Friday, July 18, 2014

The Drama Continues...and Derrick Works Jocosta #BB16

Victoria is out of the shower now and is teary and angry at the same time.  She is venting to Nicole about BedGate, and she is embarrassed and hurt about the situation.

(There was a big public stink last night about who would have to sleep with Victoria now that Frankie would be in the HoH, and she had no idea people felt that way about sleeping in the same bed with her.  You can see part of this drama here.)

Nicole:  Just try to focus and forget about it.  Everyone talks shit about people in here.

Victoria:  I DON'T!  I don't talk shit about anybody, but they all talk shit about me.  Why can't they say that to my face?  And this is all on TV...on the cameras all the time and it's so embarrassing.   No one has ever treated me like this..

Victoria:  And with the nominations?  It was all right there..I should have known..

Nicole:  At  least the outfit was really cute.  You should keep that one.

Meanwhile, Derrick appears to be taking the incident that just happened with Victoria in the shower to build a bridge with Jocosta.  They talked about how their families need the money and the prize would be important.

Derrick:  I mean, we're doin' okay, but neither of us is here for the TV time, that's for sure.

Jocosta:  You got that right.

And here comes Derrick's Mist:

Derrick, quietly:  I didn't think Cody would nominate Brittany....not him...

Jocosta:  Mm hmm.

Derrick went on to say that his HoH was simple, because all he wanted to do was get Devin out, and he said that from the very beginning.  He got lucky that Caleb volunteered to go on the block, but other than that it was pretty cut and dried, and he just tried to get the job done while he was up there.

Jocosta admitted he did a good job.

Now Derrick points out that he told Caleb not to throw the BoB, because Jocosta is much more likable in the house than Caleb is, and he would get voted out in a second.

Jocosta changed the topic, saying that she wants some corn meal so she can make corn bread.  Derrick hopes she gets that, too, because he would love to have some homemade cornbread.

Is Derrick's Mist going to work on Jocosta?  I'm not sure.  Because Derrick has been all about getting Brittany out of the house as soon as possible...

But I did hear her tell a story last night about how she acted up in a club and said she was thankful that she didn't get arrested.  I wish she would tell Derrick some of those stories.

The BoB Ends, and Drama Begins #BB16

The Battle of the Block is over, and as expected Jocosta and Amber won, leaving Brittany and Victoria on the block.  And Cody as the final HoH...

Jocosta and Amber speak in low tones in the kitchen, wearing cute little black workout outfits.  Amber wants some nail clippers, so Jocosta got some and they went in the Hive to chat.

Derrick eats a sandwich, or something along those lines.

Cody, Christine, Caleb, and Cody's Abs went into storage to get some food.  I got the impression they wanted to talk game, but Caleb followed them in there.  Caleb was all about "Caleb Caleb Caleb" and tells them that he begged someone from Production to let him "do his pose" out there for the cameras.

Caleb:  I told him it was getting pretty famous, so he let me do it...he's real cool about that.

Apparently his pose was the "one arm straight out and one arm bent as if holding a bow" that looks just like what Jessie Godderz used to do all of the time.  Cody and Christine said how cool that was, and tried to get out of the room.

Caleb asked Cody how he could tell that a banana was ripe and ready to eat.

(Is he an imbecile?  Any two year old knows that.)

Cody told him when the banana is yellow, it is ready.  If it gets too brown, it's no good.  On the way back to the kitchen Caleb said he planned to confront Amber about what Frankie told him.  I can only assume he is going to harass Amber about saying that she didn't like him, or something like that.

Derrick walked down the hall and Jocosta stopped him, telling him what Victoria did just now wasn't right, because he is a married man. (!)  Apparently Victoria wanted Derrick to hand her something over the shower door and Jocosta felt it was inappropriate.

Derrick:  She asked me to just hand her her brush , so I did it like this.... (looking in the other direction).  Do you think it looks bad on me?

Amber:  Honestly, yes.  It's not right for her to do that.

Jocosta:  Oh, it's not have Jana...why didn't she ask us to help her?  we're right here...when Amber got stuck in the shower she asked us for help...

Derrick:  Well, she just lost, and I think she's crying in there, and I know you get mad at her.

Jocosta: I'm not gonna get mad at her.  You just let me know next time.  I got you.  And you were in there eating.

Derrick:  Thanks for the love.  Yeah, I was trying to eat my fucking sandwich.

Jocosta:  Well go on and eat then.

After Derrick left the room Jocosta told Amber this reminded her of the time when Devin came in the room when she was showering and was trying to talk to her.

Amber:  WHAT?

Jocosta:  First of all, he didn't need to be talking to me...I just kept showering and ducked down lower..I didn't want to blow up on him.

Oh snap.  Jocosta tells her that she forgot about the shower incident, but then "they" asked her about it when she was in the doctor's office.  (i.e. last weekend when she was ill).

Jocosta:  They asked me what he said to me in there, but I told them I started ignoring him, because I was in the shower!  And that's personal.  I don't want some big dude towering over....

Amber:  Seeing everything....and your're married..

Jocosta:  That dude.  And he say he and women have problems, but I think he's the problem.  I want to talk to Victoria, but I know she'll start crying but you gotta respect that man.

Jocosta hopes Derrick didn't take that the wrong way, but she told Derrick she was looking at it as a wife would see it and someone did that to her husband.

Amber:  I like Derrick.  He's such a sweet and humble man.  He's honest, too.

No comment from Jocosta on that.

Nominations are Over, and Life in the #BB16 House Goes On..

The feeds were down for two hours, so I didn't know what was happening in there.  The kitchen was abuzz with activity, with Frankie and Cody both in the kitchen, and Derrick doing some dishes, so the ceremony has been over for awhile, I'm guessing.

Donny sits alone,and we can see hat the nominees are just as expected:

Victoria & Brittany- Cody's noms
Jocosta & Amber -  Frankie's noms

I love the way the new board shows us information like is interactive, I guess you could say.

Amber is tired of being a pawn, she says.  She only found out she was going to be a pawn again five minutes before it happened, she says.

Amber:  Why do I have to take one for the team again?  Why can't the guys step up?

Christine:  I makes me scared as a girl.

Amber:  Why can't Zach go up as a pawn?  Or Derrick?  If they're going to play the game this way, then I am, too.

They whispered about Brittany being the true target.

Jocosta came marching in with her words of encouragement and wisdom.  I think she almost caught them talking about know Jocosta doesn't like Christine, right?  She thinks she's sneaky.  And she is sneaky.

Jocosta hugs Amber and tells her not to think about it, as Brittany comes in stone faced and goes into the WC.

Amber:  At least I get to wear another cute costume, I guess...

They continued to whisper and I know Jocosta is happy she gets to compete for BoB with Amber, rather than Victoria.  I heard Jocosta mention Devin.

Amber:  Devin?  Can we just not mention him anymore?

Look at Brittany... she is going to BLOW this week.  She had virtually no sleep last night, and is picking fights like nobody's business right now.  She gets busy now, storming out of the shower stall.

Brittany:  They want Victoria to blow the BoB competition today, so I'll go home.  It's pretty fucking obvious....I've been up now three fucking's scary how it's happening.

Jocosta knows basic math.

Jocosta:  Four girls...four girls.

Jocosta needs to wipe that grin off her face, unless she wants to tempt fate with Brittany.  If she gets too cocky and loses the BoB, her ass is coming right back to the ATL this week.  Although she may have to drive two hours from Hartsfield to get to where ever it is she actually lives.

The Metro area is large, yo.

Brittany:  It's like a slap in the face to me....I don't understand.

(After the way Brittany spoke to Cody this morning?  C'mon Brittany.  You can see that here.)

Oh here we go...

Brittany:  I'm not even going to the finale, you guys...I'm just sick of this.

(If you want to get paid your fucking stipend you'll go to the fucking finale, Brittany.)

Brittany threatened to leave the game after Devin put her on the block, too.  So maybe this is part of her "process".  But the knights in shining armor who helped her last time want her gone now, so things don't look good for the her.  Particularly not with this shitty attitude.

At Midnight, Mass Gluttony Took Place #BB16

When the clock struck midnight, the crowd gathered to watch the gluttony go down, and Caleb, Amber and Hayden begin to feast on all of the treats that had been prepared.  They had french toast, pigs in a blanket, pizza, and deviled eggs.

Victoria reached over Caleb to grab something, and then said excuse me.

Caleb:  It's okay.  I like your hair.

Hayden:  In your food?

Caleb snickered.

Caleb said the food was amazing.

Hayden was just eating and then realized the cameras were all on them, so then he started trying to be funny about all of the tripe he ate last week. (Not.)

(I don't find Hayden appealing in the slightest.  I don't dislike him (yet), but I don't really have any interest in anything that he does.  The bloody gingivitis teeth really skeeved me out, too.)

Amber is already getting full, she reports, but she keeps on eating.  Zach came in the room and Amber urged him to take a deviled egg.  Apparently they have some with relish, and some without. That is Zach's arm below, diving in to grab an egg.  He ate it while he walked to the sink, saying it was amazing.

Amber then urged Zach to try a Pig in a Blanket.

Zach:  This big thing right here?

He grabbed one, and loved it as well.

They laughed about the foil-wrapped pickle that Brittany gave Devin.  Devin gave Brittany a few large pickles when she was a Have Not as a gift (pickles are permitted Have Not foods), so that is why Brittany did that.

Zach:  He probably saw that and still thinks he has a chance with you...

Amber feels like a fat kid now, she says.  After only 13 minutes of eating, they have slowed to a stop and are all sighing.

Caleb:  I had three pieces of pizza, three pigs in a blanket, three deviled eggs, and two big scoops of macaroni and cheese.

Brittany hasn't had a hot dog since she was pregnant with her daughter 12 years ago, but she really wants a Pig in a Blanket now.  Amber urged her to take a few bites, and not to worry if she can't finish it, because someone else will.

Brittany ate so many hot dogs when she was pregnant that she hasn't wanted one since, she says.  Derrick came in and had some french toast.  He had some deviled eggs earlier without realizing that they were for the Have Nots, and felt like a douchebag.

Amber:  Thanks Mom, for teaching me how to cook!

Brittany looked up sharply when she said that.  Then Amber thanked her too, for helping set everything up tonight.  Caleb tried to butter up Amber's mom by talking about good country cooking.

Derrick:  No Have Nots this week!

Caleb:  But something worse....

(FYI Derrick pronounces his last name La-VASS-ur.)

The Detonators Felt Good Last Night #BB16

They lounged up in the HoH Suite and went over the evening's events.  Zach realizes that if he and Amber won HoH, he would "be fucked". They all joked about how Zach would have panicked once alone with her and would have told her everything.

Frankie says that Brittany and Jocosta would have been in the bedroom with Amber, leaving Zach alone with those girls.

Christine:  No way we'd leave him alone up here.

Frankie: And if Jocosta and Brittany won, we'd all be fucked!

They think those girls would have nominated Christine, Frankie, Zach and Derrick.  During the competition Derrick pointed out how Jocosta and Brittany's strategy was working, allowing Cody and Frankie to implement it.

Frankie:  And then they dropped a lot of eggs...

Derrick:  They dropped A LOT of eggs.  I may have said in there that I didn't know if Jocosta was trying to win a competition, or break the record for the world's largest omelet...I may have said that.

Frankie told the DR that when he heard all of those eggs dropping, he thought Pao Pao was back in the house.  Cody didn't have a snappy comeback when the DR asked him the eggs dropping, and it sounds like they really had to prompt him to even throw shade at Victoria.

When the comp was over they said Brittany was sitting at the kitchen counter and looked like she wanted to hit someone over the head with her coffee cup.

Cody:  She said, some people wanted to see their kids, and I said some people aren't going to see their kids.  Sorry, but we're pickin' up the pace here..this is a half million dollars here....

Derrick pointed out that last minute scrambling before last week's nominations is what got Donny put on the block....people should come up and see the HoH's tonight and not wait until the last minute.  Frankie said he's going to be very unavailable in the morning before nominations.

Frankie:  I think it's funny when people say they're not going to go up and talk to the HoH...that's the game!

Cody said he didn't want to talk to Caleb after Caleb won the first HoH and was flexing like a douchebag.  But he did it anyway and ended up getting hooked up in an alliance for the week.

As they wrapped up their chat, Cody wanted to "put the key in and blow it up", indicating that he wanted to do The Detonator's new signature move.

They all circle around, pretending to put a key in, while someone made a gun cocking sound.

They they blow up their fingers, complete with a bomb bursting sound.

Derrick:  That's actually really, really good.

(We are likely to see this footage over and over and over, like the Quack Pack signature motion.)

FYI - Each of the five Detonators has an outside alliance to help keep the group safe.  Christine sounds like she is pushing Nicole into Hayden's arms if at all possible.

(The order of the events of this meeting is a little scrambled....I had to back up a few times and lost my place, but the main gist of it is here.)