Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cody's Popularity Soars #BB16

Hey Boo.

Good lord.  It's like a GQ cover, right?

Brittany came up to the HoH to extend an olive branch to Cody,  Derrick walked in and she explained that both she and Cody will need to be outside all night for their punishments, so she wanted to break the ice so there wouldn't be tension out there.

Brittany jumped down Derricks' throat, saying "I guess you replaced me with Victoria".

(She is going CRAZY.)

Derrick:  No, Victoria has been on my heels from the very beginning, like my shadow....when I was HoH she wouldn't leave me alone..she kept coming up here!

Brittany:  Yeah, but once you were HoH!

Derrick:  Nah...from the second or third day...Victoria is all about me..

Cody confirms this.  (And I told you about that, too...remember?)

Brittany:  She needs to find someone more appropriate...

Derrick:  Yeah, if she's looking for companionship I'm not exactly available right now.

They gave a shout out to Derrick's wife, and then he left the room.

Frankie came in right afterwards, and got right in between them on the bed.  After a few minute he left, and Cody was kind of glad.

Cody:  I like Frankie, but sometimes he.....I mean, we were up here talking to Derrick, but then Frankie always comes in...

Brittany:  Frankie comes in the room whenever people are having a conversation...he always does that.

Frankie came right back in after that, and busied himself in the snack area.

Frankie:  Did you want me to give you more time?

Cody:  Yes, please.  A few more minute...

Frankie left, but not without clanking everything in the fridge and trying to act casual about getting asked to leave the room.  They waited until he left.  There was tension.

They start the conversation about who turned against who first, and then Amber shows up, and gets right in the bed with them!

Right in the middle of the bed!  I know Amber isn't worried about being nominated this week---is she jealous of Brittany being alone with Cody?


PoV Aftermath - World's Collide #BB16

I don't even understand this picture.  Donny, Derrick and Hayden are laying on the ground (?) and are throwing around the sock monkey and saying silly things.  I watched it for a few minutes, and I don't understand what is going on.

Nicole walked by and I saw her feet near their heads, saying she hopes her dad sends her sock monkey ("Henri") if she wins HoH again.

Zach and Victoria met in the storage room and congratulated each other on the outcome of the PoV.  Zach really bent over backwards to be friendly and supportive.

He encouraged Victoria to win HoH next, launching into a conversation about who he would nominate if he won HoH.

Zach:  I'd nominate Amber for sure!  Amber hates me!  And Jocosta, because those two are not pulling for me.

Clearly Zach is trying to encourage Victoria to target the girls if she is HoH.  (ha ha ha)

He's really laying it on thick.  I've heard Zach say that Victoria can't seem to recognize sarcasm, so maybe she has no Bullshit Radar, either.  Victoria is going to be around for a long time, by the looks of it.

It's easy to like Zach if you think he likes you, right?  Can you imagine getting the full Zach Attack, head on?

Zach:  Amber is making no effort to hate the fact that she hates me now.  Brittany too, but she'll be gone this week.  I'd like to blow up on Amber, but that wouldn't be smart right now.

They discussed how everyone deserves to be there, and no one needs the money any more than anyone else.  Zach also made a BIG DEAL about how he wanted to go to the Jury at least, since he had committed the whole summer to Big Brother.

Zach:  In the Jury House I can chill, drink, lay by the my ass off!

(I'm sure THAT sounds good to Victoria....Jury House with Zach.....)

Victoria also visited with Derrick in The Hive.  Derrick is getting very attached to the sock monkey.  His name is Spanky, I think.

Brittany came in with a load of sour grapes about her loss.  She was pissed and brought up the fact that she had to give someone "a swirlie" in the first BoB, and didn't want to give that prize to a girl, so she chose Hayden.  Now she brings that up and I think she is very pissed at Nicole.

Brittany started cursing and immediately jumped up to "wash her mouth out with soap".  After she left the room Derrick told Victoria that she's doing the right thing...keeping her mouth shut.  He encourages her to keep doing it....stay calm and cool.

Punishments and Prizes..the PoV is Over #BB16

Victoria won the biggest prize of all for herself-----the PoV.  Since she's on the block right now, the house is very agitated right now, trying to figure out who will go on the block with Brittany.

Zach won a trip to Germany, which is causing problems with his alliance.  Cody thinks he should have traded for the PoV but Zach says then Nicole would have won the prize.

Cody:  But she didn't!  You did.

Frankie thinks it will be impossible for them to keep Zach off the block next week, the way Zach is going now, although he acknowledged that Caleb was a bigger asshole then Zach was.

Because Caleb won $5,000.  And Frankie thinks they should be delighted that Caleb just put a bigger target on his own back.

I don't know where the crown came from...Derrick didn't even play in the PoV.  If I were him, I wouldn't wear that...remember Dustin from BB8?  Getting blindsided after wearing the king's robe all week?

And the losers?

Nicole "won" another crazy costume.  This one is called the "German-tard", or something like that.  I have't seen it yet, but will keep you posted.  They are all thinking the costume relates to the country Germany, and not bacteria.  She should get her costume sometime tonight.

Brittany has to do some sort of ball kicks on a regular basis for a certain period of time.  That should be interesting, since Cody was a soccer player.  I believe the requirement is to kick 2,400 soccer goals within 24 hours, which sucks so bad it is GREAT.

Cody has to do something like kick himself a certain number of times every hour for 24 hours.

I'm guessing the theme of the PoV was the World Cup.  Just a guess, tipped by all of the soccer balls and German references.

 I thought Derrick was going to try and calm down this week, and stop bossing people and brandishing swords.

Calm down, Derrick.

Nicole came in and all of the guys said they loved her hair tonight.  She expects to have to wear some type of wig with her costume---men really love long hair so I think Nicole needs to wear it down as often as she can.  It's like shampoo-commercial good, in my opinion.

Zach is super happy with Nicole, because what ever she did during the competition kept Zach from having to take the German-tard.  I guess she could have traded Zach's trip to Germany away, and he appreciates that she didn't do that.

By the way, Cody is probably going to nominate Donny tomorrow in place of Victoria, but they don't plan to tell him until just before the PoV ceremony on Monday.  They know the girls want him to nominate Caleb or Zach, but the guys don't feel they have the confidence to ensure that Brittany would still go home.

Derrick talked to Hayden about this, to get his buy in, and Hayden promised not to tell Donny.  But he does plan to approach Donny afterwards to boost him up after the ceremony and assure him that he will be safe.

Frankie pointed out that they are 100% safe from Caleb nominating them for the next two weeks or so, but the don't feel the same way about Donny.

They laughed at how Brittany didn't even know how to play the PoV game, and it is something Big Brother does every year.  She didn't even know how to trade her prize or punishment.

Christine: You know who I think deserves to win?  A Super Fan!

(Because Brittany is now on a "Good People Should Win" kick.)

Victoria came in and Frankie serenaded her with a version of the Miss America song.  She feels badly about Nicole having to wear the costume, but Nicole tells her not to worry about it.  She's going to embrace the costume.

Derrick took the sock monkey downstairs and is making him appear in the Spy Screen while everyone laughs.


Yesterday Caleb hosted the BoB challenge, and made a big production later about how the crew let him strike a cheesy body builder pose as he recited his hosting lines.

Derrick told Cody that as the cameras filmed Caleb doing that, Cody made a "can you believe this guy?" face in the background, and how funny it was.

Derrick:  Dude, that shit is going on TV.

Cody:  Nah...really?

Miscellaneous Pictures Without a Home #BB16

Some of these pictures are from last night, some from this morning.

Last night Zach and Derrick sat up in the HoH with Amber, who seemed like she was on their side, despite bitching and moaning all day about being put up as a pawn in the game.  Specifically, she wondered why Zach and Derrick haven't been put up as pawns, since she's done it twice already.

(How pissed would she be if she know Derrick was trying to win $5,000 by putting her neck on the chopping block?)

Cody doesn't know why this sock monkey was in his HoH basket, but everyone is enjoying holding him and posing him in different, sometimes humiliating positions.

(Remember Clownie from last year?  See HERE and HERE.  Ha ha ha ha.)

The fauxhawk look Amber sported yesterday was courageous, if a bit misguided.

And Brittany was PISSED about being nominated.  And she stewed about it, and bitched and moaned.  She is positive that she is the target this week, and that Victoria will be used by the HoH every week to ensure the actual target goes home.

Brittany and Amber had a whisperfest for hours this morning, after which Amber officially became a flip flopper, joining forces with Brittany in hopes of flipping the house.

A noble idea, but it might be a few weeks too late.  Both of them said they really trust Derrick though, which is kind of funny since they both fancy themselves to be such shrewd game players.  Brittany, especially...she keeps saying she's got it all figured out.

Looks like Mama did laundry, too.  Take a look at those nicely-folded towels.

From this morning, after her shower, a glimpse behind the curtain.  It takes a lot of work to look that natural, I guess.  She's pretty to start with, but the make up makes her TV pretty, which can be a different story.

And I thought it was funny that Amber knew enough to cover the entire glass area with her towel, after just standing by and letting Brittany expose herself this morning. (Here you go.)

And then they went right back to whispering....

Caleb looks good with clothes on...and those horrid tats covered.  It looks like he lost some weight on slop last week, too.  He regaled the guys with stories about the little games his co-workers at Lowe's play on him back home.

One game involves them repeating every sentence that Caleb says, adding "he says" to the end of it.

So when you hear this happening in the house now, you'll know why.  Since Caleb's days at Lowe's were pre-Amber, what in the hell did he find to talk about?  Because you know people wouldn't play a game like this unless you talked too much, or told too many tall tales, right?

Brittany got a few hours of sleep, and is preparing to play for PoV.  During the PoV pick, she pulled the "House Guest Choice" button, and asked for volunteers.  Caleb volunteered, but told Cody afterwards that he would not be using it if he wins.  I guess Brittany's new friendship with Amber is rubbing Caleb the wrong way.

Why didn't Brittany pick Donny?  Or Jocosta?  Or Amber?  People who might have used it on her if they won?  She can still pick Jocosta and Amber, even if they won BoB, right?

Victoria Rafaeli: Little Girl, Big Drama #BB16

So Victoria kind of got called out on the last CBS show for being invisible in the Big Brother house....she strolled out in the backyard all tarted up like a whore at the MGM Grand pool, causing Hayden to ask who she was, what her name was...

But in reality, Victoria's recent activities in the Big Brother house have been some of the juiciest, but I'm doubting much of it is fit for broadcast on the CBS show.  It's a family show, right?

For example:

*  Victoria is known as being totally clingy in the house.  She won't even go in the kitchen alone to eat cereal, begging someone else to do it with her.  Insecure? Co-dependent?  Maybe, maybe not.  She certainly can't sleep alone at night, and until recently was sharing a bed with Frankie in the Fire Room.

I heard Frankie tell Zach that Victoria was "grinding on his dick all night long" and begging to be cuddled so that he could barely sleep.  And then I read today that Hayden told Frankie she did that to him, too, to the point where he wondered if she wanted him to complete the act.

*  Victoria has been all over Derrick since the first week in the game.  She woke him up a few weeks ago to go outside and talk with her, where she told him she usually dates men his age. (You can see that here.)  After the Battle of the Block yesterday, she was in the shower and called out to Derrick, who was at the dining table eating, to bring her her hairbrush.  As a married woman, Jocosta didn't like that, and told Derrick so.  (You can see her conversation with Derrick here....the incident itself was not on camera.)

*  Earlier in the game, Victoria heard Frankie humming an Ariana Grande song and said she loved that song and was a big fan.  And this clip from the CBS show demonstrates that Victoria was onto Frankie.  I mean, he even said his sister's name was "Ari" and he frequently gives "Ari" shout outs while on camera.

* Yesterday, Victoria got called to the DR and came out crying.  From what I could gather from online surfing (Jokers, Morty's) she confided in Zach and said she didn't want "Matt" to get in trouble, or to get fired from his job with BB Production.  The information out there about this is so fragmented that it's hard to get a good feel for the authenticity of it, or even to provide a link for you.  but the timing makes sense because of the baby pictures of Ariana that were included in Frankie's HoH room. Victoria probably wondered why there wasn't a recent picture of Frankie's sister in his HoH room, and got even more suspicious.

As Zach was talking to Victoria while she was crying,  Zach got called to the DR and later told the guys that Production said he couldn't talk about what Victoria told him, and why she was crying, because he was asked not to.


Speculation is that Victoria asked the DR if Frankie was related to Ariana, and "Matt" said yes.  Then the DR people freaked out and are trying to take it back, cover it up, etc.

I don't think anybody would give a shit if Frankie had a famous sister, if he had been honest about it from the start.  He could have painted himself as the unsuccessful older brother of a famous person who wanted to make his own fortune.

But whatever happens, the DR isn't supposed to disclose secrets about the house guests.  They can't ruin somebody's game like that....and if this speculation is true, than "Matt" really fucked up.

Will Production be extra nice to Victoria now? Or will the house guests be urged to vote her out instead of Brittany this week?

What if that happened, and Victoria made a HUGE STINK on her way out of the door?  Like Andrew Gordon did during BB12 when he told everyone he heard Hayden Moss and Kristin Bitting (or whatever her name is) making out every night?

Could be interesting....but also we might never hear or see another word about it....

Good Mornin' Cody. #BB16

The cameras just follow Cody around this morning, so I will, too.  Everyone was strongly encouraged by Production to get up and get ready for the PoV Player Pick.  Strongly.  As in, "Get the Fuck up House Guests" (practically)

Cody went in the Storage room to get some breakfast and talked some trash about Brittany with Derrick.  He told Derrick that Britney approached him to say that she wanted to stay in the game, and to play in PoV or be the host, if possible.

Cody:  If she plays in the PoV she can't be the host.  And what does she think I'm going to do about it?

Cody reported that he had to go upstairs and take care of some bathroom business.

Zach came in sporting an interesting look to get items to make breakfast.   He listened to Derrick relay some of the Brittany information and agreed they'd all talk later.

Cody ate his yogurt, talking to Frankie while he was in the bathroom, taking tiny bites while speaking.

I think John Stamos has every reason to worry about his greek yogurt commercial contract.  There's a new hottie yogurt eater in town, John.

Cody went downstairs and ate a breakfast sandwich that Zach made for him, with egg and avocado.  It's a big sandwich...Cody has to go really wide to take a complete bite.

He later said to Zach that he owed him for that great sandwich.  It was perfect, he says.

Victoria is eating some Sugar Pops and asks Zach for the remaining avocado, which he gave her.  She wants to make some eggs or something with it--you can see the tiny piece of avocado in front of her.  It's just a scrap..Zach should have just eaten it himself.

Christine was there, too, eating quietly.

I'm going to write a post on Victoria next....lots of drama there, but unfortunately I don't think any of it can be broadcast on the CBS shows.  Stay tuned for that...

Frankie skips a cup of coffee, saying that if he's chosen to play PoV he's going right back to sleep to rest up for the competition.

Zach is still sporting this courageous look, providing proof that Zach gives "zero fucks" and is very confident.

Zach:  I actually slept really well last night.  I don't think I'll take a nap today.

Everyone laughed at that and told Zach to get real.  He asks if they think he has slept the most hours in the BB house and they can't even come up with a close second.

Cody put his dishes in the sink and put his chin on Amber's shoulder for a second.  I wasn't quick enough to shoot it, but trust me it happened.

Nicole was next, getting her Cody morning love.

I hate to tell Nicole, but the rest of her day is going straight downhill, after that.  Sad, but true.