Thursday, July 17, 2014

HoH Aftermath: Some are Happy, Some are Crappy. #BB16

Brittany:  I hope I don't go up again..

Victoria:  I'm worried...

Brittany, a little snappy: We're all worried...every time.

Hayden laughed as he remembered Zach's speech about disliking everyone.  He was really impressed, I could tell.

They also laughed about Hayden asking Julie about Survivor. They all seem to think it was really clever, but I'll bet Julie Chen didn't think so.

FYI  Last week I heard Hayden admit to Frankie that he moved out to California in hopes of getting into the entertainment business.  Of course he wants to get into show business.  No one moves across the country by themselves to Los Angeles, and makes You Tube videos for any other reason.  Once I heard him say that, I realized that Hayden is putting on a show just as much as Frankie is...

Frankie did a little dance through the living room, twirling and then apologizing for it.

Is Donny worried this week? If he isn't, I think he should be.  I've heard Cody say in the last 12 hours that he would nominate Jocosta, Amber or Victoria if he won.  I think Frankie might want to make a big move though, and Team America might be involved in that.  I guess you could say Amber is a physical threat---compared to the other girls she is a beast, albeit a small one, since they have to get a "physical threat" nominated.

Cody:  I'll have to admit that during that competition I thought about how bad Devin would have been at it.  With those big fingers...

Caleb was sitting right there when Cody said that.  Was that a stone?  Implying they should have evicted Caleb instead of Devin? It might have been.

They want to make some deviled eggs tonight, in tribute to the competition.  The Have Nots are starting to get antsy.  Caleb asked Amber if they have what they need to make chicken and dumplings.

Or more accurately, does Amber have what she needs to make chicken and dumplings.  Caleb went back to the couch and plopped down.

A little while ago, Derrick and Caleb whispered to each other that they were golden this week....and Derrick made a comment about Day #45 here we come....

And Caleb is openly discussing how ready he will be for the endurance competition that is sure to come this Thursday....right in front of everyone.  And also saying he hopes his next HoH basket has moonshine and other goodies.

You know what they say:  He who knows little soon tells it.

And We're Back #BB16

And Frankie and Cody won!

We didn't get to see any of the competition, but only the aftermath in the house.   Some house guests sit in the living room, discussing their strategy and how they handled the eggs.  Zach and Amber got a two-at-a-time strategy going near the end and said they could have won if they started that sooner.

Hell sure was dirty.  They guys have black crud stuck to their shoes and don't know if it's going to come off.  Derrick tried to help Caleb.

Zach's shoes are messed up, too.

Look at Victoria giving Amber the side eye here.  Amber is up on the counter, laying on her stomach, which is kind of un-Amber-like.

You know she used up all of Victoria's facial cleanser and Victoria pitched a hissy fit about it in the DR, right?

Derrick says Brittany and Jocosta were in the lead for most of it---then they dropped a few eggs.  He thought they had it in the bag because their fingers were so slender.

I'll bet Derrick really was sweating his ass off, watching them win in the very pits of hell.

Frankie wanted to go in the DR and "tell them he wanted a picture of his grandfather".

Did his grandfather just pass away?  Does Frankie know that?  Or was he really going to talk about his sister's picture?

I think there may be a minor scandal with the winner...Brittany was just working with her 12th egg when Cody and Frankie won, so she dropped it.  But then I think the winners had a cracked egg, or something like that, and Caleb said if she didn't drop it, she might have won.

But I"m not sure about that....we will have to listen for more details on that.

Zach and Frankie had a quick happy dance in the Fire Room, hugging and celebrating.  Then Zach went immediately to Storage, where he said into his mic that a piece of it fell off.

Zach:  So...what do you want me to do?


Zach:  I guess I'll put on the spare....I think that is what you'd want me to do.

Caleb has a big nasty lump on his chest, and told Brittany it was breast cancer.  But that was a lie, apparently.

Zach and Frankie went in the The Hive and the first thing Zach said was "OK, I'll bang you."

(Kidding...he was kidding.)

Frankie didn't want to talk about nominations yet.

Frankie:  I kind of have an idea...but it's not's not good....but I just want to be happy now.

Is Frankie going to shake shit up in there?

They remember what Julie said about Expecting the Unexpected and Zach is worried that any minute they will hear Julie say "Hello Houseguests!"

Cody Straightens His Hair, and Discusses his "Number" #BB16

The feeds are down right now, probably because the house guests are up in the HoH room getting instruction about the live show tonight.  So I set my Flashbacks to just after midnight, in the wee hours of this morning, only to find that Cody is trying to straighten his own hair and a small audience has gathered to watch.

(If you have sensitive ears, you might want to skip this one...)

Christine was captivated by a story Cody told about how he teased a girl that he really liked about her teeth--I think he compared her to a rabbit.  Then he saw her years later and she told him that he was the biggest reason why she got her teeth fixed.

Cody:  I felt horrible...I had the biggest crush on that girl.

Zach mocks Cody for trying to straighten his hair, while the group debates the meaning of the phrase "fucking like rabbits".

Cody burned his hand a few times, because the straightener is too wide to use on short hair.

Cody gave up and put the straightener away, saying that it "blows and sucks cock".

Frankie:  Please don't use those words around me right now..I mean, I understand that you are all sexually frustrated because you can't figure it all out, but for me there is no option..

Cody:  Listen....if I wanted to take Zach in the Jack Shack, I'd do me...

Zach:  WHAT?

Frankie:  Why would you say that to him?  I'm the one who wants to go in the Jack Shack...

Christine:  Frankie wants you so bad, Cody.

Frankie:  I mean...just because you're kind of hot...

Zach:  Kind of hot?  He's the hottest guy on earth.

Zach is eating cookie dough ice cream and I think Christine may be eating some as well.

Christine, to Frankie:  You think Cody is hot?

Frankie:  Yeah, I do.

Cody says he has a smaller straightener at home and he used to use it quite a bit, but he got his hair to flop over to one side, instead of standing straight up.   Christine says she would like to see that hairstyle on him, then she gets to touch his hair and says it feels really soft.

Zach:  Damn, I already look so good, I don't know if I want to try this.

Zach:  Oh my god...I'm so sexy.

Zach:  You think Cody is hot?  Look at this!

Christine:  Do you talk to girls like that, telling them you're hot?

Zach:  Yes...I say, you think this is sexy?  Wait til you see my penis..

They all got a good laugh at that.  Zach yells "Sorry Mom!"

They asked Cody what his "number" is and his first response is that he doesn't even know.

Cody:  I dunno...not that many...maybe in the teens, or maybe twenty?

Zach:  Pussy!

Christine: Oh my god!

Zach:  I've hit 20 prostitutes in Vegas alone...

Frankie:  Yesterday!

Zach:  Yeah, yesterday!

Caleb comes in and says his number is seven.

Zach:  My number?  Well, count my abs, multiply by 30, minus 50 and then times that by two.

Caleb disclosed that it's been a year since he had sex with a girl, and Cody says he's going on six months, adding that it's tough when you live with your parents.  I have heard Christine say that she was a virgin until her wedding night, so it is no surprise that her number is one.

***Fun Fact***:  Earlier today, the cameras wanted to be sure we all saw the stain on the bathroom couch, right where Christine is now sitting.

Spencer and McCrae Reunite for On the Block with DJ Pao Pao #BB16

I've lost count of the number of former Big Brother house guests who have started their own podcasts or interview shows about Big Brother.  I saw a tweet from Spencer about watching their podcast with Pao Pao.  The feeds are down right now, so I decided to watch.

It's over an hour long....and that is going to be way too long for me.  And I am growing very tired of the whole "Donny is great" and "I love Donny" that is being shoved down our throats now, particularly by CBS.  I liked Donny a lot more before I saw how CBS is portraying him.

McCrae is enjoying a beer during this interview and is more animated than usual.  To his credit, he didn't mind when Paola said that BB15 was the "worst season ever".

McCrae:  I'm probably the only one who won't take offense at least you can be proud that you weren't on that season, and you won't be blamed by America.

Paola is very peppy and has the clearest camera view, but I am going to have to skip around and will just provide the link for you in case you want to watch this.

Devin's Last Morning in the BB House? #BB16

Devin was in and out of the DR, probably to get his medicine.

Donny sat nearby, clearly enjoying his bowl of cereal with chocolate milk, from the sound of all of the slurping and chewing.  Devin notes that everyone went to bed early last night...he got up at three and all of the lights were out.

Donny:  I went to sleep, and didn't wake up until this mornin'.

Devin told Donny that the chocolate milk actually has more protein than the regular milk, but I don't think Donny Thompson gives two craps about the nutritional value of his food.  After Donny left the room, there was some brief excitement when Zach walked through the kitchen with no shirt on.

Devin said hi to Zach. Zach said hi to Devin.

And a moment or two later Zach walked back through and out of sight.  It was too quick to even get a picture of...I was scrambling around trying to move my cursor but it was too late.  (I have dual screens this year for BB, but the downside is that I can never get the cursor where I need it to be...)

FYI Devin has been doing some talking about how Big Brother might bring him back in the game.  He brought it up with a few of the Super Fans like Derrick to get their feedback on that.  They remembered Judd coming back last year, but Devin correctly pointed out that Judd had already been in the Jury house by then.

(Which was TOTALLY unfair but that is another story...)

They tried to remember another person coming back in the house, but I didn't hear them say a name.  Maybe Derrick was too upset by the thought of Devin potentially returning to the game that he forgot about Brendon in BB13, or Kayser in BB6, or Crazy James in BB9...

The cameras show us how lonely Devin is..

If I were Devin, I would be tempted to just start whaling on some real food.  Maybe eat a jar of peanut butter or a whole package of lunch meat.

What can they do to him now, right?  Is some skinny production stoner going to run in there and put a stop to it?

Ants, Ants, and More Ants #BB16

I tuned into the live feeds around 2:00 am and the place was dead, losing energy by the second.  The house guests are locked in tonight so we don't have the usual pool game to watch.  Everyone keeps saying how tired they are, and Amber is hungry.

They got new cups--the red plastic Solo cups and they seem to think these were gifts at the 1/3 mark of the game.  Derrick says it was a fast 30 days and Amber agrees it went by quickly, looking back at it.

(CBS is probably selling the cups, right?  And if you drink out of those cups now, doesn't that mean that you are having Purple Drank or sizzurp or something like that?  Everyone on TMZ is always saying, look at Justin Beiber drink sizzurp, but all I see is the red Solo cup...but of course I think he writes on his "Justin's Lean Drank" or whatever.)

Amber:  I just can't wait to get out of here and talk to know, some people I've been thinking about in friends.

(I think she caught herself just in time there....I think she was going to say real people or people she really likes or something.)

Derrick is going to bed now, and says he wants to get plenty of sleep so he can go beast mode tomorrow.

Caleb:  Oh...don't give me beast mode..

Derrick:  Then you can go calzone on the competition.

He warned that some of the endurance challenges have gone on for hours..up to seven hours but Cody doesn't believe that.

(In BB4 Diane won an endurance challenge against Jase that went about nine hours.)

Derrick brought up the challenges where you have to sit on something small and get whacked into a wall or something.  Derrick thinks people will start dropping like flies if that happens.

(One of the funniest HoH competition sights I saw was in BB11, when the cliques "graduated" and BB started whacking them with a HUGE diploma as they swung around in a circle.)

Derick thinks you are supposed to tap the FitBit a certain way when you get into bed to turn it off and save battery strength, and one no one can deny that, or correct him.

(The FitBit tracks their sleep patterns...I hope we get to see that.)

I guess that is someone's story book Bible.

Amber made what she called a Slop Tortilla for herself and Brittany.  She offered to put cheese on Brittany's tortilla but Brittany told her to just make it the same way she made her own.  I think she put salsa on it---the pan was really sizzling so maybe there was oil in there, too.

Cody was eating Lay's potato chips and rolled up the end of the bag and took it over to the food storage area.  He announced that one of the cereal boxes had a long trail of ants going right in it.  He went and got the ant spray and then started a widespread massacre of ant carnage.  The cameras tried to show us the damage done, but it is hard to see.

Hayden:  There are a million ants in this house.

Cody, annoyed:  Dude...more than a million.

Hayden:  I think we need to start getting some of them on the block so we can get them out of here.

Brittany is trying to eat her tortilla, and I see her cover her nose like this, and immediately I could smell that bug spray smell myself, even though I am thousands of miles away.  Cody is spraying and spraying, saying "look at this....just look".

Amber grabbed the cereal box and looked inside, confirming there were ants all over.

Amber:  Should I throw the box away?   What should I do?  Should I put the box in the trash?

Cody finally had to tell her "yes" after she asked at least 3 more times.  I wish he had told her to go put it in Caleb's bed, or to try and pull the ants out with her fingers.  Because I think she would have done either of those things, if Cody told her to.

The camera shifted quickly and I could clearly see an ant running across the counter, scurrying for his life, probably headed for the safety of Cody's folded Lay's potato chip bag.

Then things got quiet.


Hayden broke the silence by bringing up every adolescent's favorite topic, farting.

Hayden:  In the Have Not room we would say good night...and then within a minute someone would rip a really loud one and we would all crack up.


The cameras show us that Hayden is holding an open Bible, as he apologizes for farting. 

Amber:  You farted?  I'm going to go wash my face..

Brittany tells Hayden that what was disgusting was Devin...he was coming out of the HoH and didn't see her in the living room and let a really loud fart go at the top of the stairs.

Cody was there, too, and giggles, remembering that Devin didn't think anyone was "in the area", and that Devin was mortified when he heard Brittany say how gross it was.

Brittany:  It sounded like a bomb!

Cody:  A bong?

Brittany:  No, a bomb!