Monday, July 21, 2014

After A Lot of Last Minute Drama, Cody Followed The Plan #BB16

He put Donny on the block in Victoria's spot.  The feeds came back just as Victoria closed the PoV box and everyone stood up, and then quickly dispersed.

Brittany is upset.  Donny is the one person she didn't want to be up against.  Donny "jokes" that his counseling sessions with Brittany are over.

Derrick was the last person we saw talk to Cody up in the HoH, just before the feeds went down, and at that point, it looked like Caleb was going up.  Derrick said he didn't want Cody to do something that didn't feel right, but I could tell he was panicking a little.

Jocosta finds an angle to have some personal drama out of this, telling Donny that "they" want to see who she would vote to keep...Donny or Brittany.

Jocosta:  You are the one who saved me, though...

Donny:  It doesn't matter who goes this week....he told us the and me are next..

Who knows what Caleb was thinking here, or how much he knows about what almost happened.

Caleb:  You're the last person I thought would go up on the block.

Donny: I'm not surprised...

Caleb:  From what I hear, a lot of people want her out..