Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two Thoughts About Victoria's Diary Room Sessions #BB16

Sometimes watching Big Brother live feeds is all about the little details.  Little things happen every day, and sometimes you don't realize what you saw until you start adding little things up.

I posted yesterday about Victoria's various behaviors that we wont' see on the CBS show, including her coming out of the DR crying, and speculation about what that meant.  (You can see that here, if you haven't already.)

I thought about all of this, and realized two I am sure about, and one that is purely speculation.


Victoria is not the most visible person on the live feeds, but I always see her in the morning putting on all of her makeup with the other girls.  On several occasions, she has been called to the DR first thing in the morning, only to return several minutes later to put on make up.

Victoria:  I told them I needed more time to get they are going to call me back after I get my makeup on.

Everyone always laughs at this, and Frankie sarcastically joked that Victoria is the only house guest who gets a specific call time.  I've even seen some live feeders write funny updates that after all of Victoria's efforts getting dressed and made up, the DR "forgot" to call her back in there.  This all fit in with the "Princess" persona that she affected in the early weeks of the game.

I've been watching the live feeds for years, and I've never seen someone get preferential DR treatment like Victoria does, so I was wondering why she was allowed so much leeway with her schedule.

(I mean, they would tell Janelle during BB14 to come in there in about 20 minutes, but Victoria is no Janelle....)

But then yesterday before the PoV, at 12:09 pm BBT, Victoria is walking through the kitchen and whispers into her microphone.

Victoria:  Can you call me into the DR?  I need to take my Adderall.

OK.  Bingo.  Now I know what has been happening every morning when they call Victoria in the DR quickly---she is taking Adderall.  Just like Devin was.  (And Aaryn..and Amanda...etc etc etc)

I'm not indicting her for this...I'm just pointing out that she does not disclose this to the other house guests.  She doesn't have's a medical situation, but still.


This is the part that is pure speculation.  Yesterday, Victoria was all upset about "Matt" getting in trouble, or "Matt" losing his job.

We all know that Victoria is a very clingy girl.  She doesn't like to go eat cereal unless someone goes with her, and she doesn't like to sleep alone.

And she follows Daddy Derrick around like a shadow, asking for advice and approval.

What if Victoria has developed a sort of crush on "Matt"?  I've heard the girls over the years talk about what they think the DR people look like, and who their favorites are.  But what if Victoria is a little too attached to "Matt".

What if she is inventing things?  All in her head?

Clearly I'm thinking about all of this way too much....or am I?

Woe is Brittany. Woe is Cody. #BB16

Earlier today Cody and Donny sat outside with Brittany as she kept kicking goals.  She slept until about 8:00 am, she says.  It's hard for Cody to watch this.  He really likes Brittany and knows this week is hell for her.

Plus, I'm sure he could accomplish this task in a fraction of the time, with his many years of soccer experience.

No one can help Brittany shag balls---she has to go get them herself and all of that is taking a toll on her, too.  Donny is trying to offer helpful advice but she answers back in a snappy fashion.  I guess I would too....Donny's "look on the bright side" voice might be a little too much, even though he certainly means well.

Cody just watches in silence.  The count was about 1,058 at this time.

I did a demanding backyard task, excavating a huge plant that died and cleaning up after it.  Then I went to Pike Nursery with my dog to buy a replacement plant.  We had fun shopping, and enjoyed peeing and pooping in a different neighborhood (my dog, that is).  I even planted the new plant, watered and fertilized.

And I came home, and the scene was STILL the same.  Everyone asleep, except for Brittany and Donny.  Donny brought Brittany a container of yogurt and offered words of wisdom.

Donny:  Just pace yourself, and do what you can do.  And if you can't get it all done, you did your best.  I'm sure they'll take that under consideration.

Brittany:  Thank you Donny.

Donny:  Maybe when we get enough people out here, we can sit in the beanbags and keep the ball from goin' behind the hammock for you...

(Go wake them up Donny!  What else do they have to do?)

BB blows the whistle and says "Penalty Kick!"  "Penalty Kick".

Brittany and Donny are silent.  Brittany starts eating a banana and BB has to blow the whistle again.

Here comes Cody, silently dragging ass outside for his Penalty Kicks.

Cody said "this is brutal" and trudged back inside.  He was barely inside when the whistle blew again to come back outside.  And then:

BB:  Brittany!  Ten hours to go!

Brittany:  At least I made it 14 hours...over halfway...

Donny:  It is possible....just pace yourself...don't do any kicks out of frustration..make every kick count.

Cody says nothing to them, and they say nothing to Cody.

Brittany is really hurting.

Donny:  Did the Aleve or Advil help you at all?

Brittany:  Did I take some today?

Amber came out and asked if she was okay, or if she needed anything.  Both questions are probably impossible for Brittany to truthfully answer without bawling.

Brittany:  I'm okay.

Brittany got up and went to retrieve the ball and start kicking again.  The number is now 1238.

Twenty-Three Hours to Go! #BB16

I'm still flashing back to last night, to get a feel for what the PoV punishments entail.  This happened at around 8:50 pm BBT, as Brittany keeps kicking soccer balls into a net in the backyard.

She has to kick 2,400 goals within 24 hours, and there is a digital counter set up to record her progress.

There are a few lawn chairs scattered around, and Brittany is breathing steadily, getting a work out from this.  She kept retrieving the ball by bending over.

Hayden:  Brittany, seriously.  If you keep bending over like that, you're going to kill yourself.

He tells her to move the ball with her feet, to save the stress on her back.

Zach, draining a can of beer:  It's going to be a fun night.

Brittany:  Do you think I'll make the Guiness Book of World Records?

Possibly, they say. (No way.)

BB voice out of loudspeaker:  Brittany!  Twenty-three hours to go!

Brittany does the math...she did 250 goals the first 1,000 goals after 4 hours.  She went over to take a drink of wine from a red plastic cup.

Donny:  That's either going to help or hurt you....

Brittany:  It's going to help, Donny!

Brittany started dancing around holding the ball, as Zach told her she'd be done by 4:00 am at this pace.  She kicked a ball and then said, maybe that doesn't count because I wasn't on the mat.

Big Brother gives us a close up. No, it didn't count.  Maybe that wine isn't such a good idea, after all.

Brittany keeps kicking, and breathing.  She's at 251 now.

Zach:  I'd be so pissed if I had to wear that German-tard.

Brittany:  I think it's adorable.

Hayden:  It is adorable, but the fact that she has to carry around those bad.

(A huge wiener on a stick and a heavy stein of beer.)

Zach:  Dude, she's gonna be drunk all week.

Hayden:  Yeah, she is.

Brittany, alarmed:  SHE GETS TO HAVE BEER IN THAT?

Zach:  Yeah, and she gets to fill it up whenever she wants to.

Brittany:  Shut the front door...that would have been amazing!

(Not exactly true, but it's funny that Brittany thinks that.  Brittany likes to booze it up at home, but then again, who doesn't?)

Hayden:  She's gonna be fucked up!

Zach:  Dude, can you imagine that?  Being blacked out drunk in the Big Brother house?

The rumor spreads.

Caleb, to Cody:  She's got to keep that thing filled with beer the whole time...

Cody:  Oh my god, is that true?

Caleb:  I'm wonderin' if she gets to share....

The house got two bottles of wine and six beers, and everyone is all concerned about getting their share.

Cody's Penalty Kick-in-the-Butt #BB16

Cody has to take penalty kicks every hour on the hour for 24 hours.  (They won't actually time it like that for the whole time, but whatever...)

He came outside around 8:40 last night for a round of kicks.  Nicole hadn't seen it yet, I don't think, because she was busy in the DR with her German-tard.

As Cody turned around with his back to the kicking machine, he pulled the back of his sweatpants down.

Christine & Nicole:  Whoooo!  Whoooo!

Cody:  Oh, you like that?

(Yes. We like that.)

Cody has to pull an overhead lever and the shoe swings up to connect with his butt.  He has to get 10 kicks in the butt each session.  Derrick and Hayden turn around in their lawn chairs to watch.  You can hear Brittany kicking the soccer ball in the background.

Cody:  That fuckin' shoe....

Cody came over where Christine and Nicole were sitting and squeezed in with Christine, and started whispering immediately.  I think he feels badly about the Brittany situation, and I heard them mention "Frankie" and "drama" in the same sentence.

Nicole:  Is this...are we on TV now?

Christine said "yes" so Nicole explained to the camera that "I'm wearing a frickin' German-tard now because...I don't know why.."

She drank some beer for good measure. I think they meant BBAD, but that isn't supposed to start for another 20 minutes.  She told Christine a few minutes ago that she was supposed to use apple juice if there wasn't any beer available.

Nicole:  This is Heineken...they told me, because that's the only beer I like.  Please be my friend this week...I'm so tired of trying to find friends...

Christine:  Oh, I'll always be your friend.  I was talking to your mom a little while ago...I told her I'll help you through this, whatever it was....I hope your mom likes me and doesn't think I'm a weirdo.

Nicole:  They know I'm a weirdo, so don't worry about that.

Cody says Nicole's boots are sick and he thinks they are from Steve Madden.  He came over and inspected them, saying girls' boots are so cool.  Christine said they are probably from Target, since that is where BB got her shoes (?) but they do look just like Steve Madden.

Caleb came over and gave Nicole a hug.  Nicole asked Christine if it is rude that they don't go over to the soccer net to sit.

Christine: There's no where to sit...


Some Losers are More Bitter Than Others.....#BB16

So last night just after 8:30 pm BBT Nicole went into the backyard to show the group outside her German-tard.  I could hear Hayden freaking out over how cool it was, while Brittany just kept on kicking her soccer ball without saying anything.

(Brittany was PISSED after the PoV, blaming Nicole for screwing her over.  At the time, she said Nicole having to wear the German-tard was karma, but if it is it is pretty cute karma.  Everybody knows that if you wear the costumes that Big Brother gives you with a good sense of humor, the fans will love you.  And this is two in a row for Nicole...)

Hayden is delighted with the costume, and laughs when Nicole tells him she was to carry the sausage and the stein at all times.

Hayden: You do?

Nicole:  Look, look, feel how heavy it is.

Hayden: are going to get JACKED...and there's actual beer in here...lemme get some!

Christine: No way..that's her beer.

Someone asks when BB is going to give her more beer.

Nicole:  I dunno..whever they think I need it I guess....I have to have liquid in it all times though.

Christine:  That is so mean!  It is so heavy.

Check out how Brittany just keeps kicking her soccer ball in the background, and Amber sits with her back to the German-tard commotion.

Christine asks if the costume is hot.

Nicole:  Nah, it's not bad.  You can probably frickin' see my underwear though..

She went over to the glass and turned around to look.

Nicole:  Yep.  It's funny, but it's going to get old real fast.

I'm glad they didn't make her wear a wig, after having to wear that Frog head all last week.

Nicole and Christine took a seat in the backyard.  Nicole wonders what she got herself into, and then admits that she does think it is a cute outfit, and it is actually very comfortable.  She hates the hat, though.  She is going to have to use some bobby pins to hold it in place, because it keeps slipping.

Nicole:  I'm frickin' going to chug this beer.

Christine, giggling:  We'll see if they give you more.

Christine says she'll get to keep the stein, too, and it is awesome.  Her husband Tim was in Germany on some sort of mission and found a stein on the side of the road.

Nicole: Oh, my frickin wiener that I have to carry around....(whispering)  what's going on out here? Why is everybody being so weird?

Christine tells her not to worry about Monday's nominations.  Nicole usually wears a size 5 1/2 in tennis shoes at home.  She loves boots like this, but doesn't wear them because she says you have to have super-skinny legs.

Christine:  What?  You look great.

Nicole: have to wear skinny jeans with boots like this..and I don't wear skinny long as I don't look fat, though..

Christine tells her she looks great, and the costume is very flattering.

Christine:  Remember the Clownietard?

Nicole: Oh my god...with the wig and the nose?....ugh

In the background I can hear Brittany saying that the "Jack Shack" (i.e. the Port-a-Potty) is open tonight since she can sleep outside.

Nicole:  I don't feel bad for giving her that...I have to wear this for seven days...she can't be mad at me...

Nicole was swinging her wiener in the air and hit herself in the eye with the end of it and she and Christine crack up.

There was a lot of commotion at the backdoor and Jocosta pops out holding bottles of wine and beer.  Brittany shrieked across the yard to "POUR ME A GLASS!".

Um..Jocosta knows she's on TV, right?  Looking like that?

Who Wants to See Nicole's German-tard? #BB16

I'm flashing back to 8:30 pm BBT to get caught up with all of the latest action.

Nicole came bursting out of the DR wearing her new costume for the week.  Her little outfit looks like lederhosen (sp?) with a big sausage suspended on a plastic stick and a huge stein.

Christine:  Oh, you look so cute!

Nicole:  Dude, I've got beer!

Christine:  Do you get to keep those shoes?

Nicole:  These shoes are bomb!

Nicole:  I have to carry these at all times.  I don't like the hat, though.

Frankie comes in whooping and saying that is totally a Peter Pan hat...he has one at home.

Caleb:  You get to drink beer?

(I guess the answer to that is Yes.)

Christine:  You're so cute!  Those boots are awesome!

Every agrees she looks good.  She really does.  Frankie knows the cameras are all over them right now and tries to grab the spotlight by speaking in an annoying German voice.

Christine is totally jonesing on the cute boots that Nicole will be wearing (and keeping), while Frankie goes on and on in his shitty German voice, trying desperately to grab any attention he can.

Christine wants to smell the beer.

So does Victoria.  (I'll have even more to say about her very shortly...)

Zach:  Nicole!  You totally rock the German-tard!  Do you get to refill the stein?

Nicole:  Yeah, they'll give me stuff to refill it with...but I have to carry this stuff at all times.

Nicole went into the backyard to show everybody and Hayden laughed like crazy, saying it was awesome.

I saw Amber slowly stroll to the backyard a few seconds later and realized I didn't hear her say shit about Nicole's cute costume.