.

Frankie:  They said if I win HoH tomorrow I can get a picture of him....

The Crowd: Oh....good!

(They won't just let Frankie win, will they?)

Derrick:  Maybe when the show is over they can give you something to remember him by...

(Well, Derrick won't, based on that statement...)

Frankie wants a cure for cancer--it has now taken two members of his immediate family.  Amber co-signs that.

Frankie:  When I went in there I was all chipper, with my make up bag (each house guest has a little bag in the DR with powder, etc, to help them get camera-ready) and then they said, we have something for you that is not game related, and I was like "uh oh", but they're letting me send a message to my family...  RIP Frank Grande...(note he pronounced the last name to rhyme with "candy")

Frankie:  He was such a cute man....should we cook salmon?  I'll cook salmon..that will make me feel it weird that I'm jealous that my whole family is together now?  I know if they couldn't do it, they would ask me to come home...that's the kind of family I have.

Derrick:  Play for him now.

Frankie:  Yeah, he overcame cancer two and a half's the least I could do

Frankie's grandparents met when they were 11 years old, in Brooklyn. Frankie started imitating them and cracking jokes about their daily life.  Frankie and his cousin plan to "do a book about what Grandpa says" one day.

Frankie:  He was the first one to accept my sexuality, and led the charge for everyone else to accept it.

(Sean in the DR is the one that told Frankie...Frankie likes his voice.)