Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Cody: I'm a Bad Tweeter #BB16

What the hell is this?  One halfway-decent tweet and one shilling for Production.  Apparently you can send CBS your selfie and the house guests will pose with it.


Maybe Cody is used to relying on his looks, rather than his written communication skills.

HoH Picture Time #BB16

Cody got his HoH camera, and has the usual hour to use it.  He comes outside, laughing about how there are only a handful of people awake to pose for pictures.  He took selfies with some of the sleeping house guests, he says.

Cody:  Nicole, what are you doing up?

Nicole:  I had to get up for the DR.  I took my stuff and got ready in there...

Cody took a picture of Donny on the elliptical trainer, and then one of Jocosta and Nicole.  Earlier, Nicole told Donny that Production finally gave her a spare German-tard, but she wants to keep the new one for Thursday's live show.

Donny:  Well, the one you're wearin' looks clean.

Nicole:  No, I already spilled crap on this one today.

Derrick got up to participate in the HoH pictures, but Brittany saw him and dragged him into the Hive to talk to him about the votes.  She already dragged Victoria in there earlier today, and then Victoria went into the Fire Room where Derrick was sleeping and whispered to him exactly what Brittany said.  (Derrick has cultivated Victoria very well....)

Derrick:  Well, I'll try and find out what I can, but nobody's going to tell me anything, because they know we are working together...or that we're friends.

Brittany: But you talk to everybody, Derrick.

Derrick:  Yeah, but it's different with you...everybody sees that.

Derrick said he'd try to talk to Cody to see what is going on, but doesn't expect to get much good information.  (ha ha ha ha ha ha)

Derrick finally got out of there alive and enjoyed taking some selfies with Cody.  Derrick actually ran around the house last night looking for a different color beanie to wear today.  I think he borrowed this one from Hayden.  He said he needed to wear different color beanies in the DR so he wouldn't "look like a fool".

Derrick took this one with Nicole, calling it "First Date".

Christine does not like to be in the HoH pictures, and when she walked through the kitchen Cody and Nicole chased her like paparazzi, shouting her name while she ran.  It was really funny.

Jocosta came over for a selfie with Cody, and Cody laughed when he saw the picture with Brittany in the background.

How long is Brittany going to leave the hair down today?

OK. Time for a Serious Question. Who is Hotter, Cody or His Brother? #BB16

First, lets remind ourselves what Cody Califiore looks like, since it may have been several minutes since the live feeders have seen him.

And allow me to introduce Cody's older brother Paul Califiore.

Um...maybe we can just decide to like them both, equally.  Off the top of my head, here are a few things I have heard Cody say about Paul on the live feeds:

*  Cody idolizes Paul and wants to be just like him.
*  Paul's current girl friend dances for the Knicks.
*  Cody got his event entertainment job through Paul, who is also involved with the Company.

I have to admit that I made a mistake in my pre-season Big Brother coverage.  In Cody's "Meet the House Guests" post I identified a picture from the series below as a picture of Cody.  I've just added a note to explain that the picture is actually Paul.

So I apologize for that error.  I'm sure you'll understand.  I was distracted, and confused.

Does anybody know what the tattoo on their ribcage says?  I think it is the same one--I've heard Cody say it is a family thing, but I can't tell what it says...

This May Be Brittany's Last Day to Tan, #BB16

because they will likely be locked in on Wednesday to prepare for the live show on Thursday.

I wasn't going to watch this camera view, because I don't want to hear all of Jocosta's many morning shout outs, but I saw Nicole's sausage in the background, so I waited to see what that was all about.

I conclude Nicole just left her sausage there the last time she visited the area.  In fact, she might just wake up and panic, wondering where her wienie is..

Then Brittany showed up, and started messing with all that bad hair.  She looks at least 10 years older with that bird's nest down around her face.

She claims she just spotted her very first grey hair.  I guess that's possible.  I'm not sure I believe Brittany, and I'm not sure Jocosta does, either.  Jocosta claims to have two grey eyelashes.

Continually teasing and spraying that hair isn't going to make it better.  In fact, I predict the bun or ponytail will appear within the hour.

She really should put some coconut oil in it and put it up in a pony tail or chignon today.  Some deep conditioning is what she needs.....right?

Brittany started whispering about the game.  She actually believes that Cody wants to keep her this week, and that he will do everything he can to make sure she stays in the game.  Brittany asked Amber earlier today if the plan was still to evict Donny, and Amber gave her an answer that upset her, something along the lines of "I'm not sure...I need to ask Caleb".

(Cody, Zach, Frankie and Derrick are trying to keep Brittany from learning that she is the actual target until Thursday, at the latest, so she won't wig out.)

This is Cody after brushing his teeth, gargling with water.  Why doesn't he do his tooth brushing upstairs in the HoH bathroom?  While this is going on, Brittany is in one of the shower stalls making the sort of comments that you'd make in front of Cody if you want to say, get his attention, or vote for you to stay.

For example:

Brittany:  My bikini bottoms just keep shrinking in here!  Or maybe I'm getting bigger...


Brittany:  Jocosta, can I borrow your Nair for my bikini line?  I'll just use a tiny bit....that's all I need....

Big Brother wants Brittany to put on her microphone, but first Brittany is trying to decide what bikini top she is wearing, so she has something to clip it to.  Brittany walks in and out of the room and when alone Jocosta starts muttering to God some statements about "trusting people on the way out of here."

I did not hear God reply.

Brittany is walking around looking for something.  This isn't the most flattering angle for her.

This one is much better.

She went in the stall and came out wearing a totally different look.

I am ready to move to another camera view, but I will stay here for just a few more minutes since Brittany has so many fans who love to see her prance around in there.

I wonder if Jocosta prays for Brittany.  If she does, I'll bet it's not for the reasons that Brittany would like her to....

Four bandaids on her left foot, her soccer-ball kicking foot, of course.

Another one of these..

And another...

Zach Snack Attack #BB16

Who can eat like this at 5:30 in the morning?

Amber was in the room with them, and after she left they went on an anti-Caleb rant, saying what an idiot he is, all the while plowing through a bag of chips.

They were calling Amber "Ber" and said she was hot.

Cody:  She's allright.  She's got a good body...

Cody wants to be the one to get Caleb out.  Zach says you can vote him out, but that's not good enough for Cody.

Cody:  Nope.  Maybe it's just my ego, but I want to be the one to get him out.

Frankie:  Caleb told me that he can't wait to be in the Jury House with Amber, because once they are there with no cameras, he thinks Amber will really open up to him...

They all crack up.  Caleb only cares about Amber, and no one else, and they know that.

Zach takes some grimy bottle of something or other from Frankie, and digs his fingers in the cloudy water.  Gross.

They think they need to get Caleb out of the game before Amber, because once she leaves he might be so fueled with rage that he is impossible to beat.

Cody had the jar in his hands, and looked like he was about to leave the room, but Zach grabbed it from him and started digging around in there.  Note that this is after eating chips and licking his fingers.

That house is just a sea of bacteria and dead skin at this point.

Zach went over to the table and started plowing through the snacks there, too, after getting Cody's permission.  In the picture below he is crunching and pouring something straight into his mouth.

In this picture he is holding something up, and asking about it,  Frankie said he is going to use that tomorrow to make oatmeal. (?)

Zach summarizes what a rough week Cody has had, bringing up getting kicked in the butt with a size 13 soccer shoe for 24 hours.

Then Cody gets into bed with yet another bag of snacks, and starts plowing through that bag, too.

They start talking about how stupid Caleb is, which is always a fun topic.  Zach and Frankie start telling a story about Anne Frank, and crack up in the middle of it, trying to gain composure so they can tell it to Cody.

Frankie:  ....and I said, that is where Anne Frank lived...and Caleb said 'Frank who?", and then he said he's never read a book in his life and couldn't get through Harry Potter...

Cody laughs about Caleb's ego, and how he says things intentionally to boost it.

Cody:  I told him, yeah, I thought I was going to be the best looking guy in the house, and then you came in and I was like look at this kid...

Frankie confirms that Caleb is beautiful, but dumber than a box of rocks.  Frankie thinks Nicole has America's Favorite in the bag, but Zach thinks he is wrong.  He thinks Donny is a lock for that, but Frankie says the move Nicole made in the PoV will seal the deal.

Zach:  I was talking about that with Caleb today, and told him I think there are probably four people who would be in the running for America's Favorite....Nicole, Donny, Frankie...and then he said that he made a huge move in the game....put his game on the line for a girl, and a lot of people will respect that...

They all crack up.

Cody:  He looks like a fucking idiot...

Frankie:  Vote for America's Stupidest Houseguest...vote 1 for Caleb...

Zach:  And he thinks people are making T-shirts that say Beast Mode Cowboy..

Frankie:  That part is probably true.

Zach:  He is just so full of himself.

Cody:  I....CAN'T.....STAND.....HIM!

Zach:  I'm with you, bro.  And he's blind to it...he has no idea of that dude.

Wil Heuser Presents The Saga....

Wil certainly starts this episode off with a bang, featuring a kiss between Hayden and Nicole...and there are more explosions to follow, directly from Jocosta's ass.

Victoria makes an appearance....and Caleb is still crazy.....

Michael Jackson's Thriller sets the stage for a dance, and Madonna's Like A Prayer gives Jocosta her chance to take the stage..


Go You Chicken Fat, Go #BB16

For the last four days (not including this morning) one of the wake up songs has caused a lot of controversy.  Basically the house guests hate the song, think it is too long, don't understand why it keeps being repeated, etc.

I heard Hayden repeat some of the song lyrics, and figured out which song is driving them crazy.  Way back in 1962, President John F. Kennedy sponsored a program for kids to be more physically active in school---the President's Physical Fitness Test.  Some of you may remember that awful period of time every year when you had to complete an inane series of tasks to determine if you were deemed fit enough to earn a special patch that would be sewn on your gymsuit.  You had to hang by a bar a certain way.....jump into a pit of sand.....climb up a rope...etc.

We never practiced for any of these assorted feats of strength...we just did them in front of someone with a clipboard and stopwatch, in front of the whole school, it seemed.  And we were all judged by age group, rather than by height or weight which might of been more helpful for someone like myself, who was nicknamed "Shrimp" for most of my growing up years.

Anyway, the "Chicken Fat" song was written to promote this program, and is now being used in an Apple commercial, but the house guests don't know that since the commercial started airing in late June.

Here is the song, if you'd like to hear it.   This clip is not the whole song, but it is certainly long enough for you to get a feel for it, and understand why the house guests are perplexed to hear it every morning.   I love all of the historic pictures in the video.  People weren't so sensitive back then...it was okay to call kids fat, I guess.

If anyone in the Big Brother house is able to think critically right now, they will realize that the song is trying to tell them something.  The fitness trackers that the house guests are wearing will determine who the Have Nots will be next week.

As of June 20th, here are the four leaders in the house as far as physical activity tracker results go:

No surprise that Brittany is on top, since she spent about 20 hours walking around kicking a ball.  But the ones at the bottom are the ones at risk.  As of June 20th, here are the bottom four house guests, or the Chicken Fat as you might say.

I can't imagine that Nicole is going to be doing too much running around, since she has to carry that huge sausage and stein around all week.  I think we'd all like to see Frankie wind up in the Have Not room for a long list of reasons, so maybe there will be a change in the standings before the Have Nots are announced.